Top 5 Best Champions That Can Solo Baron

Everybody knows that objectives win games in League of Legends. It often doesn’t matter how many kills or assists you have – it only matters whether your team has collected the Dragons or slain Baron Nashor. The reason is that these monsters grant powerful buffs that are game-changing. So if you can take them alone, that’s a large bonus for your team. So, who are the best champions that can solo Baron in LoL?

Well, there are many of them, actually, and that’s for certain. Any champion that scales well in the late game and has tons of lifesteal can do the job. And any champion with “pets” that could tank the Baron while they deal damage is a good choice too. However, some picks are just extremely efficient at taking the Baron Nashor down, even alone.

And in this post, we’ll only talk about the top 5 best champions that can solo Baron in League of Legends. These 5 picks have the highest damage compared to the other champions. And they can heal/sustain themselves throughout the fight with Baron. 

So if you’d like to play a champion that can easily solo Baron in League and take it away from the enemy team, pick one of these 5!

1. Master Yi

We can all agree that Master Yi is the best champion for soloing Baron in League, right? It seems like Yi’s ability kit was made precisely for taking down objectives in the jungle quickly and efficiently. 

Ok, but why is Master Yi so good at taking down the Baron Nashor quickly? It’s because all of Yi’s damage is done through his basic attacks! 

First of all, he’s got his E, Wuju Style. Once activated, Wuju Style makes Yi’s basic attacks deal bonus true damage, which is the best kind of damage in the game. Second, Yi’s ultimate grants so much attack speed that he doesn’t even need attack speed items. And third, Master Yi’s build is composed of items that give critical strike, lifesteal, attack speed, and damage – all crucial stats for soloing the Baron!

Depending on how soon in the game Master Yi tries to take down the Baron by himself, he needs to use his W, Meditate too. This ability heals Yi for a significant amount, but it also blocks a lot of damage during its duration. Meditate often guarantees that Yi can solo the Baron, even if he is lower level.

What should you build on Yi to quickly solo the Baron?

Like I mentioned already, the most important stats are lifesteal, attack speed, damage, and crit. Naturally, you’ll want to have as much lifesteal and attack speed as possible, with damage and crit being less important for the Baron fight.

This is because Yi already has enough damage thanks to his E. So, he only needs to keep his health up during the fight with Baron. And if his auto-attacks keep on healing him, he can easily solo it!

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2. Warwick

Warwick is another champion that’s efficient at taking down the Baron Nashor solo. He might be even more efficient than Master Yi, simply because of how tanky he is early on. It might take him more time to slay the Baron on average, but he is also more likely to succeed early on too.

Warwick doesn’t always go for an all-damage build. And this allows him to have both damage and defensive stats. When soloing Baron, Warwick can last a lot longer than Yi, even without much lifesteal. He can continually heal himself and block a big portion of the Baron’s damage, and that’s purely because of his abilities.

Let’s start with Warwick’s passive, Eternal Hunger. This ability grants Warwick a ton of lifesteal. It actually triples the amount he heals with each basic attack when his health reaches 25%. So even if Warwick doesn’t start the Baron fight on full HP, he can still heal up and finish the fight!

Next, we have Warwick’s Q, Jaws of the Beast. This is a simple attack ability that deals up to 10% max Health magic damage. It’s on a relatively short cooldown, so Warwick can basically spam it against the Baron. But the best part is that Jaws of the Beast also heals Warwick for the same amount it damages the target!

And lastly, we have Warwick’s E, Primal Howl. Primal Howl is a damage reduction effect that also casts fear on nearby enemies. This doesn’t work on the Baron Nashor, of course, but Warwick can use it to block a lot of incoming damage.

All in all, Warwick is a fantastic pick for taking objectives around the map. And he’s one of the best champions that can solo Baron in League of Legends!

3. Jax

In the third place, we have Jax! Jax is an incredible champion for soloing jungle camps, champions, entire teams, and even Dragons and Barons! Like Master Yi, all of Jax’s damage comes from his basic attacks, which is the best source of damage for taking down the Nashor solo!

One advantage that Jax has and Warwick and Yi don’t have is his E, Counterplay. Counter Strike isn’t a simple damage reduction spell like Yi’s W and Warwick’s E. It actually blocks 100% of the incoming attacks from the Baron during its duration! This is an extremely helpful effect to have in all stages of the game, but especially when you’re trying to take down the Baron early.

Other than his Counter Strike, Jax has his ultimate, Grandmaster’s Might. Once used, Jax’s R gives him a ton of armor and magic resist. This buff can last through the whole fight with Baron, making Jax a very tanky champion. And thanks to it, he doesn’t need to have too much lifesteal in order to take the Baron down.

Additionally, Jax has his Q, Leap Strike, and his W, Empower. Empower simply empowers his next basic attack to hit hard and deal a lot of damage. But his Q can be used to do some extra damage too. 

What’s great about Jax’s Q and W is that he can use them between auto-attacks to reset the internal cooldown. So if you go basic attack, then Q, then basic attack, then W, then basic gain – you’ll squeeze a lot of extra damage in the shortest amount of time possible!

So, Jax is fantastic for taking down the Baron solo!

4. Yasuo

We all know that Yasuo is one of the best scaling champions in the game. He can get pretty powerful in the late game, and it’s no problem for him to take all objectives by himself, including the Baron Nashor.

Yasuo deals all critical strike damage, backed up by a lot of lifesteal and attack speed. Because of this, he usually does a lot more damage to the Baron than anyone on this list. Master Yi gets pretty close with his true damage, but Yasuo is just a damage-dealing machine in the late game, especially to non-player targets such as the Baron.

You could say that at last a half of Yasuo’s abilities are useless against Nashor. And it’s true. His E doesn’t deal a lot of damage, and the Baron can’t be knocked up, so Yasuo can’t activate his ultimate.

However, Yasuo’s Q, Steel Tempest, can be used between basic attacks for extra damage. It always critically strikes, even as a tornado.

Additionally, Yasuo can use his W, Wind Wall, to block the Baron’s attacks for a bit of time. Many players forget that the Baron is actually a ranged unit, which means that tools like Yasuo’s Wind Wall can block its basic attacks.

This becomes very important in games when Yasuo wants to take down the Baron early. In that case, he needs to use his W multiple times during the fight. And he shouldn’t forget to actually stand behind the wall!

That’s why Yasuo is one of the best champions that can solo Baron in League!

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5. Heimerdinger

Heimerdinger may not be the strongest champion on this list, but he’s damn good at taking down the Baron solo too! And unlike the 4 other picks here, Heimerdinger isn’t an AD champion. He is an AP mage that uses turrets (pets) to tank the Baron for him, so he can focus on dealing damage.

How does this work?

Well, Heimer’s Q, H-28 G Evolution Turret, actually lets him spawn little turrets that shoot at all nearby enemies. If they’re spread around Baron Nashor, they will shoot him instead. Now, Heimerdinger’s turrets do a lot of damage, especially in the late game. And Heimer can spawn 3 or 4 at the same time, which can melt down the Baron!

Additionally, Heimerdinger has his ultimate, UPGRADE!!!. This ability lets him spawn one large turret that does even more damage than the regular small ones. And with it, Heimer can slay the Baron as quickly as Yi or Yasuo in the late game.

So, you may be wondering: can Malzahar also do this?

Yes. Malzahar’s W, Void Swarm, will also tank the Baron so he can avoid all the damage. With enough cooldown reduction, Malzahar can spawn his pets every other second. And this can be incredibly helpful for taking down the Baron.

Those are the top 5 best champions that can solo Baron in League of Legends!

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