Top 7 Best Champions in Gold in League of Legends

League of Legends has over 100M monthly active players. Each of them has a certain level of skill. With the inevitable and massive disparity between the players, Riot has opted into classifying them into what we now as the Divisions.

The division system has been around for over a decade and has undergone some extensive changes. They’ve recently expanded it to include a couple more divisions to counteract the increasing number of players flocking to play the game every day.

Each division is its own separate story, and climbing them is notoriously challenging. From Iron at the lowest to Challenger at highest, it’s no easy feat to climb any single division. So many factors can influence your climb that it’s impossible to name them all.

However, games can be won even before they actually begin. The Champion select screen can be a deciding moment in a game’s outcome. Thus, picking the right Champion for the job can exponentially increase your chances of winning and climbing.

We’ve compiled the 7 best Champions for getting out of the Gold division in League of Legends. It’s an infamous stepping stone that must be overcome before you enter the realm of the high Elo divisions. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin! 

7. Kayle

Kayle has recently had a resurgence in all Lanes, especially Mid. Though I’d call Top her natural place of being, Kayle is excellent to be played both on Top, Mid, and even on the Bot Lane. She’s a slow burner and will take a while before reaching her full potential. However, most players in the lower ranks have no idea how to play against her, so getting to that snowball level is almost a guarantee. 

Kayle unlocks a new power level with each Ultimate level (6, 11, 16). She scales well and becomes an insane hyper carry by the mid-game. Even at level 6 she’s quite the foe since she turns into a ranged Champion instead of melee. There’s even a lot of utility through her heals and her Ultimate, which can render people invulnerable with a colossal blast of AOE damage.

Kayle’s snowball is, as I’ve mentioned above, almost inevitable. Through safe Laning and solid cooperation with the Jungler, you’ll be reaching that level 6 power spike. Kayle’s good combination of solo power and team utility is as deadly as possible. She fits perfectly into the Gold division antics of balancing individualism and high team cooperation. 

If you love marksmen and hybrids, then Kayle is the Champion for you. Top Lane players should exploit her current S+ tier ranking and climb as much as possible. There are barely any matchups on the Top Lane that she can’t win, which should keep you worry-free before she eventually loses her meta status. 

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6. Veigar

Devastating yet straightforward, Veigar is League’s most evil Yordle with ambitions to take over the world. These ambitions come to fruition as soon as you pick him up in the game. He’s always been a formidable foe, capable of dealing thousands of damage in just a few spell casts. If there ever was a Champion that embodied the “just press R” mentality – it’s Veigar. 

Veigar is a traditional Mid Laner who can perform well on Bot. Veigar can snowball exponentially in both roles – whether he gets to farm or not. Due to his passive functions, Veigar can get extra AP by hitting the enemies with his abilities. Though Mid Veigar can get a lot more through minions, it means that he will snowball in any position he plays.

Everyone knows Veigar’s mid and late games, which are infamously strong. He can easily one-shot people, stun entire teams, and even obliterate multiple opponents simultaneously. He’s an incredible Champion that many people love to hate, myself included. 

For all the Mage and Support lovers out there, Veigar is a perfect choice. I highly recommend you give him a try, as you will guarantee a strong damage pick on your roster. What he lacks in mobility, he mitigates through sheer might and utility. 

5. Soraka

Some of you might be wondering what a Support is doing on a list such as this. You have to remember that all roles are equally important in League of Legends, with their own amount of impact on the game. Without a good Support, you can say goodbye to Bot Lane, which can instantly lose you the match. 

Soraka being the best healer in the game maintains an excellent S+ tier rating in the Gold division. She can keep your team perpetually alive with minimal detriment to herself. Though she uses her own HP to heal you, she can get it all back with a simple Q cast. Apart from healing, Soraka can also do some damage, apply silences and CC and be an overall good addition to the team.

Paired with hyper carries such as Yasuo, Master Yi, or Vayne – Soraka can be a total beast and nuisance to deal with. Those heals can get so obscene that the enemies will focus her and her only, completely ignoring the others before she’s dead. It’s not like they have much choice for as long as she’s alive; the others cannot die. 

I highly recommend Soraka to anyone who loves Enchanter Supports. It would also be great to get a duo partner to play with you on the Bot Lane, as Soraka/Yasuo, Soraka/Vayne, and similar combinations are pretty popular when writing this article. 

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4. Volibear

Since he was reworked, Volibear has consistently found himself as the dominant Top Lane force. He can hardly lose the Lane and has a tremendous impact on the match. Altogether abandoning the isolationist mentality of the average Top Laner, Volibear can snowball quickly and then proceed to harass the enemies into submission. 

With a good early game and even better late game, Volibear is a proper Bruiser/Tank that can be impossible to bring down. He has a ton of potential in both 1v1 skirmishes and team fights. Though he’s a Tank, he can deal so much damage it makes you question your sanity. That Ultimate has a vast AOE blast that can disrupt any team composition. 

Overall, Volibear is a great Top Laner that can integrate himself into the team well. You’ll find yourself consistently winning the Lane and pressuring the enemies heavily with good cooperation. Just make sure not to go AWOL and solo too much, as Volibear isn’t precisely the hyper-carry type that can do everything alone. 

3. Vayne

Vayne is one of the best marksmen in League of Legends, period. Vayne’s simplicity allows her to be mastered by just about anyone, Gold players included. The average Gold player will have a much higher skill cap than players in the divisions prior, making Vayne an even more dangerous pick. It won’t take much for you to completely master Vayne, who, despite her straightforward nature, hides a lot of complexity and mechanics. 

Everything about Vayne revolves around damage. While most other marksmen focus on increasing their attack speed or other mobility aspects, Vayne goes for all-out damage. This easy-to-access high damage output makes Vayne a heavy-hitting ADC that not even Tanks can stop. Vayne is the most notorious anti-Tank ADC in League of Legends proper. 

With a massive amount of true and physical damage, ravaging through health bars is an afterthought for Vayne. She’s super easy to master, and rarely does anyone ban her in the current meta. Her popularity in Gold, and even the higher ranks, is entirely understandable. Vayne can have the impact that rarely any other ADC can, and that’s enough to make her the perfect choice for escaping Gold. 

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2. Fizz

This Mage hyper-carry is one of the most powerful Mid Laners around. It’s no wonder he maintains such a high position in the tier lists, as he’s capable of doing so much. Fizz can one-shot, and singlehandedly disrupt entire teams without even breaking a sweat. His Ultimate and combos make him a formidable foe that everyone stays clear of. 

With a ton of mobility, Fizz is impossible to catch and counter. He can escape any gank attempt and even turn it around on you. Grabbing a double kill after a double kill is his specialty. What he’s best at, perhaps, is his roaming capacity. Fizz can leave his Lane at any point and grab kills or assists in the other Lanes.

He’ll do this often as his mobility mentioned above is quite the thing. He takes no time to reach any other Lane and will fully realize his potential each time he does. The more kills he gets early, the faster he can end the game. It’s an incredible thing to behold once Fizz gets fed, and I cannot stress the fun of playing an overpowered Fizz.

For Mage and burst lovers, Fizz is a perfect choice. You’ll notice a net positive increase in your wins and LP as soon as you master this fishy menace. He’s a bit complex for the average players, but you’ll get the hang of him in just a few games. 

1. Ornn

This godly mountain smith has had a resurgence in recent patches. It makes me happy to see Ornn once again on the Rift. Continuous nerfs made the Champion more or less obsolete, but this has thankfully been alleviated. With the new itemization systems and how the meta shifts, Ornn is a perfect Top Lane Tank to play. 

Though he builds full Tank, not even thinking of building damage, he can dish out tons of it anyways. Even dueling Ornn can be an issue due to how his spells work. With high base damage and %HP-based spells, Ornn can obliterate even the strongest of duelists like Fiora and Jax. If these two have a hard time fighting him, you can be sure that other Champions will suffer against him. 

Ornn is one of the best team fighting Champions out there. He’s capable of stunning an entire team multiple times during a fight. That Ultimate can knock people up for a significant amount of time, allowing his carries to finish the job quickly. Because most of his stuns revolve around knock-ups, it means they cannot be dispelled. 

Unavoidable and insane, Ornn is just the best Tank out there. I love him, and you will, too, as soon as you give him a try. He’s not mechanically demanding, has good solo play and incredible team potential. Play him, now. 


League of Legends has so many players that it becomes pretty difficult to categorize them all. The Gold division is home to a considerable proportion of over 100M players and acts as a final stepping stone before the path to greatness. Everything you learn in Gold stays with you for as long as you play. It’s a division that teaches you the most, and you should give it your all to climb it. By playing the Champions above, I am confident that your climbing will be made a breeze. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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