The Best eDPI For Valorant in 2023

The Best eDPI For Valorant in 2023 2023

When you first read the title, it might make you think about what eDPI is when there is a DPI. Well, eDPI is effective dots per inch, which defines a real mouse sensitivity based on the DPI and the sensitivity. This is the combination of both DPI and sensitivity. This is a value that most players can quickly compare to their real mouse sensitivity.

Just like how pro players set their DPI, you can use this as your basis in setting your DPI as well. Pro players set their mouse sensitivity and DPI to the lowest possible DPI to maintain accuracy. One good example is Shroud, and he has his DPI set to 400, meaning his DPI is lying around 400-500.

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What Are The Differences Between High and Low DPI?

When you are new to FPS games, you might think that these are just fancy numbers that good players mess around with. In reality, these are numbers that determine how fast your mouse cursor moves through the screen. If none, few play at a high DPI setting as it makes their mouse cursor move fast when moving the mouse, even at a plodding pace. 

For everybody’s knowledge, if your mouse moves fast, it will be tough to point towards one point of the game without trying hard to focus it, while having a slow or low DPI gives you enough space to adjust for that pinpoint accuracy. Some pro players even play at a huge table to move their mouse cursor freely. 

What is the Best eDPI for Valorant in 2023?

Like in all FPS games, the best eDPI to set your game on is anywhere between 400 and 600. Now, this is just the trend where almost all players play in, eDPI or whatever setting in the game will always be self-preferred as these are values that you need to set so you can play comfortably and efficiently. 

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These are just the suggestions that we can give you and use them as a guide to set your eDPI. After all, you will only play at your highest level of skill if comfortable with what you are using. Your tools and settings will be the ones to help you become a great FPS player. 

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