Top 5 Best Hyper Carry Champions in League of Legends

When it comes to really carrying games in League of Legends, some champions are just better at it than others. We call them hyper champions because they are able to essentially 1v9 a game. They don’t have the usual “hit-and-wait” ability system, but rather a continuous combo of attacks that’s both fatal and very hard to stop. And if these champions are given an easy time in a game, they’re almost always bound to win it.

But, with so many champions in League of Legends, how could only a few have this hyperpower to carry games? And why?

Well, League is such a complex game that strict rules don’t really apply. When we’re talking about hyper carry champions, we allude to those picks that have the highest chance/stats to overpower all possible enemies, regardless of the meta, runes, or item changes. Take a look at Cassiopeia, for example. All she really needs is enough mana to spam her abilities and kill everybody!

Famous hyper carry champions in League of Legends are Yasuo, Vayne, Vladimir, or any other champion that can take on an entire team. However, here we focus on the top 5 absolute best hyper carries in LoL and why they are so!

5. Ryze

Ryze is really a synonym for a hyper carry champion. People have been calling him OP as early as the first season of League of Legends. Since then, Riot Games have reworked him a couple of times, but with no particular result.

If there is one word to describe Ryze’s kit, then that word is “spam.” Similar to Cassiopeia, all Ryze needs is enough mana to keep pumping his damage. He doesn’t rely on his ultimate when fighting, and any item he gets is just a little bonus. Because of this, he often appears too strong or broken.

His Q – Overload does critical magic damage every time he combines with his E – Spell Flux, and its cooldown is reset whenever he uses another ability. And to mention that its basic cooldown gets to 2-3 seconds in the late game. In season 12, Ryze can buy Tear of the Goddess at the start of the match, making him one of the scariest champions to play against.

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4. Twitch

Twitch is the go-to champion of any smurf and booster in League of Legends. His most popular roles are jungle and ADC, but in season 12, Twitch has made excellent support.

Two things make Twitch a hyper carry: unpredictability and insane on-hit AOE damage. You see, Twitch’s invisibility makes him a winner just by being in the game. When he is in the jungle, all of the opposing players feel pressured because he could be anywhere. And ganks are ten times more successful if the enemy can’t even see you. Even though he’s not currently in the meta, he’s one of the best off-meta junglers in the game.

On top of that, Twitch has enough damage to kill twenty champions. His R – Spray and Pray, gives him 300 additional range and causes his auto-attacks to hit everybody. Combined with his passive – Deadly Venom, which burns the target with true damage, Twitch has no problem against tanks nor squishies. And if left untouched for only two seconds in a team fight, chances are that he will win it.

3. Fiora

Fiora is the ultimate dualist in League of Legends. Her strength lies in her top lane pressure and the ability to 1v2 any gank. If Fiora gets slightly ahead and starts pushing those top turrets, it usually takes five people to stop her.

Fiora has really everything she needs: dash through her Q – Lunge, parry/stun through her W – Riposte, damage buff through her E – Bladework, and healing buff through her R – Grand Challenge. Experienced Fiora players can essentially engage a fight 1v5, and if they hit every ability on time, they can emerge as victors.

Plus, Fiora can do all tasks with ease. She can split push better than most top lane champions, she can team fight as both bruiser and tanks, and she can solo objective like the Dragon. Mastering Fiora isn’t an easy task, but it’s gratifying.

2. Kassadin

Kassadin is the second most used champion for climbing by pro players. There are no other tricks to this champion except for being patient. The critical element to playing Kassadin is surviving to level 16, then one-shot everyone!

Kassadin usually goes for many late-game AP items and a lot of mana. And while he essentially has four damaging spells, his primary one is his R – Riftwalk. This ability is a blink-like jump that also damages everyone in the landing area. The damage, however, doubles each time Kassadin uses the ability, stacking up to four times. And on level 16, Riftwak’s cooldown is 2 seconds.

It usually doesn’t take Kassadin more than 10 seconds to kill the entire enemy team in the late game. No one can outrun him, and no one can block his damage. 

1. Master Yi

Master Yi may be called many names, but the truth is that he is perhaps the most broken hyper carry champion in League of Legends. While the previous four champions required some kind of positioning and at least some tactical use of their abilities, Yi does none! All he needs is five targets and one button Q – Alpha Strike.

Alpha Strike is one of the game’s scariest abilities because it makes Master Yi invulnerable to attacks while he is in full offensive mode! On top of that, Yi has a true damage buff thanks to his E – Wuju Style, which is neat against tanks. His R – highlander provides him with attack speed without purchasing an item. And his W – Meditate is an unbreakable shield!

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The problem with Master Yi and the reason why he is the best hyper carry champion in LoL is that there is no counterplay. His damage comes from his auto-attacks, which are almost unstoppable. Stunning him has always been the answer, but Master Yi mains will always dodge it with Alpha Strike. And if such a player governs Yi, then the chances for winning are higher than ever.

Final Thoughts

Obviously, there are so many more champions that could be considered hyper carries and can take on entire teams, but these are traditionally the best ones. In truth, any champion that gets fed early and wins the game all by himself is technically a hyper carry. But if you’re looking for a consistent way to do that in League, then consider one of these picks!

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