Top 7 Best Invading Junglers in League of Legends

The Jungle role in League of Legends is undoubtedly the most difficult one to play, learn and master. There are various mechanics, events, and strategies to be considered or performed while playing this role. One of these strategies and tactics is invading. But what is invading, anyways?

Invading is the act of going over to the enemy’s Jungle to steal their farm. Primarily, this is meant for Buffs – Red, and Blue – but you can still go steal their smaller camps like the Gromp and Raptors. 

Of course, there’s even the possibility of coordinating a total invasion with your team to kill the enemy’s Jungler and/or whoever is leash him the camps. 

As with anything in League, some Champions perform some things better than others. I’ve compiled what I believe are the seven best Champions for doing invasions in the current patch in this list. Naturally, this list can change as the patches shift things, and we’ll make sure to update it if they do.

So, with that out of the way, let’s begin with our list.

7. Kayn

Kayn was, for the majority of Season 11, the best Jungler to play. He has fallen off a little bit throughout the pre-Season. However, despite this occurrence, he still remains a massively influential Champion for performing most of the Jungle mechanics, invasions included. 

What makes him extra good at invading is his kit, which is highly mobile and allows Kayn a way for a quick in-and-out scenario with the Buffs and Camps he wishes to steal. He can walk through terrain with heightened movement speed using his E, arriving at the Buff silently and hastily. He can decimate the neutrals in seconds using his fast and strong spells in seconds. This applies to both single-target Buffs and larger camps alike. 

Kayn, using all of the above, can maintain a consistent presence around the map. He won’t be a danger only for the enemy Laners, no – he’ll haunt their Jungler like there’s no tomorrow. Fighting is incentivized with Kayn due to his passive, which spawns stacks from attacking Champions. This gives Kayn extra reason to go for invasions and to seek out duels, as the more he fights, the quicker he will reach one of his two forms. 

Kayn is not that difficult to play, and I’d recommend him to just about anyone. He’s also super fun, and I still believe he holds true to that “most powerful Jungler” description. 

6. Lee Sin

Lee Sin is probably the best invading Jungler out there. Ever since I started playing this game, I’ve known about Lee’s reputation for denying the enemy Jungler farm and Buffs. This likely stems from the fact that it takes no effort to invade with Lee, as his mobility and spells really do give him enough to subdue any camp he wishes dead quickly.

His Q can give him the ability to jump over a wall, his W also. If starting Red, for example, Lee can just jump over the wall immediately and go to the enemy’s blue. He can have both in mere minutes and then proceed to steal all that’s left.

That’s quite a lot of work for a blind man, and he doesn’t even break a sweat. 

In comparison to Kayn, Lee Sin is miles more challenging to play, learn, and master. Mastering Lee Sin is something of an achievement in its own regard, and your friends will certainly look at you differently. Lee Sin players have all enjoyed much renown in the community and much hate as well, but the former overshadows the latter by a long shot.

I recommend Lee to your average Jungle players. However, be sure to take your time with him as his full potential unlocks after more than a few games. 

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5. Vi

Take what I said about Lee Sin and amplify that by about 3 times, and then you’ve got Vi. Her Q alone land her on this list, but some other things in her kit are just as impressive. Using her Q, Vi can be wherever she wants since it helps her jump over terrain. The spell range is also quite substantial, which can help her cut the trip down to size, even if just by a small amount. 

The rest of her kit serves to do only one thing – damage. Vi gets attack speed and damage from her W and E, making clearing camps a lot faster. She can clear an entire Buff area of the map in less than a minute, leaving the enemy Jungler with no time to retaliate. 

Vi, with her mobility and power, is a constant threat to everyone in the enemy team. She can appear out of nowhere and all in you, dealing massive damage and often taking the kill. Recently she’s had quite a reputation boost, and deservedly so. Everything and anything works on her, and we’ve made a Jungle guide for her that you should definitely check out. 

I recommend Vi to all of the Jungle mains out there. Trust me. This one’s a treat. 

4. Kha’Zix

Kha’Zix is a superb Assassin Champion, and our first on the list that is much better at invading enemies than the is clearing camps. Kha will use his insane passive that isolates enemies and buffs his damage against them. Isolation applies only to enemies that aren’t close to any allies, and a Jungler in the middle of the neutral camps is nowhere near any allied force. 

That gives Kha literally double the damage against them. This isolation also applies to single target neutrals like the Buffs, which in turn gives Kha the ability to clear Buffs with blazing speed. He can then use the power of these buffs to hunt down the unsuspecting enemy Jungler. Of course, whenever you play against Kha’Zix, you must be suspecting. However, catching people off guard with this powerful bug-alien thing is just a thing you do. 

Kha’Zix can one-shot people without any effort. During the earlier stages of the game, he won’t have that much damage, to begin with. It won’t take long, especially if he manages to get kills through ganks and invasions, for him to become an unstoppable force on the Rift. 

I recommend Kha’Zix to those who love to play Assassins but wish to transfer that love into the Jungle. 

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3. Rengar

Kha’s eternal nemesis is our next entry on the list. He can’t jump over walls like the previous four. If you don’t include his passive, I mean that requires a target to work. Rengar has extra movement speed around the bushes and can pounce from them with a great range. Everything about him revolves around attack speed, movement speed, etc.

He can clear any camp or Buff in mere seconds, and hunting down prey is literally part of his whole character. He’s a Champion that emphasizes waiting for your enemy to put themselves into a poor position and then pouncing on them when the opportunity arises. Playing Rengar feels like you’ve just picked up a gun and went hunting with your old man. A truly blissful experience. 

Rengar, after getting his Ultimate, becomes the true hunting machine he was designed to be. Whether in invasions or for ganks, Rengar will become an omnipresent force that will strike fear deep into his enemies’ bones. 

I recommend Rengar to everyone. I’ve played him for the first time way back in 2013. and have loved him ever since. 

2. Graves

Graves definitely has the most damage early on out of any Champion on this list. His farming in the Jungle embodies the “power-farming” mechanic as good as anyone could ever dream of doing. IT takes no effort or time for Graves to rack up a hundred neutral farm. He can then use this damage to steal even the enemy’s camps, since his own will be long dead. 

Using his E, as is a repeating occurrence on this list, Graves can dash through terrain and cross a great distance in a concise amount of time. He can obliterate entire camps and parts of the Jungle quickly and emerge unscathed. His passive gives him knockback on all attacks, which keeps him safe from any neutral attacks at all times. 

He is resilient, robust, and menacing. Every player that sees Graves in the enemy team will immediately be on edge from a potential encounter with him. Of course, Graves is a bit easier to kill than some of the rest as he is more of a marksman. But, as the game reaches the later stages, that becomes the opposite. 

You see, Graves is definitely a Champion that is among the hardest to kill in the entire game. This, however, is only true in the late game. Early on, it isn’t that challenging but still makes you beware of him at all times. 

I recommend Graves to anyone. 

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1. Hecarim

Hecarim is a well-known Champion, infamous for his mobility. A single button press can give Hecarim a movement speed buff so insane that he can cross any distance in seconds. This gives him the ability to walk around the neutral zones of the map freely and quickly. Using his fast and powerful AOE abilities, it will take him no time to clear his own Jungle side. After doing so, moving into the enemy territory is a must. 

Hecarim can get so powerful early on that he becomes nigh unkillable. Getting a ton of gold helps achieve this sooner, and thus the invasions are much incentivized. 

He is more known for ganks than invasions and performance in the Jungle. Still, he remains one of the top Junglers to do invasions with, as most players won’t even get the chance to react by the time you’ve cleared it all. 

I recommend Hecarim to fans of Rammus who are bored of playing Rammus. 


Invasions are complex and have to be methodically performed, lest you should be killed and lose all of your progress. Team invasions that are done at the start of the game are one of the most dangerous things to do and can cost you the entire early game if you misplay it. So, to be sure, always calculate and practice each step you make. Doing things hastily and without thinking will lose you the game. I hope you’ve found this list helpful and wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift.

These lists take time and effort to make, so leave feedback to help us improve them. Keep a keen eye out on our website for more League of Legends-related content such as guides, lists, and articles. 

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