Top 5 Best Control Mages in League of Legends

The Control Mage Class is one of the vaguer Champion Classes in League of Legends. It was never officially defined by Riot Games as a Class, but rather it exists among the community, and many people have their own definition of it. 

The most widely accepted definition is that Control Mages are Champions that can control what’s going on. They will do this either through the use of high CC and/or AOE abilities, managing to deter, stop or engage enemies. 

Now, many different Champions can be included in this Class. Despite this definition, it still remains largely vague, so to help you seek the best of the Control Mages, we’ve made this list. 

Around the internet, people may or may not consider the following Champions Control Mages. These are only here by our own accord, and you can agree or disagree below. Having a healthy discussion about the game helps us get a tighter grasp of what’s in it. 

I hope you enjoy it. And now, on to the list. 

5. Gangplank

Starting off, we have the most uncanny entry on the list. Many people will disagree with my inclusion of this Champion here, but bear with me. I’ve spent the past 4 years maining this Champion, and I can confidently say that he is, in fact, a Control Mage. There are so many things about him that separate him from the rest of the AD caster crew, so let’s talk about them. 

First off, he doesn’t rely directly on his tankiness or his auto-attacks. This immediately scratches off the Bruiser and Fighter classifications. His Q is a ranged attack, and he does use it often. However, it is not his primary mode of attack, and thus he’s not a Marksman. He relies directly on his barrels, a spell that Gangplank cannot function without.

With this direct and sole reliance on ability, we can safely conclude he is a Mage. These barrels are some of the best tools for deterrence, control, and engagement of enemies, and thus I think it’s a good thing to say that Gangplank is, in fact, a Control Mage.

Now with the elaboration out of the way, let’s see why he’s among the best. 

With these barrels, the range, and the obscene amounts of damage they can do – Gangplank becomes a threat to the life of just about everyone opposite of him. With a single barrel, he can kill all five enemies if lined up correctly. They ignore half of the enemy’s armor, do extra damage, and apply all Gangplank’s on-hit effects. Hell, they can even critically strike. 

Squishy targets will live through a total nightmare when facing a good Gangplank player. The tanks, though more resilient, will undoubtedly have their defenses obliterated by this mighty pirate. 

He can zone, he can snipe, he can do just about everything out there. The problem is, he’s pretty defenseless himself if things get too close and personal. He’s insanely difficult to manage and play, but in the right hands – GP reaches unmatched potential. 

I recommend him to everyone. He’s my favorite Champion in the game (apart from Jax), and, as you can see, there is more than one reason for that. Play him Top, Mid, or anywhere you like – it will still work. 

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4. Orianna

Orianna is a classic Control Mage. She has, like Gangplank, a tool that is constantly present and deters enemies from engaging. I’m talking about her Ball. No, not that type of Ball. A metal sphere she carries around. 

Whenever the enemies see it, they will stay clear. This allows Orianna to constantly create vacuum spaces around the map/area where the action is. If the enemies get too explicit, she can use her powerful AOE Ultimate to singlehandedly win the fight. The squishy Champions caught in this deadly combo will die immediately, with the rest suffering heavy damage.

You can understand why people would try to circumvent this ability by any means necessary. The thing is, Orianna can, at basically no cooldown, move the Ball around. She can consistently put the enemies in danger without any actual cost to herself. 

This makes her the embodiment of control, and she will be the master of the game. Of course, if the enemies manage to break through her control, things do tend to get a bit messy. Therefore, an Orianna player must train his skills well enough to prevent such an occurrence. 

Never overextend with Control Mages. IT is one of the most prominent mistakes players of this Class made. Your job is to prevent overextension of yourself and your allies, as well as punish the enemy for doing so. Overextending and being too cocky defeats the purpose of a Control Mage, so keep that in mind when playing them.

I recommend Orianna to every Mid Mage player out there. She is so fun that I can’t even begin to express it. 

3. Ziggs

Some consider Ziggs to be only a partial Control Mage. And that might be true. However, we’re not here to discuss the partiality of the Champions listed. Ziggs is, in my opinion, as much a Control Mage as any other on this list – and here’s why. 

He will use mechanics similar to Orianna to keep the enemies at bay. He differs only because he doesn’t have a permanent spawn lying around to scare opponents. However, he does have something else – the bombs. With low cooldowns and severe damage, Ziggs can keep the gap between himself and the opposing team just by constantly casting his bombs.

The bomb cluster he can lay on the ground is also a great spell that makes the enemies immediately go around, preventing their direct approach. A constant bombardment of the map will give Ziggs enough leverage over the enemy team, and he will be able to establish solid control over what’s going on. 

However, he will need the help of his allies to achieve total control. He doesn’t have too much mobility or CC to prevent the enemy from completely engaging him using superior numbers/tank tactics. He’d be great when combined with another Control Champion, preferably a high CC Support or Enchanter. 

Ziggs is a nice little Yordle that everyone loves. Try him out sometime; he has some fantastic stuff about him that you’ll enjoy immensely. 

2. Viktor

Viktor has had a resurgence recently with the addition of the Crown item, which, honestly, should be removed. He became utterly immortal with his unique mechanics combined with the item, and I’ve had my sanity questioned several times after facing him on the Mid Lane. I honestly don’t know what the balance team is smoking at times, but I’m sure it isn’t the good stuff. 

Anyhow, Viktor can achieve excellent control over the opposing team. He can dominate opponents without breaking a sweat by using his solid defenses, great AOE, threatening CC, and Ultimate. His AOE CC ability will, similar to Ziggs’ bomb cluster, immediately deter opponents and break away from their approach. 

His lasers and Ultimate are tools for creating a vast AOE damage zone from which the enemies must back off, lest they want to be killed in seconds. He is highly mobile, and the abilities he uses are fast. In the right hands, Viktor can cast a whole ton of spells in great succession, dealing obscene amounts of damage to Tanks and Squsihies alike. 

He’s a bit challenging to play, even more so to learn and master. I suggest you take your time with this Champion if you genuinely wish to grasp him completely. If not, well, just make sure you give him a spin or two to know what you’re facing when you next see him. 

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1. Syndra

Syndra is almost the same as Orianna. While her orbs might not be permanent, she creates so many that they might as well be. Whenever people see them, they immediately become afeared of a potential all-in. The more orbs are lying around – the more danger you’re in. 

Everything revolves around these orbs with Syndra. As I’ve said, the more there are in her vicinity, the more damage she can do. Her Ultimate directly scales from the number of orbs around her and will blast you with obscene damage. 

They are also her primary tool of CC since the spell has the longest-lasting stun if an orb hits you. Orbs, Orbs, Orbs – everything and anything in Syndra’s kit. The mechanics of deterrence and control over the enemies are identical to Orianna, and I won’t repeat myself here.

However, I will say this much: Syndra’s primary objective is to create a threat level for the enemy team. They must feel vulnerable to her spells, and it is best to seek out the squishy targets. Since her Ultimate is point and click and not as difficult to land as Orianna’s, your best bet is to try and snipe a squishy target to teach the enemies a lesson.

Afterward, you’ll see how much fear you have struck into them. Then, it’s smooth sailing on the path to victory. 

I recommend Syndra to your average Mage player. There are many skill shots to learn when mastering Syndra, so be aware of that before you press play. 


Control Mages are a weird bunch, and they are likely some of the most potent Champions in the game. Having the ability to control the game is not a small thing, and these Champions show us how much impact they can have on the course of the game. Hell, they can single-handedly change the outcome of a fight and the entire game with a good play. I hope this list has been helpful and wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift.

These lists take time and effort to make, so leave feedback to help us improve them. Keep a keen eye out on our website for more League of Legends-related content such as guides, lists, and articles. 

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