Top 7 Best High Damage Supports in League of Legends

The League of Legends Support Role is widely considered as a control Role. This means they usually don’t resort to doing damage or acting as a carry, whether AD or AP. Instead, Supporters offer, well, Support to their fellow allies, providing them with healing, shields, and other helpful effects.  

Supports are also often the primary source of CC in a team, and they’re picked based on what the team lacks. This gives them a huge level of importance within the roster, only adding to their already steep difficulty curve. It is stressful to play Supports, especially when playing a control one.  

Players that don’t like traditional Supporting and those that were auto-filled into the Role will find this list particularly interesting. Here, we will detail the best high damage Supports that will do quite the opposite of traditional Supporting. These Champions resort to doing damage and bullying the team into submission.  

Do note that despite having a ton of damage, they’re not exempt from the other Support mechanics traditionally there. Some of these are kings of team fights, containing many CC and other effects within their various kits.  

So, without further ado, let us begin with the 7 Best High Damage Supports in League of Legends.  

(This list is in no particular order.) 

7. Brand  

Brand is everyone’s go-to pick when they want to deal a ton of damage as a Support. From level 1, Brand already has tools on his hands that allow him to do massive AOE damage. By level 3, Brand becomes nigh unbearable on the Lane, and here’s why. 

His passive gives him a burn on his enemies each time he lands an ability on them. When he lands all three, the burn is instead turned into an AOE explosion which deals more damage than I’m willing to admit.  

Since they don’t have a huge mana cost and Brand as a Mage will get a ton of Mana anyways, he can spam these spells into oblivion. They do a sickening amount of damage and apply heavy pressure on the opposing Bot Laners, which does get a bit tedious after a while. 

As with every Mage, Brand only gets stronger as the game progresses. Despite his Support nature, meaning he won’t have access to quick gold, he doesn’t need that much AP and items to achieve his potential.  

Brand has high base damage, and from level 6 onwards, he becomes an absolute beast and menace. Brand has everything he needs for a fulfilling game, whether it be a single target burst or a team fight AOE. Do beware of him when you face him in the Lane.  

I recommend Brand to just about anyone that wants to break off from the usual Support mold.  

6. Zyra 

Zyra is one of those Champions that make you wonder if Riot had any idea what they were doing. It is insane how powerful this Champion is as a Support, and she doesn’t even break off from the traditional Support. Instead, she does everything a Support should do, minus the healing/shielding.  

Add on top of that obscene amounts of damage, and you’ve got Zyra. Throughout the Lane, she will focus on rooting, harassing, and peeling the enemy Laners safely. In fights, Zyra can dish out massive damage while maintaining a good CC near constantly.  

She reaches her zenith when the game moves from the Lanes, excelling greatly in team fights. Her powerful Ultimate gives Zyra a significant AOE damage and CC tool that can change the course of an entire encounter. Having a fantastic Zyra player on your team will undoubtedly increase your chances of winning by a wide margin.  

Zyra is a simple Champion, despite some reliance on tactics and skill shots. Once you master these two, you’ll be dominating your opponents with ease, and there are scarcely any Champions out there that can fully counter this plant Mage.  

I recommend Zyra to everyone who wants to win. Seriously, you should give her a try.  

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5. Pyke 

Pyke was Riot’s first official attempt at making an Assassin Support. Despite their best efforts, Pyke just wouldn’t be kept at the Bot Lane. Instead, he found his way into the other two Lanes and even the Jungle, where I believe he performed much better than was initially expected.  

However, Pyke is still played massively in the Support Role, which is supposed to be his natural habitat. In there, he can perform just as well as on the other lanes, though it will take a tad longer for him to get fed.  

Pyke is an AD Assassin that can obliterate enemies in seconds using his powerful spells. A big chunk of this damage will come from his itemization, and that gives you even more incentive to play him elsewhere. But Pyke’s kit has a saving grace that allows him to excel in the Support Role – his Ultimate. Using this spell, Pyke can accrue an insane amount of gold in a short period.  

Coordinating well with your ADC is paramount to getting a good Support Pyke game. You will have to play together and cooperate well since aggression is necessary and not a choice when playing Pyke. Getting a ton of kills (or even assists) will make Pyke insanely powerful very quickly.  

Once you get fed, you will basically become the run-of-the-mill Assassin of League of Legends. Although you will focus a lot on CC-ing and pulling enemies into your team, which adds an extra layer of gameplay to the boring old “go in and kill them” Assassin playstyle. 

I recommend Pyke to players that are used to playing Assassins and similar high AD burst Champions. It will give you enough to accommodate yourself in the Support Role while enjoying the mechanics of your favorite Class.  

4. Lux 

Lux is the main character of League of Legends. No, seriously, she’s the poster girl in all of the trailers, promotional material, you name it. I am even dumbfounded by the fact that she wasn’t taken as the main character of their new anime series, Arcane. This Champion has been around since time immemorial and has garnered quite a reputation around herself. 

A part of this reputation is certainly her damage, and Lux has gone through the Seasons with curses, /all chat spam, and very obnoxious comments on how powerful her spells can get. Even now, Lux remains one of the highest damage Supports in the game, which properly lands her a spot on this list. 

All of her spells, save for her W, a shield, do damage. One of them, the Ultimate, does so much damage that I am scared to even think about it. Even without the Ultimate, all Lux needs is to hit her Q and E, the latter of which will chunk enemies hard.  

She has all she needs to be a solid Enchanter and Mage. A shield, ton of damage, and CC. She is also quite simple and doesn’t take a mastermind to play. Though he relies on skill shots highly, it won’t take long for anyone to get used to her playstyle and master her powerful skills.  

I recommend Lux to the players who enjoy the Enchanter Class and want to spice it up.  

3. Senna 

Senna is an ADC trapped within a Support mold. I mean, most players that tried Senna just said screw it and proceeded to play her as an ADC. When played as an ADC, she is mighty and even turns into one – if the game goes on for long enough. I don’t know what Riot wanted to achieve with this Champion. The intent was, I guess, to give us a marksman Support, and all we got was just another potent ADC. 

Anyhow, when played as a Support, Senna retains all of the positives of her ADC nature. She will do a ton of damage and do it from a long distance. Since Riot wanted her to be a Support, some goodies from the Role are there. Heals, CC, and Shields are plentiful in Senna’s kit, and the range she uses these from is as obscene as she is. 

You will be playing an ADC without the farm. This will give you time to focus on attacking the opposing Laners from a distance, collecting passive stacks as you go. If the need arises, you’ll also be healing/shielding your ADC with your potent Q and Ultimate.  

Also, the Ultimate is global, because of course, it is.  

I recommend Senna to players who love playing ADC and were auto-filled into the Support Role for some reason.  

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2. Pantheon 

Pantheon was always a Top Lane Champion. A Bruiser by design, you can figure out why that was the case. He has, since his rework, found his way into the other parts of the map. He played well on Mid, which I detailed in our tank Mid Laners list, and has recently become popular as a Support pick. 

Pantheon Support is a great way to play this Champion. His kit is packed with utility, and it is best used in combination with a high damage ally. Since ADCs are the damage dealers in a team, you can see why Pantheon synergizes well with them.  

Supporting with Pantheon will mainly revolve around poking the enemies using your insanely long-ranged Q, CC-ing the enemies, and protecting your ally from a barrage of basic attacks using your E. The E is a proper anti-ADC tool that can drive a player mad.  

Pantheon’s Ultimate is a semi-global spell that will see him in seconds on any part of the map. This gives him extra ways for roaming and helping out the team when the need arises. Just make sure you don’t abandon your ADC at the wrong moment, leaving them vulnerable for an engagement.  

I recommend Pantheon to Top Laners that happened to be auto-filled into the Role.  

1. Karma 

I guess you weren’t expecting to see Karma on this list since she doesn’t really carry the reputation of being a high damage Support. But bear with me for a moment. I consider myself somewhat of an expert on Karma since she is my permanent Support pick whenever I happen upon the Role by ways of auto-fill. 

Karma can, from level 1, chunk a fifth of an ADC’s health bar using her amplified Q. She starts the game with the Ultimate unlocked, and by level 3 she will have all three skills at her disposal. If you want to do damage, you can spam the Q. Shields? Got it. CC? Yep.  

Karma has it all for an Enchanter Support. In my opinion, she is the best of the best when it comes to shielding. With proper itemization, Karma can even get some healing attached to her shields, which can be a massive boost to her performance and the performance of her allied ADC.  

With the Summon Aery Rune, Karma will do even more damage on her Q, amplified or not. Since her cooldowns are pretty low and most items she buys will have at least some Ability Haste, Karma can dish out tons of damage from minute one to the end of the game.  

She is an unconventional pick in terms of damage, and there might be some other alternatives that do more than she does in this regard. However, I believe Karma is one of the best Supports in the game that combines the good in Mages and Supports, bridging the gap between the two.  

I recommend Karma to everyone as she is undoubtedly one of the most potent Supports in the game. A true shame that she doesn’t enjoy as much attention as some other Supports in the current patch.  


We can see that Supports are not always confined to the control mechanic. In their own regard, they can do some damage, too, and even act as forms of AD or AP Carry. Supports in League of Legends are certainly a versatile lot, and this list just shows how versatile they can get. I hope you found this list enjoyable and wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift.  

These lists take time and effort to make, so leave feedback to help us improve them. Keep a keen eye out on our website for more League of Legends-related content such as guides, lists, and articles.  

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