The Best Chemtechs Comp in Teamfight Tactics – In-Depth Guide

Since their release, Chemtechs was a comp to go. It is needless to say that it has stayed the same with the release of the new patch. For me personally, one of my favorite comps since it is pretty straightforward that a child could use it and abuse it.

If you are really going to annihilate your enemies with your ultimate 8 Chemtech compositions, you will be highly augment dependant, but that can all be fixed with The Giant’s belt and The Spatula. So basically, your chances of getting those might 8 Chems are pretty damn high.

But if I am being honest, 6 Chems will do just fine. I have won many games with 7 Chems on my board, both on the old set and new.

The Chemtechs is a comp you wanna play when you just want to sit down and relax, not think about the harmony of your multiple traits and champions. Nope, not at all, you have all together combined 7 Chems, and an easy challenge to get The Chemtech emblem either from augment or from the combination of The Giants Belt and Spatula.

After dropping below 75% Health, Chemtech champions become chem-powered, gaining Attack Speed, damage reduction, and regenerating a percentage of their maximum Health each second for 8 seconds.


15% Attack Speed, 4% Health


50% Attack Speed, 7% Health


90% Attack Speed, 10% Health


135% Attack Speed, 18% Health

The goal of this composition is to build a strong enough frontline for the combination of Trynda and Renata to power through the enemy team’s board. Both champions need time to ramp up, but when they get swinging, they hit hard. The Chemtech trait is perfect when it comes to building a strong frontline since it comes with built-in health regeneration. This allows the frontline tank units in the Chemtech trait to stay alive a lot longer than usual. The trait is also good for the main carry of the composition, Tryndamere, thanks to the extra attack speed.

To win games with this composition, you must have upgraded all their frontline units, an upgraded Tryndamere with top tier items, and another pseudo-carry like Kai’Sa (or if a you have a bunch of AP items, Viktor). 

You should consider playing this composition when they land an early Chemtech emblem or heart, a lot of Bruisers, or an early Trynda. As for other strong augments to pick up for this comp, Instant Injection, Chemtech Overload, and other generic, good augments like thrill of the hunt are useful.

Okay! We got the basics, now let’s meet the squad!

  • Twitch
  • Singed
  • Warwick
  • Zac
  • Tryndamere
  • Renata
  • Viktor

With the ascending order of their price, here it goes:

1. Twitch

The little smelly rat struggles in this set, in my opinion. I wouldn’t say he is useless, but I am going to be very harsh on him since his only purpose is to get The Chems trait and to die before other units.

Don’t get me wrong. I have tried. God knows I have tried to make him work, equipping him with top-tier items, but he just doesn’t work. He doesn’t work as a Chemtech, he doesn’t work as an Assassin. I really don’t know what Riot was doing while designing him for TFT. He could do brilliantly if he just had a different ult. If his ult was scaling attack speed like you have when you equip Guinsoo’s Rageblade, he would be so strong. But in this case, I feel like his basic attacks are stronger than his ult. I wish he just wouldn’t ult at all. Just do the basic attacks, and he might just do some damage.

I do not know if he was made bad on purpose since he is one gold coin cost unit, but if you think of it like that, there are some mental units for the price of one gold coin. Take Illaoi, for example, Garen from an earlier patch, Kassadin from both patches? Come on. He had to be better. 

You still can make him level three pretty early on, and it won’t cost you much, but it really doesn’t make any difference, to be honest. He will be deleted in seconds after the game starts once you pass the mid-game.

You can position him anywhere, but I would use him as a shield for your carry unit, so somewhere in the back of the board.

I wouldn’t waste any items on Twitch since it would be a waste of resources.

Twitch’s Ability And Stats:

Piercing Bolt

Twitch fires a powerful bolt towards his target that pierces through enemies hit, dealing a percent of his Attack Damage as physical damage and applying 50% Grievous Wounds for 5 seconds.


  • 175/185/200%
  • Health 450 / 810 / 1458
  • Armor 15
  • MR 15
  • Damage 50 / 90 / 162
  • Speed 0.7
  • DPS 35 / 63 / 113
  • Mana 0 / 35

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2. Singed

Singed is also a very cheap champion like Ezreal, starting with just one gold coin. Unlike Ezreal, he can be pretty useful for both Chemtechs and Innovators, and he has a relatively strong early game, to decent mid-game, but as expected, fragile late game. 

Again, unlike Ezreal, which doesn’t attract much crowd in the early stages of the game, Singed is quite important for those who decide that Chemtechs are their choice for the current game, so you won’t be able to get level 3 Singed in the early game as you would like.

His fling is a gamechanger since it impacts both the target champion and does aoe knock-up in the place where the enemy champion lands. This can be handy in the situations where the enemy’s champion is about to cast the ability and is interrupted by the knock-up , leaving your champions a little bit of time to react and possibly turn the fate of the fight in your favor. 

When you are in the early games of the fight and you don’t have enough champions to make 5 Chems composition, i always put 2 Singeds on the board because of the knock-up effect.

He is also a good frontliner and can tank some nice amounts of damage.

As far as the items are concerned, Singed isn’t a waste of items like Ezreal is, and he can benefit from Warmogs Armour or Brambles vest.

Singed’s Ability And Stats:


Singed flings a nearby enemy towards the largest cluster of enemies, stunning his target for seconds when they land. All adjacent enemies take magic damage and are briefly stunned.




  • 125/175/250
  • Health – 650 / 1170 / 2106
  • Armor – 40
  • MR – 40
  • Damage – 60 / 108 / 194.4
  • Speed – 0.55
  • DPS – 33 / 59 / 107
  • Mana – 100 / 150

3. Warwick

This champion is one of the best champions in the game! Kappa! With the silly price of just two gold, and a champion that is so easy to the max to level three, WW is simply the best starting champion money can buy. I am serious. Whether you use him as a Chemtech or as a Challenger, or both, he just thrives. With The Chemtech’s equipped with Titan’s Resolve, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, and The Bloodthirster, I promise you, this guy will not die. 

I am not joking. Once you have five to seven Chemtech’s infield, the hp regeneration from the traits benefit combined with his ability, and his hp just won’t drop for a split second. Also, add Titan’s Resolve with the stacking of size and defensive stats, and Guinsoo’s just doing the thing you like the most on that item. He becomes The Ultimate Hunter!

With The Challenger’s you can pretty much do the same items, but I would swap The Bloodthirster with something tankier, like The Bramble’s vest, since you will already have a lot of speed and power from the trait itself, but you will lack regeneration that you get from The Chems. In The Challenger composition, Warwick is likely to die among the first ones, but his sacrifice won’t go in vain since he will not die quickly, leaving just enough time for his buddies to shred your opponent’s backline.

Position him on the front center of the board so he can take as much aggro possible. Max him asap to level three.

Warwick’s Ability And Stats:

Eternal Hunger

Passive: Warwick’s Attacks deal an additional percent of his target’s current Health as bonus magic damage, and heal him for the damage dealt.


  • 6/9/12%
  • Health 750 / 1350 / 2430
  • Armor 40
  • MR 40
  • Damage 50 / 90 / 162
  • Speed 0.8
  • DPS 40 / 72 / 130

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4. Zac

Zac is currently an S-tier champion. While I will admit that he is strong, I think that is a little bit overrated. But anyway, I will not spend time finding his faults and scolding him since there are a lot of champions that are way worse than him. Wow, I made it sound as if he is bad. He is not. He is A Chemtech – Bruiser with many uses and purposes for both comps.

He is quite tanky, and his spell is great for disrupting two enemies at once. At level three, he can even deal some decent damage, but for a tank, that damage is pretty impressive.

His price is three gold coins, and that puts him in the middle of the range. I think it’s a fair price for him, and since not many people are playing The Chemtech or The Bruiser comp, because of the hype of the new set, he is actually available a lot. 

Do you know what that means? Yup, you can upgrade him to level three pretty quickly.

His position is in the front. Alongside his tank buddies, he does great both as a tank and disrupter of the enemy’s front line. He also does not tend to die quickly since both of his traits are focused on sustain.

Item-wise, you can’t go wrong with The Warmog’s Armor, The Sunfire Cape, and The Dragon’s Claw.

Zac’s Ability And Stats:


Zac stretches his arms up to three hexes to pull the two most distant enemies towards him, dealing magic damage. Zac takes less damage while using this ability.



Damage Reduction:


  • Health 800 / 1440 / 2592
  • Armor 45
  • MR 45
  • Damage 70 / 126 / 226.8
  • Speed 0.6
  • DPS 42 / 76 / 136
  • Mana 60 / 100

5. Tryndamere

Tryndamere is really the bread and butter to any comp he is put in. Honestly, I have no idea what the hell Riot was thinking about when they decided that he is balanced. I mean, how? The power he has, and not to mention the power spike he gets when he hits level two, makes me physically sick. But in a good way, when I am not playing against him, of course. 

If you are lucky enough to get an Ascension Augment, there is probably no way for you to lose any fight. Once he reaches full mana, he starts spinning like a ballerina. Nope, scrap that. We need some more powerful description, maybe like a Beyblade?

Yeah, Beyblade sounds cool. So, once he reaches full mana, he starts spinning like a Beyblade and just wipes everything out of his merry way. He is squishy, though, but if you combine him with some good number of Chemtechs or Challengers, things tend to go in his favor.

My items of choice for Trynda are The Infinity Edge, The Edge of Night, and you can choose between The Bloodthirster (The Challenger comp) or The Guinsoo’s Rageblade (The Chemtech comp). As some of you eagle-eyed summoners will see, the last item really is there to compensate for the thing you will be missing in your comp that particular game.

Position him in the far back, and try to protect him in any way you can. 

After the initial five seconds of combat, he will just be flying everywhere over the arena, slicing and dicing everything on his path (sorry, Rene). You should max his level as soon as you can since he is an integral part of any comp he is in. He should be your priority when equipping items to champions.

Tryndamere’s Ability And Stats:

Spinning Slash

Tryndamere spins in a line towards the most enemies, dealing 150% of his Attack Damage plus bonus damage to enemies in his path and empowering his next 3 attacks to deal 20% more damage.

Bonus Damage:


  • Health 750 / 1350 / 2430
  • Armor 35
  • MR 35
  • Damage 70 / 126 / 226.8
  • Speed 0.75
  • DPS 53 / 95 / 170
  • Mana 40 / 100

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6. Renata

Ah, the newest sensation Riot has prepared for us. I couldn’t wait to get to this point of the article and talk about her since I am just amazed with her overall looks and spells both in the Rift and in TFT. I mean, look at her! Wow, hats off to the design team of Riot. After a few misses, in my opinion, with the champion’s looks, they have hit the jackpot!

Renata looks like Kassadin and Robocop had a child, and I love it! She has some veil of mystery around her, like Severus Snape kind of thing. She is evil, but the kind of evil and powerful we all sometimes think about and wish to be. Not to cause some madness to the world, but it would be great if you could look that badass and stand up to your high school bully and toss him around the block for a couple of times. 

Wow, I do have a vivid imagination, as you can see, so we should probably get back to the guide because I’m afraid I will wander off like this again. 

Alright, where were we? Ah, yes! So basically, Renata is just a replacement for Lissandra. I personally think Lissandra had a more utility-based kit and was just a better champion overall since you could win any game if you had The Hextech Gunblade and Liss on her third level.

Renata doesn’t fall back, damage-wise, since she does damage to her enemies reduces their attack speed, but the most important part of her kit is that her damage stacks! 

As you probably get by now, she is an AP type of champion. A scaling AP which finds uses both for The Chemtech and The Scholar compositions.

For items, I would go for The Rabbadon’s Deathcap Hextech Gunblade, and depending you are playing The Chems or The Scholars, you can switch between The Blue Buff and The Morello.

She should be positioned somewhere behind the front line, so she wouldn’t take aggro, but still won’t have to wait long to start attacking and stack mana so she can ult.

She should be one of your main priorities to get at level three asap since she is a game-changer, no doubt.

Renata’s Ability And Stats:

Toxic Wave

Renata unleashes a toxic wave towards the largest group of nearby enemies, poisoning all enemies in its path for 15 seconds. Poisoned enemies suffer 15% reduced Attack Speed and take magic damage per second. Damage dealt by the poison can stack.



  • Health 800 / 1440 / 2592
  • Armor 30
  • MR 30
  • Damage 40 / 72 / 129.6
  • Speed 0.7
  • DPS 28 / 50 / 91
  • Mana 0 / 60

7. Viktor

Okay, here comes The Big Daddy! We are bringing out the heavy artillery. He is the most epic champion in this composition, purely because of his ult and its impact on the whole field during the fight. First of all, his ult spawns lasers all over the board and beyond it, actually! And don’t get me staring about the attention to detail? 

I mean, the frickin’ lasers change colors accordingly to his level? Are you serious? I am getting The Star Wars vibe anytime I play him. His role is quite simple when you think about it. Win the game. Whether you are playing The Chems or The Arcanists, it doesn’t really matter since if you manage to get him to at least level two… 

No scrap that, he can actually change the course of a game EVEN ON THE LEVEL ONE, as long as he has either The Jeweled Gauntlet, The Rabbadon’s Deathcap, or The Blue Buff, and under the condition that you can actually keep him safe until he ults.

Position-wise, it actually can not be said precisely since it depends on the enemy’s team. If enemies are running assassins, he should not be at the back since he won’t live long enough to even do a basic attack. So if that is the case, the middle of the field is the best choice, having some less important champions surround him from each side so he can not be touched.

If, on the other hand, enemies are not running The Assassin comp, he should definitely be tucked in somewhere in the back, with you less expensive and less important champions surrounding him.

As for items, basically, anything that can boost his AP dmg, so The Jeweled Gauntlet, The Rabbadon’s Deathcap or The Blue Buff, The Spear of Shojin, The Archangel’s Staff, The Chalice of Power, you get the point.

I don’t even have to tell you that if he reaches level three, it is insta win, so you know what you have to do.

Viktor’s Ability And Stats:

Death Rays

Viktor summons multiple singularities to fire death rays that cut across the battlefield in a line, melting through enemies’ defenses. Enemies caught in their path take magic damage, have a percent of any remaining shields destroyed, and suffer Armor Shred.





Armor Shred:


  • Health 850 / 1530 / 2754
  • Armor 35
  • MR 35
  • Damage 50 / 90 / 162
  • Speed 0.8
  • DPS 40 / 72 / 130
  • Mana 0 / 140

Let’s talk a little bit about strategy for your game:

Early Game

Chemtechs have one of the easiest early games available due to the fact that a majority of their units cost 1-3 Gold. Singed and Twitch cost 1 Gold and Warwick costs 2 Gold. These three will be the building blocks of this build as they grant you the three-Chemtech synergy as soon as you get them. Next up, you’ll want to get Tryndamere and Zac as these unlock the five-unit synergy, and at this point, the team becomes quite strong.

Mid Game

The middle game is all about proper Gold management (getting a good economy) if you are not playing Hyperroll, of course,  and leveling up as much as possible. 

You might ask why? 

Most units that you’ll need in order to make the build work will be epic and legendary units, so the higher level you are, the more chances you’ll have to acquire them. Keep on upgrading Tryndamere and Zac, and be on the lookout for Renata and Viktor.

Late Game

During the late game, you’ll have two choices depending on the Hextech Augments and items that you’ve gotten. Usually, in most games, you will want to go with the build mentioned above and simply work on acquiring level 8 and get any other harmonizing, high-cost champion to fill an empty spot.

In the event that you’ve gotten The Chemtech Augment that gives you an additional Chemtech, then you should rush level eight and fill the spot with a harmonizing high-cost champion that you will equip with The Chemtech trait.

The Best Compositions for the Chemtech Trait in TFT

Final Thoughts

The Chemtech composition is old but gold. With some minor changes in the form of champions and the form now being 8 Chems instead of nine, it still stays relevant to the current set of TFT.

True colors of this comp will always shine the brightest when you have your composition fully upgraded to 8 Chems. This is why your priority in every game is to hit level 8 asap.

Tryndamere, Renata and Viktor are your carries no matter what. Now it all depends on your items.

This is one of those comps that you can roll with through your whole game and never lose a single point. At just level two, you can have your 3 Chems on the field, and on your level five, you can have 5 Chems. It really scales correctly with your levels.

You should use it and abuse it. Good luck!

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