The 10 Best Feelings You Can Have in League of Legends

League isn’t well-known for its positivity, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t enjoying it. Some of the best feelings you can have in League of Legends revolve around your friends, your allies and enemies, or the champions you’re playing. As a complicated game, LoL has tons of ways of making us feel confident, appreciative, and proud.

There are moments in League when we absolutely love what we’re doing. Regardless if that is after winning a 1v1 duel or scoring a pentakill, we should cherish those positive emotions and try to have them as much as possible. Here we’ve put together our top 10 best feelings that you can possibly have in League of Legends and explained why they are so good! 

1. Defeating the Toxic Player

It’s true. League of Legends has tons of players who indulge in toxicity and inting. But, the all-chat abuse isn’t much different either. Some LoL players, however, go to such extremes as to flame both their teammates and their enemies (you). Cursing, calling names, and nasty comparisons are all part of the process.

And so, I’m sure you’ve been in the situation to completely crush such a player. You’ve played well since the start of the match, you’ve gotten fed, and you’re constantly killing that toxic player that continues to call you “noob” regardless of their grey screen. Well, closing such a game feels very satisfying to everyone, as if you’ve completed a task to make the world a better place. Which, in a way, you did…

2. Receiving Instant Feedback Report

While we’re at it, the Instant Feedback Report gives us the same feeling of satisfaction. When you see those shiny letters spelling “Your recent report of an unsportsmanlike player was verified, and a penalty was issued.” you can’t help but smile. And the emotion is ten times enhanced because we know that justice has been done.

The League’s Report System isn’t perfect, and it certainly doesn’t punish everyone who has deserved that. It happens way too often that one or more of our teammates decide to troll or stay AFK. This completely destroys the LoL experience we’re logging in for, so when we see those people penalized, we feel thrilled!

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3. Having a Duo Synergy

Apart from dealing with negative people in League of Legends, one of the best feelings that can overtake you is when you’re having an awesome synergy with your duo partner. This can often happen between you and your IRL friend, especially if your personalities match. Conquering enemies together with your buddy is one of the best feelings in the whole of gaming, not just League!

However, duo synergy can happen between two strangers as well. Whether it’s the bot lane or the mid and jungle combo, having a player that always knows what you’re trying to do is priceless. It opens up so many possibilities for outplays, dives, and objective taking, that we often end up winning those games. So, we pray to the matchmaking Gods to shove us in another match like that!

4. Having a Team Synergy

But, have you ever had one of those games where your team is on the same page since the very beginning? To have five people agreeing instantly and doing the things they all think must be done? Well, that is what we’re really chasing!

Needless to say, when you’re in such a match, it almost always ends up in a victory. And the reason for it isn’t because those 4 strangers are super skilled players, but instead, they’re all willing to do whatever it takes to win. When you’re actually enjoying League of Legends, you double the effort by default. Earning such victories is very satisfying. But oftentimes, it isn’t the +20 LP that makes us happy, but rather the actual gameplay alongside those four strangers. So, that’s what we want!

5. Executing a Good Invade

If your entire team has a God-like synergy or not, executing a good invade always puts the team in a better spirit. Sneaking up in brushes and fog of war to surprise your enemies is one of the most fun things you can do in League. And when the process is successful, you and your team grab excellent early leads that you can snowball later.

In such a case, you’re always starting the game on the right foot. You feel positive and assured that you can carry the game until the end. It blows that we can’t set up good invades in every match, but we should at least try to do so when we have powerful early game champions!

6. Seeing Progress

Here we mean seeing progress in the most general way. And the reason for it is because getting better at any part of League of Legends actually makes you feel pretty good. We often experience emotions of worth and pride when we see ourselves how skilled we’ve gotten, regardless of what that is.

Placing a ward just in time to catch the enemy jungler coming for a gank, or juking your enemy laner twice in a row, are moments that we utterly enjoy. They show us that we’ve become a better player and that we’re closer to our League of Legends goals. So, always aim to improve!

7. Baron and Dragon Steal

When it comes to LoL technicalities, a Baron or a Dragon steal is often the most glorious moments of a match. Achieving this takes both skill and luck, so the chances of succeeding are never high. Yes, some champions can increase those chances, but if the enemy team knows what they’re doing, you won’t be able to do it easily.

So, Baron and Dragon steals are rare. But, they uplift the whole team when they happen. And the person behind the action gets such praise that he can’t help but feel happy about it. There aren’t too many feelings similar to the one where you’ve just given your team a shot at victory and robbed the enemy of the same.

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8. Outplaying Your Opponent

You’re in a 1v1 duel with your opponent. Mid laner vs. Mid laner, Jungler vs. Jungler, or ADC vs. ADC. You aim your abilities perfectly, you Flash at the same time, and you succeed in scoring a kill. All alone and with no help. Well, you feel freaking happy, don’t you?!

Outplaying your opponent in the same role is considered one of the best possible feelings that you can have in League of Legends for multiple reasons. First, you establish that you’re better than him in the same thing. Second, you prove that you are more skilled than him. And third, you show that you know more about your champion than he knows about his. And that’s a recipe for feeling good for hours!

9. Scoring a Pentakill

Since the start of League of Legends, scoring a pentakill has been a goal for many players. Regardless if it’s a Katarina smashing her head on the keyboard in ARAM or Vayne tactically outplaying 5 people, a pentakill is still a pentakill. And it gives an emotion equal to being a king (or a queen).

And rightfully so. If you’ve just succeeded in slaying all of your enemies, that could very well mean that you’re better than them. Over the years, a pentakill has become a stamp for a good player. How many times have you heard the casters losing their minds over a Pro scoring a pentakill? Yes, we all want that glory, and pentakill is a sure way of achieving it!

10. Achieving a Full Comeback

A few things in League of Legends come close to performing a full comeback. We’ve all been in this situation. The enemy team has won everything. Their lanes are fed, their jungle takes everything on the map, and they’re slowly but surely destroying your base. 

But, 50 minutes into the game, they make a mistake. Their ADC gets caught up, and you get a few minutes of breathing room. Then, you repeat the same thing. And before you know it, you’re killing the Baron and rushing to their base to take the victory over to your side.

This is ultimately the best feeling that you can have in League of Legends. It is a just reward for working hard and putting in the most amount of effort that you possibly can. It makes us extremely happy, and it motivates us to try again. Harder and stronger!

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