Top 7 Best Champions To Get Out Of Platinum

League of Legends has over 100M active monthly players. With so many people tuning in to the game every day, week, and month, their skill levels have a vast disparity. Players vary wildly in how good they are at League of Legends. Thus, Riot has created the division system to categorize them all accordingly.

Starting from the Iron division at the lowest and going up to Challenger at the highest, the League of Legends ranked ladder is a unique journey. It’s also insanely challenging to escape any division, let alone reach the highest ones.

Platinum is what you’d consider the first genuine high Elo division. Though some may disagree, I still consider it to be so. It’s an excellent overture to what comes next and will teach you a lot about the game and how it works. 

To increase your chances at climbing, it’s best to try and win the game from the very beginning – the Champion Select. The best players can determine the game’s outcome when they see the teams, leading them to use the dodge mechanic to avoid the ones they’re bound to lose. 

We’ve compiled the 7 best Champions to play to escape from Platinum and reach the proper high Elo matches. We hope this helps you improve your win rates and walk among the stars.

So, let’s go! 

7. Kha’Zix

This dangerous Assassin Jungler specializes in picking off individual unsuspecting enemies. He’s a Champion that can do thousand of damage in the blink of an eye, especially to those walking alone. Due to how his passive is designed, Kha’Zix enjoys taking out isolated enemies, punishing them for trespassing into his territory. 

Kha loves prowling around the map, applying pressure with his sheer presence. Players never know where he will jump out of, making them increasingly wary of an attack. This can decrease their aggressiveness and take them into passivity, only helping your allies maintain a level of dominance. Whenever the enemy transgresses their passivity, Kha is there to punish them for it.

His consistent and constant presence and pressure make him one of the best overall Junglers in the game. High-skilled players can use Kha to get almost all the objectives for their team while also being right there to gank when needed. He’s mobile, and his damage goes beyond any realm of normality. 

I recommend Kha’Zix to vested Junglers who know their way around the neutral zones. 

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6. Anivia

This icy goddess has recently resurged as a popular Mid Lane pick. Capable of dishing out insane damage almost immediately, Anivia is a feared foe of any Mid Lane player. She strives from safe Laning, waiting for her scaling to kick in. She’s not as strong as some other Mid Laners right off the bat but grows into a killer Mage as soon as she farms up a bit. 

She can also be quite aggressive due to her passive. Thanks to the passive, tower diving, engaging the enemy, and sheer pressure are all possible. With a good Jungler, you should never be worried about getting wrongfully killed in the Lane. Hell, if your communication is good enough, it becomes nigh impossible. 

Anivia can burst down single enemies, especially the squishies. This makes her incredibly dangerous against ADCs and squishy Supports like the Enchanters. Her Ultimate and Q offer her a lot of team fighting potential that can significantly impact the fight’s outcome. With all of these tools under her wings, Anivia is a dreaded Mage that can be incredibly challenging to bring down.

I recommend Anivia to just about any Mage Mid Laner. 

5. Shen

Shen is a fantastic Tank Duelist that has incredible Lane potential. He can fight almost anyone, especially attack-reliant Fighters such as Jax, Fiora, and similar. With a ton of damage built into his kit, Shen does not need to build actual damage items. Able to focus on going full Tank instead, Shen becomes nothing short of a brutal Champion capable of doing a ton of damage while soaking everything you throw at him. 

Apart from his individual prowess, which is undoubtedly impressive, Shen also has an excellent map presence. As soon as he gets his Ultimate, Shen becomes the protector of the downtrodden. If any of his allies happen to be in trouble, Shen can quickly Ult to them, giving them a hefty shield that keeps them safe from harm. That shield only gets more obscene with each level, making his target ally unkillable at times.

His team fighting potential is also incredible. He has a great taunt that can divert the enemy’s attention away from vital allies to himself. This allows him to keep them pinned for his team to sweep them up. With all of this and more, Shen is undoubtedly one of the best Champions for winning high Elo games. 

Platinum and above Shen players are infamous for how absurdly strong they can be. I recommend you play him and learn what makes him such a perfect Top Lane Champion. 

4. Soraka

Some of you might be wondering what a Support is doing on a list such as this. You have to remember that all roles are equally important in League of Legends, with their own amount of impact on the game. You can say goodbye to Bot Lane without a good Support, which can instantly lose you the match. 

Soraka’s heals, in the realm of Platinum hyper carries, warrant her high rating and playing rate. She can keep your team perpetually alive with minimal detriment to herself. Though she uses her own HP to heal you, she can get it all back with a simple Q cast. Apart from healing, Soraka can also do some damage, apply silences and CC and be an overall good addition to the team.

Paired with hyper carries such as Yasuo, Master Yi, or Vayne – Soraka can be a total beast and nuisance to deal with. Those heals can get so obscene that the enemies will focus her and her only, completely ignoring the others before she’s dead. It’s not like they have much choice for as long as she’s alive; the others cannot die. 

I highly recommend Soraka to anyone who loves Enchanter Supports. It would also be great to get a duo partner to play with you on the Bot Lane, as Soraka/Yasuo, Soraka/Vayne, and similar combinations are popular when writing this article. 

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3. Tahm Kench

Since Tahm was updated (reworked), he has become a formidable Tank usually situated on Top. Formerly a Tank Support, Tahm has found his new home as a Fighter Tank on the Top Lane that’s almost unable to lose. The sheer amount of damage he can dish out while still being a full-blown Tank is mind-boggling. I don’t remember a single Champion in the Top Lane able to do what he can.

Tahm is despised by most of the community due to what I’ve named above. Everything he does is wildly out of proportion, and a Tank with so much defense shouldn’t be able to have so much damage. But alas, he does, and you should tap in on the opportunity while you have it. He’s eventually going to be nerfed, so make sure to use all of his potentials to your advantage.

Tahm has as much of a team impact as he does individually. He can apply stuns, take out vital targets, and soak up all the enemy team’s damage. Tahm has earned his infamous reputation in each rank he’s played with that and more. 

I recommend you give him a try, and you’ll immediately understand what I mean. 

2. Nocturne

Despite his spell as the most dominant Jungler being mostly over, Nocturne is still an excellent Champion for high Elo play. He was bound to appear on this list, an Assassin who can jump into the action at any moment and from any direction. That Ultimate can singlehandedly change the outcome of a fight, showing how impactful Nocturne can be. 

With insanely good Jungling, Nocturne clears the camps in split seconds. His sustain keeps him at full-HP near constantly, allowing him to roam around after getting all the buffs. He’ll always prowl about the Lanes and neutral zones, creeping up on you when you least expect it. Once he gets to level 6, he doesn’t even need any planning. Simply press R and enjoy the fun. 

He can isolate entire groups of enemies just by using his Ultimate. If they’re spread far enough from each other, there’s no way they can recover from being disoriented. Your team can subsequently use this opportunity to get free kills and even win the match. 

In high Elo play, Nocturne is esteemed as one of the best Junglers overall. He always maintains an S or S+ ranking, especially in recent months. I recommend him to any well-versed Jungler that can utilize his Assassin nature to the fullest. 

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1. Twitch

If you allow him to be, Twitch is the most powerful ADC in the game. Twitch will become an insane hyper carry that’s almost impossible to win against if enough time passes. Especially if paired with an Enchanter like Lulu, Twitch can singlehandedly kill 5 people in just a few seconds. It matters not if you’re a Tank or Squishy with the correct items – he’ll shred you to pieces in just a few attacks. 

He starts off slow but picks up pace fast. Only a few kills are required to give him an advantage that he can perpetually maintain. A skillful player will never squander any advantage gained, and Twitch by himself doesn’t allow it. Thus, a good player playing Twitch can seldom lose – if the team plays their cards right.

This is why Twitch holds a permanent S and S+ tier in every division, even the highest ones. In Platinum, he is a fantastic ADC that can literally obliterate entire teams.

With the ability to appear out of nowhere and kill you in a split second, Twitch can drive people insane. He doesn’t take a lot of effort to learn or master, either. His mechanics work so much in his favor that making mistakes is quite tricky. 

Anyhow, Twitch is a great ADC that you should definitely check out. As soon as you play even a single game with him, you’ll already know what I mean. 


League of Legends players all vary in their skill. Platinum and above are reserved for only the best, and these divisions represent a small minority of the total player count. Thus, the Champions best suited for these divisions are pretty different than what you may find in a Silver or Bronze list. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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