Top 7 Best Champions in Silver in League of Legends

League of Legends divides its player base according to their skill level. With over 100M active monthly players, there’s bound to be a disparity between these levels. Thus, the division system was introduced and subsequently expanded to include and cover all skill levels. 

Starting from the Iron division and going up to Challenger, the League of Legends ranked ladder is a long and considerably tricky ride. Leaving each division takes time, effort, and luck to pull off. 

However, there are ways of improving one’s chances of winning simply by playing the right Champions. The meta dictates what is popular and viable at the moment, and we’re here to show you just that. 

We’ve compiled the 7 best Champions to get out of the Silver division in this list. Silver is notoriously challenging due to many factors. Alleviating them right off the bat in the Champion select will see you climbing in no time. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin with our list! 

7. Veigar

Devastating yet straightforward, Veigar is League’s most evil Yordle with ambitions to take over the world. These ambitions come to fruition as soon as you pick him up in the game. He’s always been a formidable foe, capable of dealing thousands of damage in just a few spell casts. If there ever was a Champion that embodied the “just press R” mentality – it’s Veigar. 

Veigar is a traditional Mid Laner who can perform well on Bot. Veigar can snowball exponentially in both roles – no matter if he gets farm or not. Due to his passive functions, Veigar can get extra AP by hitting the enemies with his abilities. Though Mid Veigar can get a lot more through minions, it means that he will snowball in any position he plays.

Everyone knows Veigar’s mid and late games, which are infamously strong. He can easily one-shot people, stun entire teams, and even obliterate multiple opponents simultaneously. He’s an incredible Champion that many people love to hate, myself included. 

For all the Mage and Support lovers out there, Veigar is a perfect choice. I highly recommend you give him a try, as you will guarantee a strong damage pick on your roster. What he lacks in mobility, he mitigates through sheer might and utility. 

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6. Master Yi 

Whenever we speak of the lower ranks, Master Yi will eventually come up. He’s infamous for his impact in the low Elo divisions, being a hyper carry that can 1v5 without breaking a sweat. The lower-ranked players never truly know how to play against Champions like Yi, Tryndamere, or Yasuo – often taking their might for granted.

Master Yi is viable on the Top Lane and in the Jungle. Though his Top isn’t exactly bad, I wouldn’t call it good either. Thus, the best role you can play Yi in is the Jungle. I even would go as far as to say that the Jungle is his natural habitat. He can farm up, have a considerable map presence and impact and always be available.

The Top Lane is too isolated for Yi, who profits a lot from roaming and ganks. Even a few kills in the early game will cause Yi to snowball immediately. Yi should already be pretty powerful by the time the mid-game rolls around. Pentakills, 1v5s, and everything of the sort is nothing unusual to see with Yi. 

If you love playing in the Jungle and want a Champion with good potential and clear, you’re covered with Yi. He’s terrific and borderline overpowered at times, which will tremendously alleviate your ranked climbing struggles. 

5. Kayle

Kayle has recently had a resurgence in all Lanes, especially Mid. Though I’d call Top her natural place of being, Kayle is excellent to be played both on Top, Mid, and even on the Bot Lane. She’s a slow burner and will take a while before reaching her full potential. However, most players in the lower ranks have no idea how to play against her, so getting to that snowball level is almost a guarantee. 

With each Ultimate level (6, 11, 16), Kayle unlocks a new power level. She scales well and becomes an insane hyper carry by the mid-game. Even at level 6 she’s quite the foe since she turns into a ranged Champion instead of melee. There’s even a lot of utility through her heals and her Ultimate, which can render people invulnerable with a colossal blast of AOE damage.

Kayle’s snowball is, as I’ve mentioned above, almost inevitable. Through safe Laning and solid cooperation with the Jungler, you’ll be reaching that level 6 power spike in no time. After level 11, Kayle is a total beast that Silver players will rarely know how to counter. 

If you love marksmen and hybrids, then Kayle is the Champion for you. Top Lane players should exploit her current S+ tier ranking and climb as much as possible. There are barely any matchups on the Top Lane that she can’t win, which should keep you worry-free before she eventually loses her meta status. 

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4. Garen

Garen. Everyone knows him, and everyone hates him. He’s a Champion that’s been around for as long as the game has and has managed to be a nuisance for the entire duration. Garen’s high DPS output can be exploited in lower ranks to gain an early advantage and finish the game by the 25th minute. Going Ignite on Garen almost guarantees a Lane victory against 90% of the matchups. 

Garen can almost singlehandedly carry games with his strong snowball, huge Tank potential, and tons of damage. He can waltz into a team of five, shred them to pieces with his E, and execute any vainly escaping opponents with that god-awful Ultimate. He has a lot of potential for many builds, both Bruiser and Tank. 

Garen is undoubtedly one of the best Champions in the lower divisions with his versatility, simplicity, and might. He maintains his popularity even in the higher ranks, showing how broken he really is. Everyone and anyone can play him as he doesn’t have any skill shots or challenging to use spells. 

Straightforward and insane – Garen will propel you from the Silver rank in no time. Barely any Champions can counter you, and once you get fed – there’s not much the enemies can do about it. 

3. Vayne

Vayne is one of the best marksmen in League of Legends, period. She’s ideally suited for the lower ranks, but she maintains her reputation even in Challenger-level games. Her gameplay simplicity makes her perfect in Silver and below, as it doesn’t take much for you to learn her. A few games, and you’ll get the hang of her, immediately being able to use her to destroy the enemy team. 

Everything about Vayne revolves around damage. While most other marksmen focus on increasing their attack speed or other mobility aspects, Vayne goes for all-out damage. This easy-to-access high damage output makes Vayne a heavy-hitting ADC that not even Tanks can stop. Vayne is the most notorious anti-Tank ADC in League of Legends proper. 

With a massive amount of true and physical damage, ravaging through health bars is an afterthought for Vayne. She’s super easy to master, and rarely does anyone ban her in the current meta. Her S+ ranking is justified in Silver and the high Elo ranks alike, and I cannot stress my recommendations enough.

For anyone that likes playing ADC (both in the Bot and Top Lane), Vayne is the best choice for escaping Silver. 

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2. Nasus

If you’re the type never to leave your Lane, just continuously push one side and isolate – Nasus is likely your main. He’s a Champion solely focused on increasing his might through farming and pushing the Lane as much as possible. He rarely participates in any Rift skirmishes, instead choosing to break down the enemy’s base. 

As one of the best split pushers in general, Nasus will pressure the enemy team consistently. If he’s left alone for long enough, he can snowball significantly. Due to how his Q is designed, Nasus doesn’t need any AD items to deal insane damage to all Champion classes. This allows him to go for a full-blown Tank build while still maintaining his attacking prowess. 

With a good Rune combination and a solid pushing build, Nasus will be at your Nexus Turrets in minutes. It would be best to never take your eyes off of him as leaving him alone to farm is the biggest mistake you can make. Though a slow burner, Nasus eventually has the most significant impact a Top Laner can have on a match. 

I recommend Nasus to those who like to play farming and stacking Champions. 

1. Yasuo

You knew this one was coming eventually and probably even wondered where he was so far. Yasuo is likely the universal go-to Champion for climbing in League of Legends. This contributes the most to his insanely high ban rate in all Elo levels. No one wants to play against him, especially if the player knows what he’s doing with him. 

Everyone has watched the compilations, felt the dominance on their own skin, and developed their distaste for Yasuo. However, no matter what we say about him, he’s still an outstanding Champion who can have many impacts. Traditionally a Mid Laner, he’s become increasingly popular as an ADC. He’s also pretty effective in the role, which adds to the popularity.

A Bruiser/Fighter that can be challenging to bring down, Yasuo can singlehandedly carry games like it’s nothing. Using the power of the wind, Yasuo slices through his enemies like butter. Shredding health bars and emerging full-HP from a fight is his thing, and he often does it. He has a relatively slow start, but if you can leave the early game unscathed, you’ve already won. 

I recommend him to anyone who wishes to play a mechanically complex Champion. 


There are so many factors that influence your ability to climb that it would take more than a few articles to name them all. However, choosing the best Champion available is paramount, and a good team composition can win the game before it even starts. Always cooperate and communicate with your allies to build the best possible roster. Throwing incompatible and random Champions into a team only decreases your chances of winning. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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