Top 5 Best Early Game ADCs in League of Legends

The best early game ADCs are the champions that deal the most damage – and can dominate the lane phase early in the game. Riot is updating the game now and then, and the ADC metas’ are changing mostly each update. 

But, these five champions deal a tremendously immense amount of damage to enemy champions – whether or not they are in the Meta picks. They are easy to play, great for beginners, and excellent if you’re playing to rank up quickly. 

The ADC role, in general, has a small pool of champion picks compared to other lanes. And, that does help players a lot – when choosing the right champion for each match. These are the five best early games ADCs that can crush your enemies and help you climb the solo queue ladder.

1. Caitlyn 

The solid and famous ADC champion – Caitlyn – received some nerfs in the past patches, but that doesn’t stop her. Caitlyn is well-known for her shooting abilities that can blast enemy champions from a decent range. 

Caitlyn’s abilities are what make her a dangerous early laner. She uses a different set of abilities for various situations while fairly lessening the enemy’s health. 

She can target one champion at a time or shoot multiple enemies with her Q – if the enemies are standing one after the other. She also has massive crowd control when setting traps in bushes and around dark places on the map. Anyone can avoid her skill shots, but that’s not an easy thing to do. And, you can never escape her ultimate move, except when your teammates come to take the shot.

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2. Ezreal

Ezreal is always a champion that can deal a lot of damage and still guarantee safety for himself. Players who pick Ezreal are the ones who are pleased with good results. 

He is an adventurer and is very gifted in the magical arts. While he beats the impossible odds, he is firmly witted and relies on the Mystical Shuriman Gauntlet – that unleashes Arcane’s dangerous blast.

Ezreal is the type of champion who uses combos to deal more damage. The most popular one is using his W ability, followed by the other active abilities. Players like to use the W and Q combo all the time.

His ultimate move is something that everyone fears the most. An enemy can be in their base and still die from the massive energy blast from his ultimate. And, let’s not forget his E ability which he can use to escape any dangerous situation or use it to get close enough to kill someone.

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3. Ashe

Here is another famous LoL champion that is useful for every game phase. She has appeared on the list of best early game ADCs in League for a while. And we can all understand why – She has a versatile build path that makes her very useful. Ashe is also a strong team player that no one can stop. Well, maybe except Blitzcrank. 

Other than that, she controls the game by using her E to seek out if any enemies are trying to hide or take objectives. It’s good that she has two charges and can focus on more things at a time. 

This champion lethal is her Q ability to slow down enemies and damage them accordingly. They can’t escape the slowness effect from this, but even if they do – she is there to use her ultimate move and stop anyone who tries to run away. 

Players shouldn’t forget her W ability when playing against her. Ashe slows and damages enemies by poking them with her W – while staying at a safe distance.

4. Draven 

Draven is mainly known for his stack of Adoration every time he catches a Spinning Axe. His stacks increase every time he kills a monster, minion, or tower. He also receives two bonus stacks for every six minion kills in a row without dropping his Axe. 

When he kills an enemy champion, he gets 50 bonus gold and then consumes his Adoration stacks, giving him two additional gold per stack. Draven also loses half of his Adoration stacks when he dies.

It’s all about catching his Axe on time, then making sure to run. His Q ability makes him very dangerous in the early phase of the game. More stacks of Adoration means more damage for the enemy. 

He controls the bot lane using his W and E move to move faster, throws faster, and throw away enemies – to get them off guard. And, there’s no running away from these ADCs. Most of them, like Draven here, have an ultimate ability that can target anyone across the map. Making him one of the most dangerous AD carry champions in LoL, especially in team fights and early in bot lane. 

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5. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is one of the best marksman champions in League of Legends. She shoots high burst damage and has a powerful ultimate on her side.

She is a Bilgewater pirate captain famous for her stunning looks and feared by her brutality. Her real name is Sarah Fortune, and she presents an influencing figure for the criminals in Shady Port City.

She’s the type of champion that can easily target more enemies at once. Her Q ability is so lethal that it bounces from the main target to a secondary – hitting them both and dealing more critical damage to the secondary target if the first one dies. 

Her E controls the crowd by slowing them and then comes to her ultimate move bursting down everyone in her path. She can fire waves of bullets at all five enemies at once.

Final Thoughts

The role of an ADC is probably the most challenging for most League of Legends users. There are mostly more players in the bot lane than in other lanes. Players need to focus on many things here, trade damage with enemies, farm successfully to get ahead, watch out from ganks, and help the Jungler with objectives.

So there you have it. These are the five best early games ADCs that anyone can enjoy. Players most play these champions, and they are effortless to learn. Draven is more complicated with the catching Axes part, but it’s a skill that anyone can learn.

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