Best Gaming Headsets for League of Legends

Playing with sound is vital to ensure that you and your team can dominate the Rift. From pings to the sound of recalls and even the anticipation of dodging those pesky CC abilities, League commands all of its players’ attention using sound. Why do these things matter? Because audio cues are a large part of playing the game as it’s intended, and the reception of information can affect your play style. Gaming headsets are not a new thing. Not only do they allow you to take in the game, but they also serve as a means of drowning out unnecessary background noise so that your full attention can be given to optimizing plays. 

There’s been a big boom in gaming headset use in the past few years as eSports have become more and more popular, so this guide is merely meant to help you pick out what brand, style, and even size fits you and your playstyle best. 

Budget-Friendly: Razer Nari Essential Wireless Headset $89 

Headsets can get ridiculously expensive. Gaming headsets especially because they’re built with a specific purpose in mind. In fact, they often have DJ quality materials and soundproofing used. With that being said, most professional gaming headsets are well over $150, but for only $89, you can get a quality gaming headset without dropping any benjamins. 

The Razer Nari Essential sports an adjustable headband for optimal comfort and leather padded ear cuffs so that it’s less likely to irritate your skin with extended wear. The noise-canceling microphone guarantees that you’ll be able to communicate with your teammates with clarity, so those pesky mid roams will never go unnoticed. If that doesn’t sell it enough for you, there’s also the fact that it has user-friendly controls. 

The volume adjustment and microphone attachment are easy to learn, so if you’ve never had a headset of this quality before, you’ll easily get used to it because it’s not confusing. It’s audio immersion and low price gives it rave reviews on Amazon, and it remains one of the best selling headsets to date. Unfortunately, there aren’t many customization options, but we’re worried about the sound and build quality with this electronic rather than it looking flashy. 

Best Comfort: Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 $199.99

Alright, I get it. This is a little expensive, but I promise you your ears will thank you for your purchase. Like all gaming PC equipment, you get the comfort of knowing that this is an investment despite the high price. These headphones are advertised as super durable, comfortable, and some of the highest leading performance technology headsets that can be bought. 

The headset’s design helps to remove pressure on your glasses while you play, so if you have four eyes like me, this is a problem that we’ve dealt with for far too long. Headsets can also move your glasses around if you try to rush and adjust them in the middle of a game, so the fact that these have glasses wearers in mind is a huge plus in my book.

Aero fit ear cushions help to keep your ears cool and reduce the chance of developing soreness while you play. Their cushions also work brilliantly with noise cancellation and amplified bass. Whether you’re playing games or listening to music between streams, this headset is the one for you if you have comfort in mind. 

Best Battery Life: SteelSeries Arctis 7 $125

Wireless gaming headsets often have one major component that can make people wary of using them; the battery life. However, it’s more comfortable not to have to deal with the wire that some headsets have because it can get tangled in other gear or serve as an unnecessary distraction; at least you know it’s unlikely to die in the middle of a game. 

Wireless headsets have to be fully charged before use, and some batteries only last for a few hours. Luckily, the SteelSeries Arctis 7 sports has a 24-hour battery life so that even the longest of gaming sessions can be catered to. S1 speaker drivers optimize your play by producing ultra-low distortion audio so that nothing can slip under your radar. Not only that, but the microphone attached to the Arctis 7 is highly revered and comes highly recommended because it will make your voice sound crystal clear as if you’re talking to your teammates in the same room with you. 

Its background noise cancellation is ultra-soft, and ear cushions are just another plus for those interested in buying these great headphones. 

Best Wired Gaming Headset: ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Wired Headset $342

Compatible with virtually any device, the ASTRO A40 is highly recommended for those who enjoy a wired headset’s dependability. It’s advertised to be only for the most serious of streamers. Its lag-free and interference-free system mean that the likelihood of your sound glitching is exceptionally low. 

The headband is lightweight and durable, along with the ear’s structure cuffs themselves, so they’re unlikely to break. It sports a closed-back speaker, noise cancellation, and faux leather cushions that are cruelty-free without lacking in any of the luxurious, expensive feels. 

3D audio and cinematic gaming sound experience make these headphones truly one of a kind. Unfortunately, they aren’t very customizable, and some people may not like wired. If you aren’t a fan, then these aren’t for you.

Best Customization: Razer Kraken Editions $>79.99

I absolutely love having things that I can customize and match to my already existing set up. That’s why I had to include the Razer Kraken headsets into this list. They’re affordable, comfortable, and the options they include look amazing. They’re not as high end as some of the other headsets on this list, but if you want to buy a pair just for the aesthetic, then you’re bound to find something that fits you. Coming in black, green, rose quartz, and more, these headsets can appeal to any guy or girl who’s just starting out doing their streaming or professional gaming career. Sure, you may have to buy something a little more expensive in the future, but at least you can revel in your impulsive buying right now. The Razer Kraken still has 7.1 surround sound so that your positional audio play is at its peak. They also now advertise thicker headset padding and a more flexible headband since they’ve rebranded, showing that they’re willing to address those who consider these headphones a cult classic since they’ve been around for so long in the gaming community. Cooling gel layers, memory foam, and heat resistant padding will make your gaming experience divine without the sweat and heat build-up that streamers often complain about. All in all, it’s a pretty decent headset as long as you don’t expect all the extra cool features that’d come in a more expensive model. 

Written by Spezzy

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