Top 5 Best Early Game Supports in League of Legends

We all know that early game can determine how the rest of the game will turn out. It is not always the case, of course, but early game is essential for giving yourself a head start. That is why I want to tell you who the best early game supports will help their ADC in the early game the most and potentially be more dominant throughout the rest of the game.

Who Are The Best Early Game Supports In League of Legends?

5. Nami

I do not know how she wears boots but never mind. I want to give Nami this title because I feel like she is underrated. Not many people are playing her anymore. She practically has everything that support should have. Her Q has a good range and stuns the opponents. W heals, and it can also do damage if it bounces to an enemy or if it is directly cast at the enemy, it does damage. 

Her W also allows her constantly to keep a safe distance behind her ADC and still do damage and poke the opponent. And even though her ADC also gets poked, Nami’s poke will heal the ADC. Because she is a squishy champion standing behind is always a good option. That does not sabotage her but gives her a better opportunity to help her ADC in many situations. 

E gives your ally bonus damage, speeds them, and slows the enemy. Her ult is also great for two reasons. It can be a great surprise to initiate engaging, and it can disable the whole team, which can also be a great escape route. So maybe next time, go with Nami. I think you won’t be disappointed.

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4. Leona

Leona is punishing in the early game. In the early game, she does more damage than her ADC. At level two, with proper engage and an ignite, her ADC is most likely to get a kill. E+Q combo gives an opportunity for ADC to do a lot of damage due to her passive. W will do even more damage, but it is better to use it after the E+Q combo because if it is used before, the opponent will know that you are planning something. 

She practically punishes the enemies that walk too close, which in the early game is pretty frequent due to the need for cs. When Leona gets to level 2, you have an excellent opportunity to engage and get a big head start. At level 6, she also gains a power strike in the lane. The best opportunity for a kill at a level 2 is the squishiest opponent in the lane, preferably enemy support. So, Leona’s early game especially levels 2,3,6, is pretty abusive. Just be careful about her positioning because enemies can easily poke her down in the lane. 

3. Nautilus

Nautilus is a weapon himself. Even at level 1, he is ready to engage. Most of the time, ADC will get a kill because of his hook. At level 2, he is powerful and has a health advantage. So, pretty early, he can go all-in, but always be sure that your ADC is following because there is no turning back, but still, he will come out of the engage after taking no damage in return. When hitting level 6, the enemy team should be in fear because you know he is not up to any good. One step too close to Nautilus when he is level 6 means that they will get killed. 

Besides being extremely useful for his ADC, he is also becoming beneficial to his whole team due to his high mobility. He can roam and help his allies in their lane and his jungler in invading. Just try to stay out of the range of enemies if they have a high poking ability because even though you have a significant health advantage, it is better to stay out of the range and watch out for your positioning. Give this bad boy a chance, and he is worth it. 

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2. Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank is a type of champion that makes you roll your eyes to the back of your head when you see him in champ select, simply because he is a bully. Blitzcrank has a solid early game because of his hook, as you may have guessed. His Q is, without an argument, one of the most dreadful abilities in the whole game. 

So if you hit that Q and knock the opponent with E, that could be a potential and very probable early kill. So please just hit that Q right. Same as Nautilus, as soon as he gets his boots, he can roam and help his opponents, which with his high mobility due to his W that increases his movement speed, becomes more than enough for invading and making the enemy team suffer. And then comes the ult, which is extraordinarily beneficial against shielded enemies. 

That helps the bottom lane in a 2v2 fight and, combined with his hook and stun, gives a fantastic opportunity for a kill. The only thing you should be careful about with Blitz is not to threaten opponents while your abilities are on cooldown and try to use abilities after the enemies dash. You are getting a higher chance of landing that hook, which is pretty deadly most of the time. The summary is; land that hook, and you are good to go.

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1. Brand

Brand is annoying, and I do not have any other description. It is just that. When he starts poking, he does not stop. He is able to poke because of his W, which is also very much long-ranged, which means that he pokes from a great distance, so it is not easy to escape from his poke if you are trying to farm. Since he is pretty immobile and squishy, the range he gets allows him to play safer, but he needs to stay away from pokes, or he will be low pretty quickly. 

So, things can mostly turn pretty good or bad with this champion. As soon as he hits level 3, he is able to activate his Passive, which gives him maximum damage as well as access to all of 3 of his abilities. The power strike comes when he hits level 6 and gets his ult. 

His R allows him additional damage, which together with ADC can burn down enemy support and ADC quickly, especially if they are squishy champions. His damage will increase heavily through the rest of the game. So just try to stay back and take damage, poke from afar, since you can and burn down the enemies. 

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