Top 7 Best Gaming PCs under $500 in 2023

Top 7 Best Gaming PCs under $500 in 2023 2023

A gaming PC is a high-performance computer built for playing video games. Compared to the mainstream personal computer, a gaming PC is usually equipped with powerful video cards, high-core-count central processing units, and specialized hardware. This type of computer is designed specifically for playing intense video games. 

Depending on the type of game you play, your gaming PC will require the necessary components to perform all of these tasks. These PCs can be very expensive, and it’s crucial to know what to spend on one before you make a purchase. However, if you don’t want to spend too much, you can get a decent gaming PC under $500 as well. 

When you want to play AAA games, buying a prebuilt gaming PC under $500 is the way to go. Although they will not be able to run AAA games at high resolution, these machines are still capable of running the latest releases at 60 frames per second. 

Purchasing a gaming PC under $500 will allow you to take advantage of the latest graphics, audio, and software. It can be difficult to upgrade a PC without spending too much money, but with a little research, you can find the perfect PC for under $500. 

A gaming PC under $500 is best suited for casual or everyday use. For this price range, you should look for a decent processor and graphics card. The PC should also have sufficient RAM and storage for all your gaming needs. In addition to a high-end processor, a gaming PC under $500 should have a built-in mouse and keyboard. 

In a hurry? Here are our top 3 favorite picks when it comes to the best gaming PCs under $500 in 2023!

Best Overall

iBUYPOWER Starter PC Computer

Runner Up

Dell Gaming PC Tower

iBUYPOWER Starter PC Computer Desktop Element Mini 167A (AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 2GB, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 240GB SSD, WiFi Ready, Windows 10 Home)

Dell Gaming PC Tower, Intel i5, 16GB RAM, 128GB SSD 500GB HDD, Windows 10, Nvidia GT 730 2GB, New RGB Gaming 4-in-1 Bundle (Renewed)

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Amazon Prime

Best Overall

iBUYPOWER Starter PC Computer

iBUYPOWER Starter PC Computer Desktop Element Mini 167A (AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 2GB, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 240GB SSD, WiFi Ready, Windows 10 Home)

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Runner Up

Dell Gaming PC Tower

Dell Gaming PC Tower, Intel i5, 16GB RAM, 128GB SSD 500GB HDD, Windows 10, Nvidia GT 730 2GB, New RGB Gaming 4-in-1 Bundle (Renewed)

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Amazon Prime

Prebuilt Gaming PC vs. Custom Gaming PC – What’s Better?

The biggest difference between custom and prebuilt gaming PCs is cost. A custom PC will cost about 10-15% more than a prebuilt computer. However, the cost of a prebuilt PC is much more affordable. In addition, a custom gaming PC can be customized to match your needs and budget. A custom gaming PC can be as simple or complex as you’d like, and it is also more expensive than a prebuilt one.

Although a custom-built PC will cost more, it will give you more freedom when it comes to hardware configuration and other factors. It may also be possible to find a custom PC builder who offers professional customization options. However, if you are buying your first PC and don’t know much about the parts, it is best to go with a prebuilt PC. 

While building a custom PC will give you greater control over the components that go into it, a prebuilt PC will be more affordable. For people without technical knowledge, prebuilt systems are a good choice. The main benefit of a prebuilt PC is convenience. Compared to a custom build, a prebuilt PC is likely to be much more affordable than a custom one.

When deciding between a custom-built PC and a prebuilt one, you should make sure to consider your budget. There are many advantages to both types of PCs, and you can select whichever one best suits your needs. 

Are Gaming PCs under $500 Worth It?

For casual gamers, a prebuilt gaming PC under $500 is perfect. The price is reasonable, but you shouldn’t expect it to keep up with the latest trends and features. You’ll be satisfied with the performance of a system if you don’t play heavy games. 

If you’re buying a prebuilt PC, it should be an AMD Ryzen or an Intel Core i3 or i5. Make sure the graphics card you’re buying has plenty of memory. A graphics card with a good quality GPU will ensure a smooth game experience. The PC should come with decent RAM and storage as well. 

Under $500, you will not get the best features, but it is enough for casual gaming. If you are buying your first gaming PC, you can find a decent machine under $500 with a good processor, GPU, RAM, and storage. It will support most of the games like CS: GO, GTA, League of Legends, etc. However, you need to compromise on the FPS. 

So yes, gaming PCs under $500 are worth it if you select the right product by comparing all the features. You can easily find a good entry-level gaming PC online. The best thing about these computers is that you can upgrade them in the future. 

If you are looking for a cheap and affordable gaming computer, here are the top 7 best gaming PCs under $500 in 2023.

1. iBUYPOWER Starter PC Desktop Mini 167A – Best Overall

iBUYPOWER Top Best Gaming PC under $500 in 2023 2023

  • Decent performance in the price range
  • Dedicated NVIDIA GT 730 GPU
  • Powerful AMD Ryzen 5 3600 processor
  • Impressive set of connectivity ports
  • 16 RGB lights in case
  • Comes with a gaming mouse and keyboard
  • One year warranty

  • SSD storage is less
  • Not for high-resolution gaming

The iBUYPOWER Element Mini 167A is a compact form factor computer that offers a full gaming experience. It is about the same size as a typical SFF PC but packs a lot more power. It features an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6GHz processor and NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 2GB graphics card for an affordable price. This is a great option for anyone who wants to buy a gaming PC for cheap. It will cost you around $500 or $700. 

The iBUYPOWER Starter PC is designed for casual gaming, but it can also be used for scientific research and content creation. Its high performance is perfect for system-intensive programs, including video editing and gaming. Its tempered glass side panel lets you see the insides of the system. It features 16color RGB lighting that can be controlled remotely. You will also get a keyboard and mouse with this PC.

This gaming PC is loaded with plenty of power and graphics. The 8GB DDR4 RAM and 240GB SSD make it a powerful PC for gaming and professional tasks. This PC comes with M.2 or SATA ports so that you can expand the storage in the future. In addition, it comes with Windows 10 Home and is Wi-Fi Ready. You will also get one years warranty and plenty of connections like VGA, DVI-I, & HDMI with this device. All these features make it overall the best budget gaming PC in the market. 

Why Is This the Best Gaming PC under $500 in 2023?

The iBUYPOWER Starter PC Mini (167A) is one of the best gaming PCs under $500. It has the most features and has many of the same specs as the top gaming PC builds. The main difference is that the 167A comes with a genuine windows ten home 64-bit operating system.

It features a powerful AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6GHz processor to improve your gaming performance. Apart from that, it comes with NVIDIA GT 730 2GB GPU for gaming. The powerful graphics deliver excellent details and performance. The iBUYPOWER Desktop is perfect for casual gamers and comes with an upgradable storage option. 

This gaming PC has a 240GB SSD storage capacity to help you play your favorite games with exceptional detail. It also features 8GB DDR4 RAM to support gaming. There are 4 x USB 3.0 and 2 x USB 2.0, along with audio and Ethernet ports.

The iBUYPOWER Element Mini 167a gaming desktop PC comes in a tempered glass RGB gaming case with 16 colors. It is 802.11AC Wi-Fi ready and includes a gaming keyboard and RGB mouse. There is no bloatware in this device, and it offers one year warranty on parts and labor. 

2. Dell Gaming PC Tower – Runner Up

Dell Top Best Gaming PC under $500 in 2023 2023

  • Powerful Intel i5 processor
  • Equipped with GeForce GT 730
  • Great storage option
  • 16GB RAM
  • Budget-friendly
  • Microsoft Windows 10 installed

  • Microsoft authorized refurbished

If you’re looking for a low-cost but powerful gaming PC, look no further than the Dell mini-tower PC. It is one of the best gaming computers under $500. Powered by NVIDIA’s GeForce GT 1030 2GB graphics card and 3.2 GHz core Intel i5 processor, it’s able to handle the most demanding of games. The unit comes with a whopping 128GB SSD 500GB HDD for storing games. You can upgrade the storage for future use as well. 

Its size and design also make it ideal for space-constrained spaces. The compact design of the PC is another plus for it. You can use it to play popular games like League of Legends, Fortnite, Rainbow Six, Minecraft, etc. The GPU helps you to play games at 720p-1080p. It comes with 16GB RAM as well. 

The desktop has a traditional PC tower design, though it’s more attractive than its predecessors. Despite being cheaper, it still manages to provide a high-end gaming experience. Its CPU and GPU are powerful enough to handle eSport titles and popular games. On top of that, you will get Microsoft Windows 10 installed with this device. 

This gaming PC is one of the most affordable gaming PCs on the market. With its powerful processor, it’s designed to be a gaming machine with high-quality graphics and excellent performance. The i5 processor has an impressive number of cores and is capable of completing a wide range of tasks with ease. 

3. Airtech by Dell Gaming PC Esports Computer – Budget Pick

Top Best Gaming PC under $500 in 2023 2023

  • Extremely affordable gaming PC
  • Powerful processor and graphics card
  • Smooth gaming performances with 60 FPS
  • Multiple connectivity ports
  • Can run heavy games

  • Storage is not enough

When it comes to performance and price, the Airtech by Dell Gaming PC Desktop EsportS Computer is one of the best options on the market today. It offers a high-end Intel Core i7 3770 3.9GHz processor and GTX 650 2GB graphics technology for an incredible price-to-performance ratio. This gaming rig is capable of running popular games at a smooth 60 frame-per-second frame rate. The best thing about this PC is that it is extremely affordable. 

The computer comes with 8G DDR3 RAM and 128GB storage. This powerful gaming PC can run popular games. It can play Call of Duty Warzone, Fornite, Escape From Tarkov, Grand Theft Auto V, and Roblox. The Airtech by Dell Gaming PC is also compatible with games like Roblox, Overwatch, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It is fully stress-tested and comes with Windows 10 Pro-64-bit. 

The Airtech by Dell Gaming PC also includes various connectivity ports, including a USB 3.0 port for future compatibility. You will also get output options like 1 x VGA and 1 x DVI Guaranteed. 

4. Gaming PC Desktop Computer by Alarco

Alarco Top Best Gaming PC under $500 in 2023 2023

  • Runs most of the games smoothly
  • Stylish design with 3 RGB fans and remote
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Good processor and storage option
  • One year warranty

  • Old fashion graphics card

For a mid-range portable desktop computer, you may want to consider the Alarco Gaming PC. It has an Intel i5 processor, an Nvidia GTX 650 graphics card, a 1TB HDD, and 8GB of memory with 3 RGB fans. It also has Windows 10 Pro and is Wi-Fi-ready. It is able to run popular games like Fortnite and Pubg, with average frame rates of 30 FPS.

The Alarco Gaming PC also has an RGB remote that lets you change the color of accent lights and fans. This makes it a great choice for a gaming PC. On low settings, you can enjoy 100 FPS when playing Fortnite and 60 FPS on medium settings. You can run various games on this PC. It is affordable and will cost you less than $500.

The Alarco Gaming PC is equipped with a 3.10GHz Intel Core i5 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and a 1TB HDD. It is a good choice for gamers, and it can run most games smoothly. The side panel is made of tempered glass, and the case includes RGB fans for a nice effect. You will get DVI, HDMI, and VGA outputs and one year warranty with this PC. 

5. CUK ASRock DeskMini X300W Tiny Desktop

CUK ASRock DeskMini X300W Top Best Gaming PC under $500 in 2023 2023

  • High performance with AMD Ryzen 5 processor
  • Comes with 16 GB of RAM
  • Small APU form factor
  • Heat sink feature
  • Three years warranty

  • No keyboard or mouse

For those looking for a compact, affordable desktop, the CUK ASRock DeskMini X300W is an excellent choice. Its small form factor makes it ideal for those on a tight budget, but it also has plenty of extra graphic power for those who want to play games. 

If you’re looking for a compact PC, this might be the right choice. The desk-size DeskMini X300W comes with an AMD Ryzen 5 4650G 6-core processor. It supports 16GB DDR4 RAM, which is perfect for gaming. You will also get a 512GB NVMe SSD with this PC. The AMD Radeon Graphics helps you to improve your gaming performance. 

The CUK ASRock DeskMini X300W is the ideal computer for anyone on a tight budget. This device comes with 3-Year CUK limited warranty. This is a very popular model with many users, and the price is reasonable. 

6. Onyx Gaming PC Desktop Computer

Onyx Top Best Gaming PC under $500 in 2023 2023

  • Decent processor and RAM
  • 1TB storage
  • 3 RGB fans with remote
  • Windows 10 Pro installed
  • Decent graphics card

  • Doesn’t offer a mouse or keyboard

If you’re looking for a budget gaming computer, you’ve come to the right place. The Onyx gaming PC comes with an Intel i5 3.20GHz processor with 8GB RAM. It also features a 1TB hard drive. This computer is equipped with a DVD Player/Burner, a VGA/DVI port, and a network port. It also features three 3.5mm audio ports. You can use this PC for gaming, school work as well as office work. It is an affordable gaming PC with great features. 

The Onyx Gaming PC has a 1TB hard drive and comes with Windows 10 Pro. You will also get NVidia GT 710 1GB graphics card to enjoy gaming. There are 3 RGB fans in this PC that you can control with a remote. This product is assembled in the USA and offers decent gaming performance. 

7. MXZ Desktop Home& Office PC Athlon 3000G

MXZ Top Best Gaming PC under $500 in 2023 2023

  • Athlon 3000G 3.5GHz
  • Multiple connectivity ports
  • Good for office and home use
  • Comes with 5 RGB fans and seven colors

  • No powerful graphics card

The MXZ Desktop Home& Office PC is a fast desktop PC for under $500. It comes with a 240GB solid-state drive, five RGB fans, Windows 10 Pro-64-bit, and is preloaded with basic gaming software. This computer is a great choice for beginners or those who want a powerful machine for everyday use. 

The MXZ Desktop PC features an AMD Athlon 3000G 3.5GHz processor. This is a budget-priced desktop computer. The 8GB DDR4 SDRAM is adequate for the purposes of general computing. There are various connectivity options available with this PC, and it offers a one-year limited warranty. 

This PC comes with A320 Motherboard and also has Wi-Fi, RGB fans with seven colors, a tempered glass side panel, and a PCIE x4 hard disk interface. There are outputs like 1x HDMI, 1x VGA, 1x DVI-D, and 5 x USB 3.1 Gen1, 4 x USB 2.0 ports with this device. The MXZ gaming tower desktop is designed to be durable and lightweight. You can enjoy casual games on this PC.

How to Choose the Best Gaming PC under $500 in 2023?

To buy a prebuilt gaming PC for under $500, you need to consider various factors. It will help you to select the best computer with the latest technology and features within the price range. 


The processor is a very important component of a gaming PC under $500. The CPU is the heart of your gaming PC, so make sure it is powerful enough. There are plenty of options available when it comes to processors. You need to buy a PC with at least i5 Intel or AMD processor to support gaming. 

Graphics Card

Graphics are another important aspect of a gaming PC under $500. Modern games offer vivid visuals and graphics. An affordable PC with the latest graphics cards can run them at high settings and at low settings. You’ll also need to consider the cooling system and memory of the GPU. 


You need 8GB RAM when it comes to gaming. So make sure the gaming PC you purchase offers at least 8GB RAM. In the future, you can upgrade the RAM to improve the performance of the computer. 


A gaming PC under $500 should have around 1TB of storage. This amount of space is ideal for installing games and frequently using programs and apps. You may also want to consider a hybrid setup, which uses an SSD for operating system files and an HDD for personal files. 

Ports and Connectivity

One of the most important components to consider when buying a gaming PC under $500 is ports and connectivity. Make sure the PC comes with various USB and HDMI ports so that you can easily connect the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other devices.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gaming PCs Under $500

What Is Considered as a Gaming PC?

A gaming PC is a type of PC that is specifically designed for gaming. It has a CPU and more powerful components to play modern video games. A gaming PC can also perform tasks that are common for regular PCs, such as music recording and streaming. Another difference between a gaming PC and a normal PC is the GPU. A gaming PC has more power and more memory than a standard computer, which makes it ideal for multi-threaded games. A good gaming processor can handle games at higher resolutions, and it can run more demanding programs. A gaming PC can also be upgraded with the latest graphics cards and hard drives. 

Can You Buy A Gaming PC under $500?

Yes, you can buy a gaming PC for under $500. This price range is more than sufficient for casual gaming and everyday use. While you won’t be able to run the latest games or enjoy water-cooled graphics, you should be able to purchase a reasonably priced gaming desktop and still enjoy the great game performance. A cheap gaming PC can be a great way to get into the world of high-end gaming. 

What Is A Good Prebuilt Gaming PC?

Buying a prebuilt gaming PC can save you time and money. There are a few factors to consider when looking for one. The minimum RAM should be eight gigabytes, although you should ideally aim for 16GB. A good prebuilt gaming PC should come with high-quality components, a great graphics card, and a processor. The PC should also have a warranty for the finished build. Apart from that, the PC should offer HDD as well as SSD storage and various connectivity options. 

Final Thoughts

Gaming PCs doesn’t have to be expensive if you are a casual gamer. To save money, you can opt for a prebuilt PC for under $500. There are various setups available online at an affordable price for novice gamers. However, you need to check the features and make sure it meets minimum specifications to run games. 

In this guide, we have reviewed the top 7 best gaming PCs under $500 in 2023. You can buy any of these computers to play games. We plan to update this page regularly as better models launch. If you want to suggest something or need additional details, write to us in the comments below. 

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