Top 7 Best Elo Boosting Champions in Season 13

In League of Legends, a handful of champions reign supreme. Some have become fan favorites for their reliability, others for their broken nature, and some for the satisfaction earned from mastering them. 

This list helps those trying to climb out of the depths of defeat and find a champion or two that will get them back in the game and ready for battle. These champions aren’t challenging to learn but are still strong enough to carry games.

Many may ask why these champions are the best for Elo Boosting? 

Allow me to explain that to you:

They have potent abilities which can help you win your games easily, especially if you’re an experienced player or a beginner that doesn’t know how to play them yet.

These champions are easy to use and have a reasonable win rate. Even if you don’t know how to play, you can quickly get better at these champions by practicing more with them until you become an expert. If you want to experience playing for fun without pressure, these champs might be just what you need!

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7. Wukong

Wukong is a brilliant choice for an elo boost. He’s a tanky bruiser, meaning he can deal damage and soak up tons of damage thanks to his passive ability. 

This way, he can be the frontline while still being able to dish out some good damage, making him ideal for team fights. He also has excellent mobility and crowd control that helps him win duels or initiate on his enemies.

Wukong has one of the best early games among all champions in League of Legends. It makes him ideal for solo queue grinding because he can quickly get ahead and snowball into late-game powerhouses with little effort.

In the late game, Wukong remains strong thanks to his ability to deal plenty of damage while being able to tank enemy attacks. 

Another thing that makes Wukong so good at endgame is that he can build mostly tank items while still having enough attack speed and damage output, allowing him to take down towers quickly when split pushing. But because of his Ultimate, your focus should be on team fights.

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6. Yorick

Yorick is a slow champion, but he has a lot of sustain. It made him good at pushing towers because he could stay in the lane for a long time and keep farming creeps and minions. Also, making him good at split pushing, so focus on other objectives while you roam around the map soloing turrets or inhibs.

However, Yorick’s major weakness is that he’s not good at team fights. His only way of contributing directly to these situations is by using his ult-minion-summoning skill on the enemy team, so they take damage from it over time. Still, even then, they can easily focus on the maiden, and that’s your ulti loss. 

If your teammates are dying too quickly or getting focused, your best bet is to run away from the fight until things calm down. Or wait until someone else starts on the first and then follow up with your ultimate!

5. Gragas

Gragas is a tanky mage who can also deal much burst damage. Bodyslam is your primary move to engage enemies in lane or quickly clear waves. At the same time, the barrel roll knocks up enemies and makes it easier for you to land other abilities like body slam or drunken rage. 

Drunken rage is the best ability for dueling because it deals damage and slows down enemies, allowing you to get the upper hand in most fights as long as you use it at the right moment.

His barrel roll ability can knock up enemies while slowing them down while airborne. It can also escape dangerous situations or even help your team make a clean getaway when the enemy has surrounded you!

His drunken rage ability deals damage around him as well as slows enemies around him that are close enough for him to hit with his fists apart from damaging them further with his auto-attacks. The cooldown on this ability is relatively low. So it will be easy enough to use regularly throughout each game, having no blue buff or mana issues during fights.

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4. Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate is a very versatile champion. He has a vital laning phase and excels at roaming and split pushing. His kit allows him to be played in many styles, making him an excellent pick for solo queue or competitive play.

Twisted Fate has a great wave clear, making him very strong in lane. He can use his Pick A Card ability to clear waves quickly if you’re pushed up too far by the enemy laner. That same ability also allows TF to poke enemies down with his abilities while staying safe from damage, thanks to his Gold Card.

TF’s Destiny ultimate allows him to teleport around the map and easily catch our enemies once he hits level 6 or later in the game. Not only does this help your team secure objectives faster than your opponents (or save teammates from danger), but it also means that your team can defend fewer lanes or towers because you have Twisted Fate on your side!

3. Volibear

Volibear, the Relentless Storm, is a tanky bruiser who can do some severe damage in team fights. He has some sustain, but his strength lies in his ability to lock down enemy champions with impressive crowd control. With a passive that gives him durability, Volibear can effectively engage and disengage from any fight with ease.

Also known as “The Bear,” this champion is excellent at counteracting melee champions by interrupting their attacks and applying significant slow effects on them for easy kills during skirmishes or team fights before reaching you first. 

Besides that, Volibear also has a shield that provides him extra durability when engaging enemies like Xin Zhao (who’s very popular this season).

2. Veigar

Veigar is a mage who has a high damage burst. He can quickly damage the enemy champion and even kill them in only one hit. Veigar is also good at zoning opponents out of the lane phase because his abilities stun enemies for a long time and prevent them from using their abilities.

Veigar is a good pick for elo boosting because of his ability to kill enemies quickly, especially when paired with another champion who can quickly deal large amounts of damage like Yasuo or Pantheon.

Veigar is also great for solo queue since he can output large amounts of damage in team fights without being interrupted by the enemy team’s abilities or crowd control effects. It makes him one of the best bot laners in League Of Legends because they have recently become so popular due to how strong they are against other high-tier champions (like Vayne).

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1. Janna

There are a lot of support champions that have been used to win games and climb the ladder. However, we’ll include Janna as one of the best elo boosting champions because she is reliable in any team composition.

Janna is often used for elo boosting because she can help a team survive or turn fights around to get kills on enemy champions. Janna’s abilities are safe and non-offensive until they’re needed.

Janna can protect your carry and keep them safe with her shields or knock back enemies away from them. She also has some crowd control abilities that can set up the enemy team for an easy kill while they are on cooldowns, such as Braum’s Concussive Blows or Ornn’s Molten Shield.


In this article, we talked about the best LoL champions for boosting. While there are many other great champions in LoL that you can use to boost, these we listed were the highest-rated by experts and pro players. These champs have high win rates and low ban rates, so they will make your boosting experience go as smoothly as possible. 

The primary advantage of using one of these seven champions is that you will reach your desired rank much faster than if you used a champion that wasn’t ideal for boosting. As always, thanks for reading.

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