Top 5 Best Energy Drinks for Gaming & Focus in 2023

Top 5 Best Energy Drinks for Gaming & Focus in 2023 2023

As an ex-energy drink connoisseur, I believe I should share my years-long knowledge with you all. Energy drinks, while not exactly the healthiest product, are some of the best drinks to have. I always preferred them to Coca-Cola or anything of the sort. 

They’re, even today when I’ve quit all forms of soda, my favorite soda in existence. So, I’ve compiled a list of what I believe are the best ones to help you get through that difficult gaming night or focus during your studies. 

Caffeine addiction is a real thing, folks, so make sure you drink these things in low quantities and do it responsibly. Always read that back label and be aware of your own health. Once you lose your health, it won’t be easy to get it back. Energy drinks are full of sugar and other additives that are bad for you, so if you’re under the age of 18, stop reading now. 

With the disclaimer out of the way, let me tell you a word more about what a good energy drink can help you do. 

I’ve drunk one before hitting a hard session of gaming. It can help you remain maximally focused on what is on the screen without your attention zoning off to somewhere else entirely.

While studying, they’re great to keep you awake. I mean, yeah, that’s what caffeine does. But your focus will also greatly increase, allowing you to remember all those tedious theories that you need to know for tomorrow’s test. 

All that, and many more things, can be done with just a hit of a single can of an energy drink. Of course, this is a personal experience and doesn’t mean that the same shall apply to you.

So, without further ado, let’s begin with our energy drink list!

(These are drinks available in Montenegro and most of Europe. If you don’t recognize some of these, I truly apologize.)

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1. Sneak Energy Drink – Best Overall

Every game is well-accustomed with the downsides of the high sugar content present in regular energy drinks. Luckily, Sneak is here to change the game! You not only get a low-sugar experience, but you’re also paying for natural flavors. 

To top it off, it also possesses a moderate amount of caffeine that’s just enough to reinvigorate your system without damaging it. However, we recommend you take three servings a day at max, as any more will be pushing the limit of what’s recommended and what’s not. 

These drinks come in a wide assortment of flavors, each catered to a specific theme in mind. Therefore, drinking them will not only get you supercharged but will also help you score better in your games with that heightened level of attentiveness that’s devoid of any excessive sugar intake and vice versa. 

With so many flavor options, it’s only natural for you to confuse what’s best for your tastebuds. Luckily, you can purchase small sachet packets from their websites –  with costs going as low as $1 per flavor. If you like what you’re tasting, then you can always purchase more. 

Having said that, the Sneak Energy Drink is specifically targeted at gamers. Therefore, you won’t have any nasty side effects that generally come from taking in too many energy drinks prior to a match; just make sure to drink it in moderation, and you’ll feel more energetic than ever!

Plus, Sneak has its own website that offers helpful tips regarding your first purchase. Want to try a new flavor? They have that covered. Want to mix and match? Yup, that’s possible too. Besides all that, you also get a mainly natural formula, and can thus allow you to adapt to a healthier lifestyle while still allowing you to do the things you love!

2. Guarana

Guarana Best Energy Drink for Gaming & Focus in 2023 2023

Guarana energy drink is produced by Knjaz Milos – a Serbian drink producer. They produce a wide assortment of liquid products, from fizzy water to whatever soda you can think of. 

In the Balkans, they’re one of the most well-known and respected soda brands on the market, and Guarana is likely their most pristine product. 

It is made with the guarana plant extract, a stimulant grown in South America that contains a high content of caffeine. 

Guarana has a unique taste you’ll rarely experience with an energy drink, likely coming from their use of the plant mentioned previously. Since it is so unique, it is a staple of the Balkan energy drink industry. 

If you happen upon it in some store, I suggest you buy it immediately to at least get a taste of this sweet beverage. Its slogan is “No Sleep,” and I guarantee (pun not intended, maybe) that you’ll keep your eyes wide open for as long as this drink lasts, for it justifies its slogan quite well. 

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3. Hell

Hell Best Energy Drink for Gaming & Focus in 2023 2023

As if the Balkans weren’t good enough at making energy drinks with the previous entry, we now have the Hungarian Hell Energy. It is my second-favorite brand of energy drink ever to exist, toppled now only by the winning entry of this list. 

There are so many different flavors, variants, and versions of Hell’s energy drinks that I don’t even have the time to mention all of them. Of course, all of them are great in their own way, and the best thing about Hell is that it’s cheap as hell. Yes, I did just write it like that. 

In most stores around the Balkans, Hell costs no more than 50-euro cents apiece, an absurd amount to pay for such a quality product. My personal favorite variants are the Apple and Red Grape, and I highly suggest you try those out if you see them in a store.

Of course, the classic is the name of the game, so that should be your go-to version. I’ve tried some of the others, and they didn’t exactly fulfill my expectations coming from the otherwise great variations. 

4. Red Bull

Red Bull Best Energy Drink for Gaming & Focus in 2023 2023

Everyone knows Red Bull, and it’s likely the most famous energy drink brand in the entire world. It’s also the most expensive, and there is more or less no reason for someone to go spending up to four times the market price for a product that isn’t even that good. 

Red Bull does have some positives, such as including a high amount of Taurine in their products, making them extra potent and great for any physical activity you might be doing for a prolonged period. 

As for helping gaming and focus, you can spend your money better elsewhere since there aren’t many benefits of Taurine for mental tasks like climbing the League ladder for 5 hours straight. I mean, there are some, but that doesn’t still justify you giving so much money for a can of a drink you’ll down in 3 gulps. 

Red Bull tastes good, though it doesn’t taste unique. All of the classic energy drinks mostly taste the same, and Red Bull is no exception. It’s a shame that they didn’t at least improve on the uniqueness of their taste to keep them at the top of the food chain for a bit more. A shame, really. 

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5. Coca Cola Energy

Coca Cola Best Energy Drink for Gaming & Focus in 2023 2023

Last but not least, we have the best of the best, the king of the jungle and the energy drinks – Coca Cola’s tiger – Ultra Energy. I love this drink with all my heart, even though I haven’t sipped it in almost a year now. I quit the energy drink and soda world entirely, but I can’t help but miss this amazing drink. 

The taste, while classic, still manages to remain unique in many aspects, and it just scratches that itch you might have after a long and exhausting day. It will prepare you for any task you want to undergo, and it is even super cheap. It could be found for around 50-60c a pop back in the day, but that probably went up a bit to like 70-75 now. 

It’s utterly amazing, especially when ice cold, and you’ll feel a sensation like no other drinking this thing. I mean, it’s Coca-Cola; what else could people expect than an addicting, sugar-infested pleasure fest. 


I still stand by the fact that you shouldn’t drink any soda or any energy drink, ever. There are much better, healthier, and less caloric alternatives that are perfectly fine. Namely, they are black tea and coffee, the latter of which is an extremely good beverage for studying and gaming for prolonged hours. Just make sure you drink proper, Mediterranean black coffee and not that filtered, processed garbage you find in any store. 

These lists take time and effort to make, so leave feedback to help us improve them. Keep a keen eye out on our website for more League of Legends-related content such as lists, guides, and articles. 

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