Top 5 Best Ghost Skins in Valorant

Ghost is an uncomplicated handgun and is one of the best starting weapons in the game. It is low-cost but highly efficient and gets done when securing early game gold leads against the enemy. It’s easy to use and very accurate, given that you know how to use the gun well.

Just like any other gun, it can kill any agent with ease if you have good aim, especially when you headshot someone. Being a single fire weapon, you can easily one-shot unlucky agents. 

Let’s say you enjoy the game and want this as your primary weapon, or you want to flex your weapon skins at the start of a game, then there is a wide array of Ghost skins for you. 

The skin list I will present to you is not in order; these are just like a compilation of the best skins you can buy for your Ghost. We considered the features of the gun, the overall look, the animation, and some finishers. Without further ado, let’s get to the list. 

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1. Magepunk Ghost

This weapon skin for Ghost has a very punk hazard feel to it with all the industrial designs. For starters, you will immediately notice the radiant energy on the pistol barrel; when the weapon is still at level 1, it will just have this dull metal look, but when you level the weapon up, it lights up with a blue energy surge. 

Each time you fire the weapon, a part of the barrel goes up, and a blue energy surge comes out of the pistol’s barrel. 

It has a unique animation every time you fire it, and it also has a unique kill banner, kind of like a futuristic energy orb, and the sound of each firing is changed. The banner also emits blue energy surges in the form of blue liquid oozing out each time your kill banner appears. When you reach four kills, the blue energy surge turns to a blue flame. 

Your fifth kill will allow your kill banner to emit more blue flame and blue liquid with an excellent music playing

The weapon also has a unique finisher that encapsulates the enemy and electrocutes them until they disintegrate. Then lightning strikes the capsule and is like teleporting it away. Its reload animation is pretty standard, but the weapon cosmetic also comes in three color variants you can choose from.

2. Sovereign Ghost 

This weapon skin line is one of the earliest skins released in the game; it is a premium cosmetic released back in the early days of Valorant. One of those skins gives off a regal feel to the weapon because of the gold and white color schemes and the surrounding complex metalwork to the pistol.

Not much is going on with the weapon in terms of base animations, but the overall look of this Ghost skin is so good with all the gold goodness going around that it makes you feel like royalty or players high up the ladder. 

Although it has a nice and sleek reload sound that doesn’t distract the user that much, it just gives off a nice ping and royalty sound when the gun is cocked. 

Firing the weapon makes it release a blue energy surge that doesn’t extend that much but is noticeable for the user. But the real money in this weapon comes from its finisher; it resembles the ultimate of one champion from League of Legends, namely Garen. 

When you kill the last enemy of the round, the pistol drops a massive sword on the enemy, and it emanates goldish white flame energy with blue highlights. The enemy then disintegrates in yellow energy particles along with the sword that fell. 

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3. Ruination Ghost

Just like all the ruination skins in the same skin line, Ruination Ghost has an excellent dark mist effect surrounding it. The pistol emanates Viego’s signature greenish dark mist; the pistol also releases the dark mist when fired, and its bullets also come in the same color.

The kill emblem sports the crown of the ruined king that gets more significant the more kills you score. The reload animation is pretty standard, but you will be amazed at the finisher animation of the weapon. The enemy doesn’t entirely fall to the ground as you kill the final enemy with your Ghost Ruination. 

Instead, they are brought back up by the dark mist, making them float. The enemy would then radiate the same dark mist as energy and turn their entire color scheme to that of the mist. Killed enemies will follow you with their eyes and have the ruined king crown as well, signifying that Viego now owns them as they are now dead. 

If you look above the enemy, there will be a portal that leads to unknown locations, the portal will have a dark mist design, and a beam from the dead enemy will point towards the center of the portal. 

Switching from one weapon to your ruined Ghost will make the weapon fade in with a dark mist. The weapon will manifest in your hands. The weapon comes in purple, orange, and green color variants.

4. Tethered Realms Ghost

This weapon is just hands down one of the best and most unique cosmetic ideas in any game out there. The weapon immediately captures your attention because it is translucent, and when you move the weapon, you can see an image of a magical city behind. 

The magical city resembles that of the same city from League of Legends lore, Demacia, the city of regal designs. The city in the background differs depending on the color scheme you have. 

If you notice the gun’s shape, it resembles the Sovereign ghost skin with all the wings and metalworks going on. 

There are not that many animation changes to the weapon, and the animations are pretty basic, so the main reason we put this weapon on this list is that it has one of the best base designs of any weapon in the game. 

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5. Infantry Ghost

This cosmetic diverges from all the fancy animations and fantasy-based designs of previous weapons mentioned. If you want to have a realistic-looking gun in a fantasy-based game, then the infantry skin line is the one for you. Infantry Ghost sports the classical look of old war real-world weapons. 

Like the ones used in WW2, the infantry ghost has the typical markings, a leather grip, a dark metal chamber and barrel, and a classic-looking pin at the back. 

Again, this skin lacks all the fancy animations and instead focuses on the simple design of the weapon that can give gun enthusiasts a nostalgic feel from old call of duty games. 


There are many different skin lines out there for all of the weapons in Valorant; you have to notice them and choose the right skin line for you. Just remember that no matter what skin you are sporting or flexing to your teammates or enemies, winning the game doesn’t require flashy cosmetics. 

If you can’t afford one, then that’s fine; after all, flexing your skills without a cosmetic is much better than having all the best cosmetics but no skill at all. One great example of this is Faker from League of Legends, he is LoL’s most outstanding player ever, and he doesn’t use any skin on any champion at all. 

But if you can afford most of the game’s cosmetics, then that’s great as well, you do you, and I’m sure that every person you play with will stand in awe because of your flashy cosmetics. As of that, that’s all; thank you for reading the article, and do consider all the factors we mentioned above when you are having a hard time choosing the right cosmetic for your Ghost. 

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