Top 10 Best Cheap Skins in League of Legends

League of Legends is a free-to-play game that anyone can get to immediately. However, being a live-service game that constantly upholds over 100M players, it gets pretty expensive to maintain and develop. 

From the very beginning, Riot Games has adopted a business model that helps them keep the game up and running. That business model revolves around selling skins. These alternate visuals for the game’s Champions are cosmetic and hold no gameplay value. 

Why would anyone buy that, I hear you ask? People like to have cool and flashy animations or looks for their favorite Champion. Also, those who main or OTP a single Champion like to collect everything related to them, including skins. 

These skins vary in price, and we’re here to discuss the cheapest ones. With hundreds of skins falling into the “cheap” category, this wasn’t an easy list to make. If you don’t see your favorite cheap skin here, comment on it below.

Without further ado, let’s begin! 

10. Assassin Master Yi – 390 RP

Assassin Master Yi is one of the oldest skins in the game and the most memorable. With its low price, this skin represents Riot’s most sold skin of all time. You might be wondering why a skin like this, with no extra particles or animations, would sell so much. 

Well, it goes a long way back to a better time. Long ago, Riot used to give out 400 RP gifts to newly registered players who leveled up a bit. These 400 RP were seen as a sign of thanks from the dev team for playing the game. If only Riot cared even the slightest bit about its player base as they did at that time. 

With the said 400 RP, you could purchase any of the 390 RP skins. There were three, Assassin Master Yi, Golden Alistar, and White Mage Veigar, which we will go into next. I have a story with both of these, having refunded Yi to get the White Mage Veigar skin I still own. 

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9. White Mage Veigar – 390 RP

This is a classic skin that doesn’t offer much change to anything like the previous entry. It turns Veigar into, you’ve guessed it, a white Mage and does nothing more than that. Due to how cheap it is and how early people tend to acquaint themselves with Veigar, it is equal to Yi in profitability. 

Veigar is a simple Champion that is perfect for new players. Those who are just starting out with League will find him comfortable to play. He’s powerful, has excellent abilities, and can solo carry. All of these things are adored by newbies, as they aren’t yet versed in the game. With how loveable this Champion is both in gameplay and character – the skin was bound to sell a lot. 

I think both Assassin Yi and White Mage Veigar have lost sales ever since Riot removed the 400 RP gift. Still, they serve as relics of a bygone era that we will never have back. 

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8. Golden Alistar – 390 RP

Golden Alistar is the final of the classic skins that cost 390 RP. I almost feel like they were MADE for new players who just got that 400 RP boost. All three of these Champions are straightforward and tailored towards new players, which is always fantastic. 

Golden Alistar has the most striking appearance change out of all three. It turns Alistar from a dim, grey minotaur into a golden and brilliant beast that’s nice to look at. He becomes radiant and gets an overall better look. I love this skin since it is cheap and grants you a change seemingly worth a lot more. 

If you want to get a cheap skin that actually has the vibe of something more expensive, this is the choice for you. 

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7. Phantom Karthus – 460 RP

Phantom Karthus lies on a border between the 390 classics and the 520 cheap skin territories. For 460 RP, this skin grants Karthus a reasonable visual change, if not a bit underwhelming. He usually has a cyan and black design that’s pretty bleak and desaturated. This skin changes that into silver, black and red – which are much more vibrant and stand out against the background. (

Karthus is a Champion with so many skins that I can’t even begin to name them. Hell, I might even make a whole separate list on them. They range from cheap, basic ones to the highest quality. This cheap entry is excellent for Karthus players that want to change things up from the monotonous design of the Champion. 

Staring for too long at his green-ish spells and particles does make the stomach turn. Karthus is also a fantastic Champion to play, and you should definitely check him out. A traditional Mid Laner turned Jungler, Karthus is as unique as they come, and he’s worth the shot. 

6. Shadow Evelynn – 520 RP

If ever there was a skin that feels premium, then that’s Shadow Evelynn. It grants so much in terms of looks that you’d think you’ve purchased a 975 RP skin, not a 520 RP one. As you might have guessed, Shadow Evelynn is our first of three 520 RP skins on the list. They’re what you might consider the genuine “cheap” category, as there are over 160 of these in the game. 

Moving away from a purple vibe into a vibrant and beautiful gold and blue combination, Evelynn truly shines with this skin. She stands a lot more against the background, becomes colorful, and is just overall pleasant to look at. It wouldn’t be a LeagueFeed list without me commenting on her constantly finding her way into them.

Evelynn is the team’s favorite vampire seductress that we love to play. She’s almost always on our lists as there’s so much cool stuff about her – in terms of gameplay, looks, and lore. As impressive as Champion, as she is a character, Evelynn is a perfect Jungler that you guys should get into. 

She can singlehandedly change the course of the game, and we’ve mentioned her in so many lists so far. Check out our website for those articles, as there is a ton to learn about this fantastic Champion. 

5. Giant Enemy Crabgot – 520 RP

This skin is perhaps the biggest meme of any skin out there. Except for Draven Draven, that’s a whole other story. Crabgot is also the Urgot main’s favorite skin, and whenever there’s an Urgot in the game – he’s playing as the Crabgot. It’s funny, obscene, and just a great thing to purchase. 

Even if you don’t play Urgot, you just have to buy this thing for the memes. His name comes from the old Rift Scuttler, then known as the “Giant enemy crab.” Riot wasn’t too creative with names back in the day. Crabgot is an excellent skin to use and play with in the game. Though there’s nothing special about it, the name and meme are enough.

Urgot is also a good Champion, if not a bit challenging to play. If you like him, pick up the skin and go take the Top Lane by storm with this fantastic Champion. 

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4. Chosen Master Yi – 520 RP

Our second and final Master Yi skin on the list; he just is a gift that keeps on giving. Chosen Master Yi is a tad more expensive than the Assassin skin. However, it changes Yi in some exciting ways, changing him from an Ionian blade master into a full-blown Jedi. 

That sword lights up whenever he uses his E, and he embodies the force. Master Yi is a brutal Champion whose might is only amplified with his skins. Whatever skin you pick up, whether it be the ones from the list or others, you just can’t help but feel fabulous. This skin is probably the coolest of the 520 RP category.

If you’re a Jungler, pick Yi up next time you play. And if you like him a lot (which I can almost guarantee), get yourself a nice, cheap skin for him to enhance your experience. That old and fleshed-out yellow becomes boring fast, so a change would do nicely. 

3. Sashimi Akali – 750 RP

You can’t go wrong with bashing people over the head with a piece of bread. This pastry-loving skin variation for Akali will make you run for the fridge to grab a snack. Moving into the 750 RP territory, or what I’d call “not-so-cheap,” we have Sashimi Akali. 

Who says that a ninja can’t be a baker? This skin turns Akali into a gourmet chef or assistant to one. Part of the bakery skin lineup, which includes the ambitious baker Pantheon, this skin is worth every point. It unmasks Akali, revealing her gorgeous face beneath. She’s lovely with this skin, and the vibrant red hair just adds to the flavor. 

Yes, that pun was intended. 

Akali is a fantastic Champion to play on the Top and Mid Lanes. She’s hard to kill and can deal insane amounts of damage quickly. Known for being an incredible combination between Bruiser and Mage, Akali is a brutal Champion that you should try out right now. 

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2. Definitely Not Vel’Koz – 750 RP

Of all the costume skins, this one is likely my favorite. Definitely Not Blitzcrank was an excellent skin for sure and still is, but Vel’Koz overshadows it by a long shot. Poorly masked and funny, this Vel’Koz skin is great for any Koz player. This Mage embodies his new look wholly, making you think if this is Koz at all. 

There’s not much else to be said about the skin, but I do have a word on the Champion himself. He’s a powerful Mage capable of quickly dishing out a ton of damage. His range allows him to stay safe while harassing the enemies, thus making him a great Support. Though he doesn’t offer much protection to his ADC, the damage will suffice to get them fed in no time.

Vel’Koz is an excellent Champion that’s been getting a lot of traction lately. You should play him and see what I mean, as he doesn’t take a lot to learn. 

1. Bard Bard – 750 RP

Bard Bard is funny and great skin to have. Bard is already hilarious, and a total troll by himself, and this skin only adds to the effect. Don’t let the name fool you; this skin is nothing like the Draven Draven one where the skin draws inspiration. No, it turns him into a genuine medieval bard that sings merry songs to everyone.

It’s the perfect skin for Bard and for any Champion. I love it, and you will, too. People never like trolls in their games, but I wouldn’t be mad if someone were to run it down Mid while using this skin. It’s comical and fun, and you should pick it up if you’re a Bard player.

I just hope that you aren’t. 

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League of Legends has hundreds and thousands of skins on its roster. Most of them will fall in the 975 RP and below categories, making it challenging to make this list excruciatingly. I’ve researched it well and found these 10 to be my personal favorites, but we’re bound to disagree. The options are nearly endless and if your favorite isn’t here, be sure to let us know below.

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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