Top 7 Best Hybrid Junglers in League of Legends

Attack damage and ability power are two primary stats in the game. They decide what kind of damage your Champion does and how their ability will scale. We can group Champions based on these two stats into AD and AP Champions. 

AD Champions are most often Bruisers, Marksmen, and ADCs. On the other hand, AP Champions are usually Mages, Supports, and the like. However, sometimes the border is crossed between these two, and we get a hybrid Champion.

Hybrid Champions can do both AD and AP damage and build AD, AP, or both. These Champions are some of the most powerful in League of Legends, as defending from them requires building Armor and Magic Resistance simultaneously.

They can have an insane impact on the game, and we’ve covered some of them. Make sure to check our article on them to grasp this Champion category better.

With the introductions out of the way, let’s begin with our 7 Best Hybrid Junglers in League of Legends. 

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7. Jax

Jax is our first hybrid entry on the list, despite not being a traditional pick. He’s usually found on the Top Lane, and it’s his natural habitat. Though not usually in the Jungle, Jax can perform the role and any other Champion. 

He has a lot of damage that helps him clear camps quickly. Despite lacking AOE to sweep up larger camps like the Raptors, Jax’s attack speed makes up for everything. Using his Q, Jax can quickly get into a Lane and provide a fantastic gank that guarantees at least a burned Flash. 

His entire kit goes off of Magic damage, giving him the ability to go AP. Everything revolves around attack speed, and as long as you have enough – you can build whatever you want. Jax doesn’t do well as a hybrid or AP Champion today. He could comfortably be a hybrid back when the Hextech Gunblade was in the game.

With no genuine hybrid items, Jax doesn’t have the option. Sure, you can go a 50/50 build, but that’s just not it. However, if you really want to do it, you can. And that’s more or less the definition of a hybrid. 

6. Twitch

Twitch is also a Champion that you will rarely see build AP. There’s just no incentive to. However, the option is there for those who want it. Hybrid Champions are limited in League, especially with limited itemization. Riot seems to have done everything to kill hybrid play entirely, which is evident with the deletion of the Rageblade and Gunblade. 

Fortunately, Twitch strives as a full AD Jungler that can conceal himself and enter a Lane unobstructed. He can then pummel the enemy with his fantastic damage, range, and attack speed. He’s also one of the best scaling Champions to release in League. No matter what, he’ll get to a level where he one-shots everyone and everything. 

Keeping Twitch contained is challenging as he will snowball no matter what. In the Jungle, he can safely farm up until the desired level and return to fight when he’s stronger. And he will get quite intense, which you can see for yourself by playing him. He’s straightforward and doesn’t take much skill to learn, so go and do it now. 

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5. Udyr

Udyr is a Champion that can build anything, and it will somehow work. He’s versatile and unique, having a kit designed in a way only he knows. No other Champion can compare, as Udyr stands out so much among the rest. He has four forms to use, each of them giving him some buff or effect. Some scale from AP, some from AD, giving Udyr a ton of space to do any build he likes.

As a Jungler, he’s fantastic and can quickly enter and leave a gank. He clears Jungle camps efficiently with his Phoenix form that burns everything in his path. Every time Udyr switches a form, he gets extra movement speed to move faster between the camps and Lanes. A true prowler around the map, Udyr is an amazing Jungler to have on the team. 

Though he’s a hybrid by definition, not many people are going down that path. As I’ve said above, Riot has opted to kill that build path for no reason whatsoever completely. They never know what people like to play and have zero understanding of the community. Whatever the community finds fun, Riot quickly shuts down. 

Anyhow, go play Udyr; he’s excellent. 

4. Warwick

This bloodthirsty maniac is just about as hybrid as they get in Season 12. He does a ton of magic damage while still comfortably building his AD and HP. His abilities are hardwired for AP and will take a lot of defenses to ward off. They also heal him a crap ton, making Warwick exceptionally annoying to play against.

He will run around the map and hunt enemies down with lethal intent. Low HP enemies should beware, as Warwick can see them even in the fog. They can try and hide, but Warwick will find his way to them. 

Even if he fights are even, Warwick becomes insanely difficult to kill. He can Tank up so much, and all that healing doesn’t help the issue. I’ve had games where Warwick would singlehandedly Tank an entire team, able to protect his allies perfectly. He’s incredible in the Jungle, and there’s almost no match for him. 

You should give him a try; you won’t regret it. 

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3. Shaco

Shaco is perhaps the best genuinely hybrid Jungler in League of Legends. If the list were numbered, he’d be at the top without a doubt. Shaco deals so much attack and ability damage that he can comfortably go for a 50/50 build and not make a mistake. Going full AD or full AP is the recommended path, but mixing them isn’t a problem either. 

Shaco’s Jungling is fantastic, as he can kill camps with no help or leash. Those jack-in-the-boxes help him fear the neutral creeps, Tank their attacks and wreck them with ability damage. They are also beneficial later when Shaco leaves the Jungle and starts aggressively ganking the enemies. 

His invisibility isn’t broken by proximity, unlike any other Champion in League. Instead, he can get as close to his target as possible and strike. With a good mix of both attack and ability damage, killing his enemy is a non-issue. Shaco is known for obliterating people in seconds, and that’s everything you need to know about his damage scaling.

I love to have a Shaco on my team. He’s a simple Champion with so much depth. Thus, you should check him out – he’s just great. 

2. Shyvana

Shyvana is a Champion commonly built as an AD but has an insanely powerful AP path that she can take. Though considered off-meta, the AP Shyvana build gives her some one-shot capabilities on her spells that she would otherwise not have. 

Shyvana’s Jungling is fast and easy. She’s able to clear camps efficiently using her spells and increased AD. I think Shyvana can mix a bit of AP into her AD build just to get more of a kick from her abilities. They have some fantastic scaling and will benefit tremendously from just an item or two. 

There’s not much else to be said about her. Her ganks are excellent, and her Jungling is traditional. If she gets fed, she can have some incredible map pressure. I recommend her to any Jungler. 

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1. Volibear

Like Jax, Volibear is a traditional Top Laner that isn’t usually found in the Jungle. He’s also someone who doesn’t go AP that often. However, a recent rework gave him a lot of AP on some of his abilities. His E, in particular, has become a lethal AP nuke that Volibear can use in the Lane for exceptional harassment. 

Hell, Volibear players will most often start with a Doran’s Ring over anything else. It gives him enough of a damage boost to use against his opponents. However, we’re talking about the Jungle, and there isn’t any use for AP on Volibear there. But I would like to argue that mixing some AP into his build could be beneficial. 

Volibear is a damage-focused Tank that will mostly focus on building HP and defenses and ganking. With a ton of mobility and stuns, he can quickly enter a Lane and kill his enemy. His overall Jungle clear is also pretty impressive, with him able to do a ton of AOE damage while shielding himself simultaneously.

All in all, Volibear is an excellent Champion that you should definitely try out. Whether it’s on Top or in the Jungle, just make sure you play him. 


League of Legends has always focused on making Champions according to some preconceived designs. AD and AP are their essential starting points, and they always make a Champion revolving around either. Rarely do they cross the border between them and create a hybrid Champion that can do both. We can clearly see their attempts to kill off the hybrid meta, which is a shame. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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