Top 10 Best Duo Queue Combos in League of Legends

Duo queue is the premier game in League of Legends where it truly tests the skills of an individual. Duo queue is just the same as solo or duo has the same queue. You can bring a partner in your games so you can both perform combos or coordinate better because you can have voice chat for better communications. 

Combos are strong and fun to do especially when you have a duo partner, if not, you can simply talk to one of your teammates in the pick and ban phase of the game. Pick champions that have great synergies in skills and playstyles so you can dominate whatever lane any of the two of you are playing in. Today, we will show you 10 of the best duo queue combos in League of Legends in Season 12. 

10. Alistar & Ziggs

Ziggs has been a long-time popular pick in the bot lane thanks to his incredible burst potential and insane wave clears. He can also scale pretty hard given that he farms nicely and is peeled all the time, that is why Alistar is a great combo for Ziggs as he can simply headbutt most champions for Ziggs to easily hit his bombs. Alistar also has the head butt that he can use to keep strong enemies away from Ziggs. 

Another reason is that Alistar is a great roaming champion that can greatly impact the map by helping other laners or helping the jungler ward or deward the enemy’s camps. Ziggs can sit comfortably with his insane wave clear in bot lane and play the weakside of the map. Ziggs can still scale pretty hard even if he is left alone, and with his AOE abilities, he can easily 1v2 champions in the bot lane.

Combo Spells

Alistar W + Q and Ziggs’ W is a great displacement combo with the setup coming from Alistars quick W + Q combo followed by Ziggs’ satchel charge and his AOE spell burst coming from his Q E and R.

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9. Lilia & Miss Fortune

Lilia and MF are both AOE champions that can influence even the entire champion pool of the enemy team. Lilia’s jungle wave clear is pretty fast meaning she can gank lanes as early as 3 minutes in, but the real combo here starts when they both reach level 6.

They are both mid game champions so they should focus on farming and dying less until they reach the mid game. The only important thing in this duo however is for MF to reach her power spike as fast as she can and not fall behind in gold or EXP with any other champion. 

Combo Spells

Lilia’s AOE spells + her 5 man R and Miss Fortune’s E + R is a great AOE finisher in the game, especially in the late game, now this is a combo that can only be performed when their ultimates are up, but it’s a winning factor when they land it perfectly.

Lilia set’s everybody up by having all enemies hit with her ultimate sleep. Once they are all in sleep status, MF can wake them up with her E to slow them and land a 5 man R on the enemies. They can quickly and easily wipe the entire team in the late game if performed correctly. 

8. Nami & Lucian

Next up is a combo most of us veteran players know, this combo has been used for almost the entire time of League of Legends simply because their spells really just synergize that well. Nami is an enchanter and a caster at the same time, both qualities that Lucian needs to pop off. She can speed Lucian up every time she casts her utility spells on him. To top it all off, Nami can even build an Ardent Censer so she doesn’t only speed Lucian’s movement speed up, but increase his attack speed as well. 

Nami also has CC abilities that help Lucian hit his ultimate much better, enemies won’t be able to dodge Lucian’s bullets if they are suspended in the air or slowed by Nami’s Tidal wave. 

They also maintain their synergy even at the late game so you can really have lots of fun with this in team fights and late game skirmishes. 

Combo Spells

Nami’s E + Lucian’s spells are a great combo especially Nami’s E slows enemies and Lucian is an extremely mobile champion that can reset his dash cooldowns. Lucian’s W also gives him extra movement speed every time he basic attacks enemies affected by his W. 

Nami’s R + Lucian’s R is an ultimate spell combo that guarantees Lucian to hit all of his bullets because enemies won’t be able to sidestep thanks to Nami’s Slow with her R. Nami can extend this slow even further by building a crystal scepter or using the glacial augment rune.

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7. Yuumi & Twitch

This combo has been used and abused for a while now, the Rat + Cat combo is just so strong and extremely unpredictable. The only way you can counter this is through oracle lenses or control wards, that is if it’s not already too late. This is a very strong combo and it can even be used to flank enemies from early to late game. This combo remains strong throughout the game given that they both don’t die pointlessly. 

Twitch can flank with Yuumi and open up a fight with Yuumi’s ultimate while Twitch shoots everybody up with his ultimate and Runaan’s item build. The sheer amount of free stats that Yuumi can give Twitch will also help Twitch scale really hard. 

Combo Spells

Twitch’s Q + Yuumi’s W is the best spell combo you can do in this duo. Once Twitch goes invisible, if Yuumi has already used his W on twitch before he even goes invisible, Yuumi will become invisible as well. This opens up huge possibilities, from surprise initiation or unpredictable ganks. 

Both of their R’s synergize greatly as well because they are both AOE abilities. Yuumi can root everybody up with her ultimate and Twitch simply activates his ultimate and melt everybody down.

6. Camille & Galio

Now, this combo is just disgustingly good when it comes to early game carrying and backline access abuse. Camille has one of the best backline access abilities coming from her ultimate to isolate of the carries in the enemy’s backline, she can ult a target and keep everybody away from that champion. 

Galio can focus entirely on Camille’s lane in the early game so she snowballs out of control towards the endgame. Once Camille gains a huge lead against the enemies, Galio can start roaming other lanes but he can always return to Camille with his ultimate.

Combo Spells

Camille’s R and Galio’s R guarantees a kill every time you want to take a strong carry out of the picture be it mid or late game. Camille initiates with the engage dash and her ultimate and Galio can quickly follow it up with his ultimate as well to guarantee a hit on the enemy inside Camille’s ultimate. They can then both focus their burst on that crucial member of the enemy team and eventually win the team fight.

5. Seraphine & Lux

This lane is easily one of the most annoying bot lane in the entire League of Legends season. Seraphine has low mana costs and a low cooldown with a double cast passive ability she can use to poke enemies at any given time of the game. Lux also has this luxury but with a slightly stronger damage.

Combo Spells

Seraphine can instantly open up a fight or a kill with her ultimate followed by her E that roots enemies in place, once this happens, Lux can simply use her fast combo as well to finish everybody off. With Lux having the luxury of CC coming from Seraphine’s spells, she can weave through her spells so she can proc her passive on a tanky enemy every time she casts her spells to maximize damage. 

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4. Twisted fate & Nocturne

TF and Nocturne’s Jungle + Mid duo is a pretty strong duo if you know how to play the game and the larger macro side of the game. Having communication between the two of you, you can always gank lanes together given the right timing. With Nocturne’s E and Twisted fate’s gold card, they can even dominate the mid lane with lots of chain CCs. 

Combo spells

TF’s W + Nocturne’s E is really simple and can be easily pulled off, especially in the mid lane. Nocturne can walk up towards an enemy and start casting his E and TF will stun that enemy so that when the stun duration comes to an end, Nocturne’s E will terrify the enemy for a good duration of crowd control. 

Both of their ultimate abilities can be used at the same time to pick enemies off, this can be great if one of you has great tracking skills. Once you know that the enemy jungler is isolated and nobody is there to help them, TF can simply pop his ultimate off so Nocturne can use his ultimate as well to dash towards that enemy. 

3. Jhin & Xerath

This bot lane duo is just hilarious, both of them are lane bullies with extremely long range that can be chained as a follow-up for each spell they have. If you are a league veteran and see this as the duo lane in the bot lane, all you can hope for is that you have a support that can heal you infinitely. 

Combo Spells

Xerath’s E + Jhin’s W are both long-range abilities that guarantee a hit on Jhin’s W, the root and the stun open up a series of abilities that can easily finish a champion off no matter how tanky he is. 

Both of their ultimate spells have insanely long range, they can simply use this at the same time every time it’s up and immediately pick off an isolated champion, enemies will find it really hard to dodge this as there are 8 spells they need to sidestep. 

2. Caitlyn & Lux

I have been playing this combo with my girlfriend for a long time and every time we play this combo it really guarantees an early game lead and a fun time at that. What we do is that we immediately go to the enemy’s tri brush (If we played on the red side of the map.) 

The enemy support usually leashes their jungler on their red and forgets to ward their tri brush, once they walk back to the lane, we hit that enemy until she is half of her HP bar and chain our CCs together to guarantee the kill, this will cause the enemy ADC to back off and get zoned away from minion EXP and gold, if they decide to go near and get even one minion EXP, we synergize our spells and get one kill.

Combo Spells

Lux’s Q and Caitlyn’s W is the staple combo of this duo that they can use to chain CC an enemy quite easily. Every time Lux hit’s an enemy with her root from her Q, Caitlyn can easily follow it up with her W and both of them can deal tons of damage even in a short period. 

Their ultimate are both finishing spells as well that they can use if enemies manage to get away. 

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1. Hecarim & Yuumi

We all know that Hecarim’s E deals more damage the more distance he has traveled while it is active. Yuumi can help him deal even more by speeding him up and giving him a boost of adaptive damage. 

Combo Spells

Yuumi can open up an initiation by clinging onto Hecarim, once Hecarim charges with his E Yuumi can speed him up so he can reach his target faster. Yuumi can even build a Shurelya’s to speed Hecarim him even faster. 


These are duo combos that we have come up with and are ranked based on the effectiveness of the combo and how easily it can be pulled off. These can be abused but some of them need the practice to pull off or else you will simply get stomped by the enemy if you perform it wrongly. 

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