Top 7 Best Ethernet Cables for Gaming in 2023

With the vast number of Ethernet cables out there, identifying the best ones to use for gaming in 2023 can be a tricky task. However, after a thorough scrutiny of several quality cables, the seven cables below were selected as the most ideal for gamers. 

The selection was based on a number of factors such as product manufacturer, affordability, bandwidth frequency, maximum data speed rate, shielding, and compatibility with other networking applications. 

Is Gaming Better With Ethernet Cables?

This comparison is often about the better option for gaming between Ethernet and WiFi. Though WiFi technology has witnessed significant improvement over the years, most experts will still prefer Ethernet cables when it comes to playing games on the internet. A cable usually has lower latency, faster speed, and fewer drops and disconnects than WiFi.

There are two areas where Ethernet cables are more optimal than WiFi connectivity – interference and security. 

WiFi may match Ethernet for speed, but the interference between your router and device in WiFi connectivity is usually very noticeable. Also, Ethernet connections are much more secure since the user is connected only to the device in use. This is a sharp contrast to WiFi technology that operates on open networks that can be compromised by criminals. In a nutshell, a wired connection is more reliable and will give you less lag. 

1. Zosion Cat 8 Ethernet Cable – Best Overall


  • Fast and stable data transmission/transfer speeds
  • Extremely durable
  • Universal compatibility
  • Efficiently constructed shielding that protects against obstructions in transmitting signals
  • Includes extra free goodies
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

  • Expensive
  • The connector’s rubber area lacks tensile strength

With the Cat 8 Ethernet cable, you’ll expect nothing but the very best from this 50ft long cable from a company with a track record of manufacturing very high-quality networking cables. And with its premium quality features, the Zosion Cat 8 Ethernet cable does not disappoint. 

Its 2000MHz bandwidth and 40GBps data speed rate ensure ultra-fast data transmission over stable connections. This implies that you can enjoy your favorite online games without any lags or stops. Each of the four twisted pairs of conductors is shielded with aluminum foil to help protect against external interference, which can come in the form of RFI/EMI, crosstalk, noise, and other disturbances. 

This Zosion cable comes with universal compatibility so it can work without any hiccups on gaming systems like PS4 and Xbox as well as smart home/office AI technologies like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri, and other networking applications (routers, modems, laptops, printers, etc). It is also designed to exhibit backward compatibility with previous Ethernet cable versions such as Cat 7/Cat 6/6a and Cat 5/5e.

The high-quality oxygen-free copper wires are coated by a tough outer PVC material that has a diameter of 0.8mm, helping to ensure flexibility and longevity. This is a product that has undergone performance tests with Fluke professional cable analyzers , in addition to being certified according to strict industry standards. 20 pack cable ties and 20 pack clips are included (free of charge) to make for easy installation. The Zosion Cat 8 Ethernet cable is backed by a lifetime warranty and professional technical support.

Why is Zosion Cat 8 the Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming in 2023?

Zosion Cat 8 ranks as the best Ethernet cable for gaming in 2023 because it is designed with features that make it durable and capable of super-fast internet transfer speeds.  

Moreover, Cat 8, which the product belongs to, is the only cable category to meet the latest IEEE standards (40GBps and 2000MHz frequency), making it an excellent choice for future-proofing despite the higher costs it attracts. Lastly, Zosion is an acclaimed leader when it comes to the production of networking cables.

2. Orbram Cat 8 Ethernet Cable – Runner Up


  • 4 Times faster network speed than Cat 7 cables
  • Comes in premium quality aluminum shielding
  • Highly compatible with several products
  • Easier to operate because of its flat silhouette
  • Flexibility and longevity
  • Space-saving

  • Available in just one length
  • Not waterproof
  • Comes without a warranty

This 50ft nylon braided patch cable from Orbram is as efficient as it gets when it comes to Cat 8 cables. It is built with 4 twisted pairs of copper wires wrapped in aluminum foil for effective resistance against both inside and outside interference. A new PVC coating and double-braided nylon jacket offer dual protection, even in extreme temperatures or weather conditions. The gold-plated RJ45 connectors ensure secure connections as well as durability.

Like all Cat 8 Ethernet cables, the Orbram Cat 8 ethernet cable is characterized by high-speed data transmission rates and stable connections suitable for diverse online activities apart from gaming (e.g., HD video streaming, cloud storage, and video chatting). This is because of its 2000MHz bandwidth and up to 40GBps data transfer speed. 

The above-mentioned RJ45 connectors make for universal compatibility with a plethora of products, e.g., networking switches, adapters, routers, modems, ADSL, PS3, PS4, and Xbox, among others as well as backward compatibility with previous versions (Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a, and Cat 7).

It comes in a flat flexible design that makes for seamless placement in walls, under carpets, and rugs as well as easy maneuvering through corners and desks. This helps to keep your home/office environment well organized, tidy and attractive in addition to saving space for other items.

3. Veetcom Cat 8 Ethernet Cable – Excellent Speed


  • High-speed data transfer
  • Strong and stable signal reception
  • Double shield copper wire design that ensures a strong connection and undisturbed signal
  • Durable, protective, and weatherproof PVC housing and Snagless design
  • Universal/backward compatibility (splendid for PS4)
  • Lifetime warranty

  • The connectors do not have locking tabs
  • It May seem a bit heavy and rigid for some users

The Veetcom Cat 8 Ethernet Cable is affordable, long-lasting, and outstanding in performance.  It comes with the usual maximum bandwidth and data transmission speed of Cat 8 rated Ethernet cables – 2000MHz and 40GBps, respectively. 

These figures are a sufficient condition for the high-speed data transfer rate and stable connection necessary for all your gaming and other networking activities. 

Another notable Cat 8 feature exhibited by this Veetcom ethernet cable is universal compatibility, which allows it to function seamlessly with gaming and other networking applications, for example, Xbox, PS4, cloud servers, etc, as well as smart AI homes and office products like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri, and others. There’s also backward compatibility with Cat 7/Cat 6/Cat 5E/5 cables.

Its high-quality components include 100% premium 26AWG oxygen-free copper wires designed to help ensure speedy data transmission and offer enhanced protection against crosstalk, noise, interference, and signal losses. 

It also comes with a protective and durable outer PVC jacket and gold-plated RJ45 connectors that are anti-corrosion while ensuring accurate data transfer. The Veetcom Cat 8 Ethernet cable can easily be installed outdoors and indoors and comes with lifetime and money-back guarantees.                                                                                

4. Senetem Cat 8 Ethernet Cable – Premium Pick


  • High-speed data transfer
  • Stable connection
  • Universal/backward compatibility
  • Durable
  • Weatherproof and UV resistant
  • 18 months warranty

  • Costs more than some other Cat 8 cables

Senetem’s 65ft long cable comes with all the attributes you’ll expect from a Cat 8 product. With a bandwidth of 2000MHz and a data transmitting speed of 40GBps per second, gamers are assured of very fast and stable data speeds for a host of online activities. 

Its universal compatibility feature means that it works well with several devices, including routers, modems, laptops, smart TVs, VoIP phones, PS5/4/3, Xbox, and other devices equipped with RJ45 connectors. It is also backwardly compatible with older cable categories (Cat 7/Cat 6/Cat 6e/Cat 5/Cat 5e).

This Senetem cable is designed with 4 shielded foiled twisted pair (S/FTP) copper wires (26 AWG) and 50-micron RJ45 connectors plated with 24 karat gold. These help to improve connectivity, protect against signal and data loss, ensure faster and more stable network speed and boost transmission efficiency. 

Adverse weather conditions were also considered when designing this highly effective cable. It is built with a rugged UV-resistant PVC jacket that can withstand the effects of direct sunlight, very cold weather, and rainfall. The two ends of the cable have dust protection caps that help guard against oxidation and damage. 

Lastly, the Senetem Cat 8 cable has been subjected to fluke tests for performance and includes an 18-month warranty and efficient customer support, making the product good value for money. 

5. DbillionDa cat8 ethernet cable – Budget Pick


  • Fast and stable connections
  • Weatherproof and UV resistant
  • Double shielding
  • Universal/backward compatibility
  • Can be used underground

  • Comparatively shorter length (just 6ft)

This double-shielded 6ft DbillionDa Cat 8 Ethernet cable is reasonably priced, reliable, and has all the perks of a cat 8 product. It is designed with the usual 2000MHz bandwidth and 40GBps data transfer speed found in Cat 8 cables. So with this cable, you are guaranteed superior connectivity and fast data transfer speeds for your gaming and other uses.

Cat 8 cables usually come with a tough PVC jacket that is UV resistant, and this DbillionDa cable is no exception. Hence, it will easily cope with whatever the weather throws at it – harsh sunshine, freezing temperatures, heavy downpours, dust particles, etc. it is also capable of limiting performance-degrading EMI/RFI Interference.

Its thick 0.24 inches 26AWG cable makes it very ideal to use in smart AI technologies that thrive on high speed and peak performance, e.g., Apple Siri, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and several others. 

In terms of compatibility, this DbillionDa product compares favorably with others in its class. It is versatile enough to work on a wide range of devices, including networking switches, ADSL, routers, modems, networking printers, Nintendo switches, PS4/3, Xbox, VoIP phones, laptops, Smart TVs, and other products designed with RJ45 connectors. You’ll also enjoy backward compatibility with previous cable categories (cat 5/cat 5e/cat 6/cat 6e/cat 7).

6. Jadaol Cat7 Ethernet Cable


  • Decent speed
  • Seamless installation
  • Universal/backward compatibility
  • Protective HDPE and outer PVC coverings

  • No warranty
  • Not as fast as Cat 8 cables

Cat 7 was originally ratified as a standard in 2002 and was the first Ethernet cable to have a data transfer rate of up to 10 GBps over up to 100 meters of copper cabling. This white 50ft shielded solid flat Jadaol product embodies all the strengths of the proprietary Cat 7 standard.  

With a maximum bandwidth of 600MHz, this cable will give you reasonably high speeds, whether you are working with fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, or 10-gigabit Ethernet designations. 

Its conductors are housed in an HDPE jacket and an aluminum foil shielding layer. Though its outer PVC jacket does not explicitly support outdoor use, it comes with the needed sturdiness to guard against conductor breaks within. The white color makes it a lot less obtrusive, while its unique flat design makes for a tidier, seamless, and safer installation on walls, edges, and under carpets.

It comes with 4 shielded twisted pairs of copper wires with a couple of RJ45 connectors that have 50-micron gold-plated anti-corrosion contact pins that ensure a stable connection. 

The RJ45 connectors facilitate universal compatibility with several devices (routers, modems ,adapters, XBox, PS3, PS4, patch panels, servers, networking printers, VoIP phones, couplers, laptops, hubs, smart TVs, keystone jacks, iMacs, as well as other RJ45-connector equipped devices). Its backward compatibility feature means it will work with some cable categories such as Cat 5, Cat 5e, and Cat 6. It comes with 20 cable clips to help you cope with its length.

7. Matein Cat7 Ethernet Cable


  • Decent speed
  • Seamless installation
  • Universal/backward compatibility
  • Protective outer PVC jacket

  • Average build quality
  • Not as fast as Cat 8 cables
  • No warranty

Being a Cat 7 cable, this 50ft long, 0.28 inches thick cable from Matein comes with the usual 10GBps data transmission speed and a bandwidth of up to 600MHz. These will not only be enough for your gaming needs but will also support other activities like cloud computing, HD video streaming, and server applications, among others. 

With a build quality that includes an outer PVC jacket and high-grade oxygen-free bare copper wires, this Matein cat 7 Ethernet cable is robust enough to function well in diverse environments. 

It comes in a sleek and flexible flat design that makes for smooth installation on several surfaces (such as underneath a carpet or rug). You’ll also get 20 cable clips to help make installation easier and avoid expenses on extra clips. It is easy to install, both indoors and outdoors.

Its high-quality RJ45 connectors ensure universal connectivity with a host of devices such as Xbox One, Xbox 360, switches, routers modems, PS3, PS4, PS5, computers, laptops, printers, and several others. The connectors also guarantee secure connections, noise reduction, and minimal interference.  Cat 7 ethernet cables usually have backward compatibility with cat6/cat5/cat5e cables and this Matein cable is no exception.

How to Choose the Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming in 2023?

With the fast pace of changes in technology today, choosing the best Ethernet cable for gaming in 2023 can be quite tasking. This is because there are a number of factors you need to consider to make an optimal decision. 

Things like product manufacturer, affordability, bandwidth frequency, maximum data transfer speed, the stability of the connection, length of the cable, compatibility with other devices, and perhaps most importantly, the category of the cable (since it captures most of the other mentioned factors) are some salient factors you have to consider. 

But before delving into these Ethernet technicalities, you need to precisely determine your internet connection speed wherever you are located, home or office. This is because, the higher speed, the greater the need for a modern, fast Ethernet cable and vice versa. 

There are efficient online applications that can help you determine your connection speed if this information is still alien to you. Ascertaining your internet connection speed will significantly help you decide which Ethernet cable category to opt for eventually.

Talking about Ethernet cable categories (or Cat as is widely used in the industry), below is a brief description of the most popular ones to help guide your decision-making.

Cat 5e

You may be surprised to learn that Cat 5e (“e” means enhanced) is the most popular cable in the market. This popularity is a result of its relatively lower cost of production and an operational speed that exceeds that of Cat 5. The major difference between Cat 5e and Cat 5 is the more rigorous testing methods used to guard against crosstalk. 

Cat 6

With data speeds of up to 10GBps at 55 meters, Cat 6 cables are an upgrade on Cat 5 and 5e cables, not only in terms of data transfer rate, but also with respect to bandwidth and some other features. 

Thus, they tend to cost more than the latter two versions. You’ll find a hollow core in the middle of some Cat 6 cables. They often come with a foil or braided shielding that protects the twisted pairs of cables, thus helping to guard against crosstalk. 

Cat 6a

Despite its improved features, the 55 meters maximum effective distance in Cat 6 was a notable shortcoming. This limited range was not suitable for some use cases and was one of the reasons for the introduction of the 100-meter maximum effective distance Cat 6a Ethernet cable (“a” stands for augmented). 

Apart from the longer distance, Cat 6a is designed with double the bandwidth of its sister version, albeit both have the same data speed rate. They are also shielded to check crosstalk. However, the thick sheathing in Cat 6a makes it denser and less flexible than the older version.     

Cat 7

Cat 7 cables come with larger bandwidths and data transfer rates than Cat 6, thanks to the application of the most recent science in Ethernet technology. It was the first Ethernet cable to offer speeds up to 10 Gbps over up to 100 meters of copper cabling. 

Although there are Cat 7 cables with RJ45 connectors attached, they originally use GG45 connectors. They come with a 4-connector channel with shielded cabling and an overall improved noise resistance mechanism that helps deal with crosstalk, among other features.  

Cat 7a

Like Cat 6 and Cat 6a, Cat 7a is an upgrade of the Cat 7 standard. The 7a standard was designed to support 40 Gigabit Ethernet connections up to 50 meters. Even with its incredible capabilities, the IEEE, in 2016 (six years after the ratification of Cat 7), ratified that Ethernet cables officially supporting 40GBps speeds must support up to 2000MHz bandwidth (cat 8 is presently the only version that satisfies this condition).

This has led to little or no developmental work on Cat 7a compatible products and a lack of recognition by most of today’s standards. Hence, it has very limited applications despite its high-performance ability.

Cat 8

Cat 8 cables are the most modern and expensive Ethernet cables in the market. Their higher costs can be attributed to their industry-leading features, making them a significant upgrade of other Cat versions. For instance, they have the highest standard bandwidth (2000MHz) and maximum data transfer rate (40GBps) at 30 meters.

This feature makes them the most efficient Ethernet cable in terms of speed and stability, and the only one to meet the most recent IEEE standards.


There are so many quality Ethernet cables in the market that can be considered good for gaming purposes in 2023. Selecting the best seven is always going to be herculean. But, this article has tried to fish out high-quality yet budget-friendly Ethernet cables that every serious gamer should look at.  

We have also put forward some factors that can help when choosing the best Ethernet cable for gaming in 2023. Key among these factors is the Ethernet cable category. Each of the described categories has its unique features, so the choice should be according to your specific needs.

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