Top 12 Best Healers in League of Legends

Healers are one of the most important champions in League of Legends. Just imagine how would the life of an ADC be without the sweet heals and shields. ADCs would be pretty much useless, right? Here's the list of the best healers in League of Legends!

Since League of Legends was first released, the support class has been one of the most important for helping the team win. Mind you, not all supports are created equal, some are epic healers, and that’s what we want to focus on today. 

There are those champions who give extra health to carry their teammates through the game. 

Here’s a list of the 12 best healers in League of Legends…

12. Taric

Even though he's not a very popular pick in the Season 11, Taric is still one of the best supports out there. He can heal his team mates, and he can also make them unstoppable with his ultimate. Continue reading our list as we'll talk about the best healers in League of Legends!

Taric is known for being one of the best supports on the Rift due to not only his shields but his heals as well. The one downfall I find with Taric (he’s amazing at healing) is the fact that he goes through a lot of mana…that’s right, Taric is a major mana hog. 

His healing ability is his Starlight’s Touch (Q): Active: he heals himself as well as allied champions in the area for 30 per stored charge during the cast.

11. Soraka

Next on our list of the best healers in League of Legends, we have Soraka. Soraka might just be one of the best healers in League of Legends, as many refer to her as the “healing machine,” and I must say, the name fits her well. 

When you’re playing Soraka, you’re going to have two ways of healing. For a single target, you’ll use her W ability (Astral Infusion), and when it comes time to heal all of her allies, she can use her ultimate. 

With her R (Wish), she calls upon the stars and heals all allied champions, even those untargetable allies, along with herself. 

10. Nami

Next on our list is Nami. Nami has a double-edged weapon and is capable of healing and damaging enemies, making her one of the best healers you can play on in LoL. 

Her healing ability is her W (Ebb and Flow). This ability will deal magic damage to her enemies while healing her allies. 

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9. Yummi

Yummi is a magical cat that I’m sure you have heard about recently – yes, she definitely deserves her spot on this list of the 12 best healers in League of Legends. When it comes to saving her allies, he goes above and beyond and doesn’t let anything get in her way.

She has a unique style that consists of mounting the designated ally. In fact, her strongest power is that she can’t be targeted when she’s attached to an ally champion,  

She has her unique style in mounting the designated ally. Her healing ability is her E, which is called Zoomies. Her Active ability heals herself with the base amount being increased by 0%-130% (this is based on the target’s missing health), and the scaling amount will be increased by 0%-300% (based on the target’s missing health). During this time, she will also gain 25% movement speed, which decays over two seconds.

8. Rakan

Raken is another effective support, which comes in handy during team fights. Unfortunately, his healing powers aren’t all that big, but he’s still a good support. 

Rakan’s healing ability is Q (Gleaming Quill). With this ability, he tosses an enchanted feather forward, which deals magic damage to the first enemy champion it hits. If that enemy is an epic monster or a champion, it will mark an area around Rakan. 

After three seconds, or if an ally champion moves within the area that has been marked, Rakan will heal himself along with his surrounding allies.

7. Nidalee

Nidalee is a bestial huntress that is known for being “only a jungler.” The reason she’s on this list is because she has a good healing ability and is capable of helping throughout the map. 

Her E (Primal Surge) is her healing ability. With her active, she calls forth the cougar’s spirit and heals not only herself but also the target allied champion. She also grants a bonus attack speed for 8 seconds.

6. Bard

Bard is known for being a high elo support champion. He’s a good healer, but unfortunately, he doesn’t have that fast healing ability that we crave. In order to get a good amount of healing done, you have to wait for his shrine to build up.

He heals with his W ability (Caretaker’s Shrine). Bard produces a shrine at his location of choice. This shrine takes a total of 10 seconds to built up its power. Bard can have up to a total of 3 shrines active at one time, which will remain until they’re consumed (this happens when a champion steps on them). 

If the champion is Bard himself or an ally champion, they will be healed for an amount based on the shrine’s power. The ay will also gain a 50% boost to their movement speed, which will disappear after 1.5 seconds.

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5. Alistar

When I think of Alistar, I think of a major tank – he’s one of the best CC tanky supports in LoL. As for a healer, he heals a small amount of health but is still good. 

Alistar’s healing ability just so happens to be his passive (Triumphant Roar). Each time he stuns or when the Airborne icon manages to displace at least one enemy champion or every time a small monster, minion, or pet dies, he gains a stack of Triumph.

Once Alistar has reached a total of 7 stacks of Triumph, he roars and heals himself for 20-139 (the amount is based on level) health as well as all nearby champions on the team (double the amount). 

4. Janna

Next on our list. This is a League of Legends champion that has amazing abilities to save her ADC. Her healing ability is her ultimate called Monsoon. She channels for three seconds during this time and knocks back all enemy champions while stunning them for 0.5 seconds. 

While she’s channeling, she releases soothing winds, which heals nearby teammates every half second. Her ultimate ability isn’t just great for healing her teammates; it’s also great for outplaying enemy champions. 

3. Sona

In the laning phase, Sona just so happens to be a good poking champion. However, she’s squishy and super weak, so she dies easily. However, she does have good healing abilities, but those healing abilities take a lot of mana. 

Her W (Aria of Perseverance) is her healing ability. With this ability, she heals herself and the nearby allied champion.

2. Senna

Senna is ready to heal her way to the win – she means serious business. Although I must say, she’s a strange champion, a hybrid between a support and an AD carry, which is capable of playing either position she chooses. In the lane phase, she is decent with her harassment and healing, but she is immobile and squishy, making her weak against all-ins. 

However, her crowd control range and healing make her a deadly concoction in the mid-late game. In fact, her healing ability is so good that it could carry the team through some mighty tough fights. 

Senna is capable of healing more than a single target at a time while she’s damaging her enemies. This is what makes her one of the best healers in League.

Her healing scales off of her AD. What this means is that when she chooses items that help her damage, her healing will also increase. So, whether you’re a support Senna or an AD carry Senna, your heals are going to be useful. 

With her Q ability (Piercing Darkness), she can go through multiple targets while healing her allies. When you use the Q ability, just make sure you line it up so that you damage as many champions as you possibly can. Her Piercing Darkness can be used on any targetable unit. This includes enemy towers and allied enemies, allied and enemy minions, wards, and allied and enemy champions. 

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1. Master Yi

Last on the list; we have Master Yi. He may not be the top healer in the book by any means, but he’s still pretty good.  Did you know that, back in the day, a lot of League players played Master Yi on the bot lane, as a support? Those were truly the good, but weird times.

Master Yi uses his channel (W) for a total of 4 seconds, which heals him. 


So there you have it, the 12 best healers in League of Legends. If you feel the desire to help your team win by supporting them with some heals, go ahead and grab yourself one of these champions. 

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