Top 7 Best Champions To Get A Pentakill With

Pentakill is kind of the pinnacle of what you can achieve with one champion. Be it an insane 1v5 or a cleanup pentakill, it doesn’t matter. Achieving one is incredibly rare, and that is why people go crazy when witnessing one. Have you watched the LCS or WORLDS or any international tournaments of the league of legends, and one player achieves a pentakill?

These are the moments where commentators and fans go crazy. Usually, these moments are recorded and posted on youtube, whereas they get many likes and shares. So today we’re gonna discover the different champions with which you can get a pentakill. Some of them are ADC’s or assassins, so read on, and by the time you finish this article, try and play these champions in your next game and try to achieve pentakill with them. 

1. Draven

First up is a marksman champion who has insane damage output. Maxing his Q first gives you so much damage, and the great news is this can even be higher when partnered with crit items. Make sure you practice controlling his Q landings, though, as this might be hard if you are new at playing this champion. To give you a perspective on his Q, every time you hit a unit while you have an ax spinning, the ax will ricochet wherever Draven is walking towards. 

Another reason why Draven has so much pentakill potential is because of his W. This ability gives him both attack speed and movement speed. It’s great because this ability’s cooldown is reset every time you catch an ax. So you can chase every enemy you want to chase, or you can even use this to stay at a safe distance as you kite away from aggressive melee champions. 

During one of the recent patches, Draven gained a passive on his ultimate ability, which executes champions that reach a lower health point than his passive ability. Draven can stack his passive ability by killing a minion or catching an ax. So securing kills either early or late game is easier as Draven now has an execute passive. 

You can also build lifesteal items on Draven along with a QSS (quicksilver sash) to be able to 1v5 the enemy team during the late game. Draven is great and all when it comes to achieving pentakill. However, as with every champion, you still need to play cautiously if you want to hear the announcer say PENTAKILL!

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2. Vayne

Our next champion is also a marksman. With all your years of playing league of legends, you may have watched youtube and stumbled upon a player named gosu going crazy on Vayne and getting pentakills upon pentakills. That is because Vayne really is a pentakill machine, given that you play her correctly.

Sure, Vayne is pretty weak early game as she still hasn’t reached her power spike, but come to a late-game when she has built most of her core items, watch as your teammate or you 1v5 the opposing team. Given that there are few CC abilities on the enemy team, you can surely achieve pentakill with her. 

Vayne’s bread and butter when it comes to dealing damage is her W ability. Partnered with Press the Attack and Kraken Slayer, There really is not much you can do about her damage. You can be a tank or another ADC. It’s pretty much game over if Vayne receives her power spike. 

She can quickly achieve pentakill because of her Q ability. But her q only makes her tumble and deal bonus damage, you say. Yes, but this Q ability is empowered when she activates her ultimate ability. During her Ultimate ability state, Vayne becomes invisible for a brief duration, which is excellent for kite enemies. 

Vayne’s tumble cooldown is also halved, making her even more dangerous as she can hit you 3 times and go invisible again and again. Another thing is that her Ultimate is prolonged every time she gets a kill, and she moves faster when pursuing enemies. 

Just make sure to build the appropriate items depending on your enemies along with attack speed so you can proc your passives often. This way, it won’t matter which champions your enemies play. You are guaranteed to get a pentakill with Vayne.

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3. Darius

Moving away from marksmen, let’s take a look at one of the strongest top laners during season 12. In fact, Darius has been S tier for a very long time now and with good reason. We all know Darius as the dunking master slaughtering every member of the opposing team. You can build all tank items and still dish out an insane amount of damage as Darius. This is because he has a passive ability that ignores a certain percentage of your armor, depending on his level. 

Darius is capable of achieving pentakill in both early and late games. This is because of his passive ability. Your hits and abilities put one stack of hemorrhage on your opponent. Upon reaching 5 stacks, Darius enters a rage state where his damage goes crazy. When Darius inflicts a 5 stack passive on one enemy, every other enemy he hits is immediately inflicted with 5 hemorrhage stacks instead of one. 

His attack damage also increases during this state. He also has an insane amount of sustainability as the edge of his q ability heals him depending on how many enemies are reached by its range. Darius can even add a Goredrinker to even further his OP healing.

Indeed, Darius is already OP with his basic abilities alone. Still, he becomes really broken when he uses his ultimate power. This ability executes enemies depending on how much HP they are missing. His ultimate ability also becomes true damage when he uses it on an enemy champion with 5 stacks of hemorrhage. So you can just imagine Darius running don your team with Ghost Walk spell. He then proceeds to combo all of you and dunks each of you, guaranteeing him a pentakill!

4. Samira

Oh yeah, another marksman who can get pentakills quickly. Many players rant and say that Samira is an unbalanced champion. This might be true for some players, however there will always be a workaround to this. Samira is a unique champion with a unique passive ability that makes her stronger every time she hits her enemies with different skills. And when Samira reaches full stacks on her passive ability, she can now move faster, making her stronger. 

Her pentakill potential comes from her ultimate ability. Similar to overwatch’s Reaper, Samira’s ultimate makes her shoot all the enemies within its range. When casting ultimate, Samira can use her dash ability to chase down enemies running away from her ult. 

What’s great about this is that this dash’s cooldown is reset every time she takes an enemy champion down. Another great thing is that she can use her ultimate ability multiple times, given that she reaches her highest passive stack after she casts her ult the first time around. 

What’s excellent about Samira is that she can 1v5 the enemy team as she has an insane lifesteal when she builds the Immortal Shieldbow. Her ultimate ability is an AOE skill which makes her lifesteal from every unit she hits. 

So you can E your way in the middle of the enemy team and block their skillshots using your W ability and ult them all at once. Soon you’re gonna hear a pentakill announcement which is truly satisfying. 

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5. Katarina

Now let’s look at an assassin champion famous for her pentakill potential. Katarina has a passive ability, which reduces her cooldowns every time she scores a takedown. Not only this but catching a dagger she throws also reduces her third ability’s cooldown giving her the ability to endlessly shunpo on enemies as teamfights rage on. 

Katarina is an assassin champion which means she has lots of burst damage. This is great because she has no mana, meaning she can just spam her abilities on enemies. With its cooldowns reset whenever she catches a dagger or scores a cooldown, you can just endlessly throw your abilities at your enemies, given that they are still alive. 

Her dagger shunpo passive combo alone is excellent burst damage, but Katarina does more damage with her Ultimate ability. Due to her rework in season 12, Katarina can now deal on-hit damage with her ult. This gives her so much versatility on her items. She can build AD items when facing against champions building MR or vice versa. Give Katarina enough survivability, and your pentakill is assured.

6. Kassadin

At second place in the late game monster, we all know and love, Kassadin. Nicknamed Kassawin, this champion goes crazy when he reaches level 16. His Ultimate ability is empowered so much that it deals tons of damage with a very low cooldown. This means Kassadin can teleport and burst enemies around with a very low cooldown. 

During the early game, Kassadin is useless, so coordinate with your team to set up kills for you or peel you away from enemy carries. Play Kassadin patiently and wait for your late-game power spike. When you do this, late-game pentakills are assured for you.

You can build an Everfrost to lock your enemies down as you wait for your spell cooldowns to come down, or build a Riftmaker or Luden’s tempest to burst down squishies or tear down tanks. Luden’s tempest works fantastically for Kassadin as it gives you an additional burst aoe damage and a movement speed burst you can use to chase down enemies running away from your inevitable pentakill. 

Be aware of your mana pool, though, as his ultimate ability requires tons of mana, so make sure to build items that give you also tons of mana and the presence of mind keystone to refund your lost mana every time you achieve a takedown. 

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7. Master Yi

The ultimate pentakill machine is none other than Master Yi. It does not matter if you decide to build crit or lethality. It all goes down to that announcer yelling pentakill when you play this champion. 

Master Yi can abuse his Q ability with a lethality build, which deals with an insane amount of burst damage on squishy enemies. What’s great about this is that every time Master Yi scores a takedown, his Q ability’s cooldown is refunded. This means you can mow the enemy team’s backline down with this ability, reset upon reset. 

Yi can build a Duskblade mythic, which makes him deal lots of damage with his Q ability and empowers his first basic attack upon exiting his Q state. Every time Master YI kills an enemy champion with this item, he can turn invisible, which is great while waiting for his Q’s remaining 1 or 2-second cooldown after killing an enemy champion. 

Master Yi can also build crit-based damage, which would rely on his basic attacks. With a crit-based build, Master Yi can basically trade with any champion in the game, be it tank or squishy. This is because his third ability makes his strikes accurate damage, meaning regardless of an enemy’s armor Master Yi will deal the total amount of damage he can dish out. 

So try and play Master Yi and basically one-shot enemies with your Q or 2-3 hit kill them with your basic attacks. Either way, you are guaranteed a pentakill with him. 

So that is our list for the top 7 most accessible champions to get a pentakill with. Next time you play league of legends, try and play these champions and bask upon the glory of the pentakill, which you are sure to achieve. GLHF on your next game summoner, see you on the rift. 

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