5 Best Colleges for League of Legends Esports Players

League of legends is a fascinating multiplayer online battle arena competitive online game. The game is fun, fast-paced, and team-based, earning a place in the hearts of many college students. The game is quite challenging and offers an extreme thrill to players, old or young. Why is the game so popular among students? Can you get a league of legends scholarship?

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Why is the League of Legends game so popular among students?

Students from across the world have grown fond of the league of legends, and with the features it offers, this comes as no surprise. The game has excellent visuals, which are pretty attractive, colorful, and bright. The animations provided are sufficient to make any gamer want to catch a glimpse of the display.

The game provides team-play; hence you can play with your friends, and the concepts are easy to understand. League of legends also has great multiple and single-player options.

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Esports Programs

Robert Morris University was the first to offer a scholarship-sponsored and school-sanctioned league of legends team, paving the way for varsity collegiate esports. There are now one hundred and twenty esports programs nationwide.

Different league of legends university teams faces each other in esports competitions, and the thrill is fascinating.

1. Boise State University

The Boise state university is a fantastic research university that was established in 1932. The university has over twenty-six thousand students; it is also the largest graduate school in Idaho. Students in this school have over two hundred areas to choose from, plus two hundred and sixty organizations and clubs to spice up the experience.

Boise state university is also unique due to its recognition of esports as a varsity sport. College esports league participants come from part-time and full-time students attending the school. The school also has a professional broadcasting arena, a dedicated arena with a two-tiered stage system, and a massive section for spectators. However, to participate in this league, players require to maintain a 3.0 minimum GPA.

2. Ashland University

Ashland University in Ohio is a private college that was established back in 1878. The school has the main center, which spans across one hundred and thirty five-acre of land and a couple of other off-campus centers. Ashland University offers over seventy-degree courses.

The school is most famous for its rigorous varsity esports program. Students get access to an on-campus state-of-the-art practice facility with widescreen television sets made for coaching. The school also offers many workshops and seminars, plus the college esports league players get team swags such as jackets and backpacks.

3. Trine University

Trine University has many campuses which span across Michigan and Indiana. They offer associates, graduates, and bachelor’s degrees in a wide range of subjects. Ninety percent of graduates at Trine University score jobs within six months.

The school has an esports arena which is pretty thought out, having great monitors, fantastic gaming chairs, and much more arena features that make it more comfortable. However, the school is more famous because of their annual two hundred thousand dollars scholarship money provided to esports players.

4. Columbian college

The Columbian College was established in 1851 as Missouri but later took on the name Columbian college. The college is found in Columbia and offers master’s, bachelors, and associates degrees in the main campus, online, and at over thirty venues country-wide.

The colleges’ first league of legends team was founded back in 2015 and is still rigid to date. In addition to the league of legends, the school also hosts eight more league games offering an opportunity for any game enthusiast. The registration process to join any star league is relatively user-friendly.

5. Boston University

Boston University is found in Massachusetts and was founded back in 1869. The school has over thirty-three thousand students; it is also one of Boston’s major employers. Boston University has incredible academic choices, and students applying to move here aim to succeed.

Boston University has plenty of organizations and clubs, and for gamers, the PC games club is the place to be. The school’s league of legends team has even represented the school in worldwide competitions; hence, they are serious about PC games.

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With the growth of technology and advancement in esports activity, having esports accepted as a varsity sport is a win for many gamers. The game builds teamwork, decision-making skills, and also the ability to think fast during situations. We, therefore, hope this article will help you find a perfect college to improve your league of legends skills while still learning new things.

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