Top 7 Best Hybrid Champions in League of Legends

Rarely do you encounter Champions in League that specialize in doing both AD and AP damage. Most Champions are designed around either being magic or AD dependent. However, Riot has crossed this line on many occasions and thus spawned what we know as Hybrid Champions. 

These are among some of the most potent Champions ever to appear in the game. Utilizing the best of both worlds, they can pierce through defenses with ease. Preventing them from damaging you is tricky as you’ll have to build both Armor and MR. 

They were always among the most popular picks. Their builds are versatile, robust, and unpredictable. Sometimes they get characterized as overloaded or OP, but this is true for only some of the entries – as you will see. 

So, let’s begin, shall we? 

Before we begin – these Champions aren’t all always hybrid. They may or may not build full AD or full AP on a whim. Thus, don’t be confused with some entries. Thanks. 

7. Akali 

Akali is a well-known AP Fighter/Assassin that only knows how to grow in power. She scales exceptionally well and is perfectly viable on Top and the Mid Lane. Her fighting skills are nothing short of amazing. Mobile, with high base stats and excellent sustain, Akali can fight for what seems an eternity. 

She leans more towards AP than AD. In the now-forgotten days of the Hextech Gunblade, Akali would be a true Hybrid. At least, she would be more of a hybrid than she is now. But despite the lack of some items, Akali still does a solid mix of damage. There’s a lot of emphasis on her using basic attacks attached to the passive. 

Her high sustain makes her also nigh unkillable. It gets so bad at times that it’s even become notoriety around the community. Still, despite being relatively broken, Akali is a fantastic Champion. There are moments when you will call out bullsh*t but those aren’t as often as others on the list. 

I recommend her, especially for Top Lane players. 

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6. Ezreal 

This infamous marksman has been the bane of every Mid and Bot Lane player’s existence. With insane damage, non-existent cooldowns, and overall dominance, Ezreal can singlehandedly win games. He can one-shot people, harass them, zone… There’s almost nothing in the game that this Champion cannot do. 

Depending on where he’s played, he’ll build differently. On Mid, people tend to play AP Ezreal with a bit of AD if there’s a need. On Bot, AD is emphasized, with AP being an addition. However, recently there’s been a rise in genuine hybrid builds for Ezreal that have been eviscerating players with ease. 

Going Muramana with Luden’s Tempest and other crazy combinations is the usual sight for Ezreal. He can pressure his Lane and have an insane impact on the match. Being able to destroy even the tankiest opponents, Ezreal is great against healthy teams that prioritize tanking over anything else. 

Against squishies, I don’t even have to say it. Any low defense enemy will be removed from the map with just a spell or two. Ezreal takes hybrid builds to an extreme that offers much more than anyone could anticipate.

I highly recommend him for skillful players on the Bot Lane. Stay clear from Ezreal if you’re new to League of Legends. His learning curve is as steep as they get, and his overreliance on skill shots does have a detrimental impact. Nonetheless, the effort it takes to play him pays off eventually through everything I’ve named above. 

5. Jax 

Ah, my favorite Champion. Though I might be severely biased towards this Champion, I always attempt to highlight his flaws as much as I do the good stuff. And I beg to argue that the good outweighs the bad by a long shot. Jax wouldn’t enjoy the notoriety and popularity in all skill levels if it didn’t. 

Some of the best builds for Jax have come out of the Korean Challenger division, which is enough to tell you how much potential Jax has.

Due to Riot removing the Hextech Gunblade, Jax will rarely be seen building a hybrid. However, there are a few builds that make Jax a hybrid beast. Despite being rather unpopular lately, with Tank Jax being the real deal, hybrid Jax is all but forgotten. I’d actually argue that going Jax Bruiser/Tank is much better, but going hybrid is perfectly viable.

It will emphasize damage over sustain, which might be lethal if you’re against some heavy hitters or Assassins. Continually adapt to the situation at hand and never build blindly. 

Jax has a solid early game and an amazing late game. He scales well and can have a major impact on the game. Whether you play him as a split pusher, Fighter, Tank, or whatever else – Jax is a fantastic Champion to have on the team. 

I highly recommend this Champion to anyone playing on Top as his simplicity makes him as deadly as they come. 

4. Kai’Sa 

The first genuine hybrid on the list, Kai’Sa is one of the most overloaded and broken ADCs ever to release. Though I love her a lot and she enjoys quite the popularity, Kai’Sa is undoubtedly overpowered in more ways than one. Her being a hybrid is only one aspect of many. 

She employs both AD and AP to the fullest, amplifying her spells with some stat. Her Q scales off of damage, W is reserved for AP, and her E is buffed by attack speed. Her scaling is exceptional and will propel Kai’Sa into insanity by the 20-minute mark. As impressive as she is deadly, Kai’Sa is genuinely an incredible hybrid Champion. 

Her Laning is great, emphasizing aggressiveness over anything else. With said aggressiveness, Kai’Sa can go right up the enemy’s face and start shooting them with void-powered abilities. Quick and potent, Kai’Sa obliterates everyone in her path and can singlehandedly change the course of a match. 

I recommend Kai’Sa to all Bot Lane players, especially those that love a more direct approach to combat. 

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3. Kayle 

Similar to Kai’Sa, this is yet another true hybrid Champion. Kayle focuses on her auto attacks, which scale insanely well from both AD and AP. The more of both she has, the better, and maintaining a healthy balance is paramount. Kayle will continuously pummel you to death with her insane basic attacks that even damage those around you.

Kayle starts slow and picks up the pace from level to level. I’ve detailed her scaling in our best scaling Top Laners list, and you should check it out. Kayle’s power spikes are levels 6, 11, and 16 when she progressively gains extra passive abilities on her attacks. 

Building on-hit items is what Kayle’s build primarily consists of. Many of these items in the game come in AD and AP varieties. Some even mix the two, providing AD with passive Magic damage. With how much emphasis is put on her attacks over spells, she is more of a marksman than a mage. 

That makes her a genuine hybrid with many mage utilities like healing and an extra nuke. Her Ultimate provides invincibility and a fantastic AOE AP nuke that can obliterate multiple enemies simultaneously. With such a healthy mix of Mage and Marksman antics, Kayle is undoubtedly one of the best hybrid Champions ever to release in League of Legends. 

I highly recommend her to Top Lane players. 

2. Warwick 

Though he can build hybrid, Warwick doesn’t do it often. However, despite him avoiding building hybrid, that doesn’t mean he has no hybrid damage in his kit. Many Warwick’s spells scale off of AP, which has spawned several off-meta and meme builds. AP Warwick is highly popular now on game modes like ARAM and URF, with even Riot recommending you the items. 

In actual games, though, Warwick focuses on going Tank/Bruiser. He has all the AP damage he’d need in his kit already and can safely concentrate on building other stuff. However, building AP or Hybrid is perfectly viable and can even be super fun if he wishes to do so. AP Warwick does so much damage that it becomes obscene at some points. 

Nevertheless, Warwick players overwhelmingly choose the Tank/Bruiser path for their builds. It allows Warwick to remain unkillable while still dishing out insane damage. I love him for what he is, a versatile and mobile Fighter. Exploring what Warwick can do only shows you just how well designed and meticulous he is. 

I recommend Warwick to any Jungle players, and despite what others might tell you – don’t play him on Top. 

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1. Varus

This ADC is a case similar to Warwick’s. Though he focuses almost all items on AD and critical, most of his kit revolves around AP scaling. Combining the strengths of both AD and AP, Varus can eviscerate even the healthiest opponents. He is mainly comparable to Kai’Sa, just without all the fast and insane stuff. 

Varus focuses on nukes, i.e., doing as much damage in a single attack as possible. This will mostly come from his Q and passive, which scale from a mixture of AP and AD. Building some AP alongside the other nuke-focused items like Drakkthar makes Varus quite the foe. If he manages to trap you with his Ultimate, it’s pretty much game over if your defenses are low. 

With how most players recently emphasize building damage over defenses, I’d say Varus players are getting one-shots more often than not. At any rate, Varus is a superb ADC that’s maintained a level of popularity for years now. Everyone has a degree of respect for the Champion and keeps playing him despite his showing age. 


League of Legends offers over 150 Champions to play. Hybrids make up a small proportion of the whole roster but are also some of the most potent Champions ever designed. I hope Riot is fully aware of their might and is working on rebalancing them. However, I wouldn’t hold much hope with how they’ve been doing stuff recently. The itemization changes of Season 11 have changed hybrids from strong to broken instantly, and it doesn’t seem their dominance will end soon. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift!

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