Best Jax Skins – Ranked from The Worst to the Best

Even though he's one of the oldest champions in League of Legends, Jax still doesn't have that many skins you can choose from. The ones that he does have are not so bad, so that's why we've decided to put all of them on a list and rank them from the worst to the best!

In League of Legends, Jax is one of the most popular top-laners. Jax was originally released back in 2009 when the game was in the Alpha stages, and he’s still going strong in the top-lane. Surprisingly, he hasn’t had very many changes done to his kit. 

With being out for over a decade, we’d expect more than just eleven skins for Jax, and half of those skins are in the legacy vault and/or rare, so they’re unavailable for normal purchase, meaning they’re not for players to choose from. 

However, if you’re currently looking for a new Jax skin, we have compiled a list of the best Jax skins ranked from the worst to the best…

9. Warden Jax

In my opinion, the Warden skin line was over-hyped, and the one for Jax is no different. Really, in this skin, he looks like he’s wearing a simple suit of armor. There are no special effects or anything like that. However, the idea behind it is pretty good: Marauders and Wardens fight each other. 

The context isn’t exactly clear, but I understand what it means – there’s a flight of stairs and some columns that suggest this setting, but with the blurry mess of a background, there’s nothing concrete. The faint appearance of Alistar and Olaf’s mace and the axe is a tiny reminder of the Marauders. The simple hint of it all is what makes the splash art interesting.


  • Decorations add an air of elegance
  • The helmet is interesting


  • No special effects
  • No new sound

Price for the skin: 750 RP

8. Vandal Jax

The Vandal Jax skin is one of the oldest skins Jax has, and there’s just no flair, no theme, and no particular reason to get it. I don’t even see very many players using the Vandal Jax skin, and when I do, I kind of feel sorry for them because there are much better Jax skins to choose from. Jax wearing dark clothes and holding a spiked club does look pretty interesting, though. 

The background is interesting – it’s an empty gladiatorial arena with quite a bit of details, and Jax’s depiction is decent. The stance is attractive, the shading is complex and clear, and the glow of his eyes is cool because it matches the metal sparks that are on the smashed ground. Riot made the trail of his swing visible, but it looks a bit too much like a halo, which some people don’t mind. Looking at his clothes, they don’t exactly match the ones that are in the in-game model. Vandal Jax looks like an alternative to Classic Jax. 


  • Spiked club
  • Dark clothes


  • No special theme
  • No new animations
  • No new particles

Price for the skin: 520 RP

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7. Nemesis Jax

The Nemesis Jax is often referred to as the purple Jax skin because his lamp glows purple, and, well, he’s purple. The effects are pretty cool. His abilities have new purple particles, which makes this skin attractive, and there’s a new model for Jax and his weapon. The concept here involves Jax wearing armor like a warrior and wielding a mace. 

This skin’s composition feels a bit exaggerated and dramatic, but it does do a great job at getting its point across. His bronze armor shines nicely under the light, while his clothes play along with the light as well. The purple particles would be my favorite thing about this skin – they add some needed visual flair to his skin. 


  • Purple glow
  • New purple particles for his abilities


  • No new animations
  • No new sounds

Price for the Skin: 975 RP

6. SKT T1 Jax

The SKT T1 Jax skin is the skin that was awarded to the top laner Jung Eon-Yeong for being a part of the team that won the Season 3 World Championship. When Jax puts this skin on, he is transformed into a street warrior. While there are no new animations or particles, there are new sounds for auto-attacks and Leap Strikes, thankfully. 

With the bright lights and confetti, the splash art does a great job at depicting the team of champions from the Season 3 World Championship. However, on the other hand, the setting seems a bit on the empty side. The casual clothes that Jax is wearing fit his broad frame nicely, and they seem to have been chosen specifically for his physical activity. 

On the other hand, the mask appears to be custom-made, but it’s similar to the classic hockey mask. The weapon is peculiar if you think of it as a trophy with a big handle. 


  • New sounds for auto-attacks and Leap Strike


  • No new animations
  • No new particles

Price of the skin: 750 RP

5. The Mighty Jax

This is an ice hockey-themed skin that was released during the Olympics back in 2010. This is back when Riot started to release skins for major sporting events. While this is a pretty old skin, it’s still really cool. I really like how Riot took his lamp and turned it into a hockey stick, and I feel that that was a nice touch.

Yes, the ice background is simple, but it still adds a nice touch. Jax’s shading isn’t bad at all, but he does suffer from proportion problems, which is something you may notice. Overall, this isn’t a horrible skin, and it does a great job at serving its purpose.


  • The lamp turned into a hockey stick


  • No new animations
  • No new skins

Price of the skin: 520 RP

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4. Temple Jax

The Temple Jax skin has our good friend, Jax, styled as a Shaolin monk, and I must say, he looks pretty cool as a monk. In the distance, on his splash art, we see trees, a temple, grass, and a whole lot of sky. The Temple Jax skin has an appealing feel to it, and I’ve noticed many people running around with it on.


  • Style Jax as a Shaolin monk


  • No new animations
  • No new sound

Price of this skin: 750 RP

3. God Staff Jax

The God Staff Jax skin is one of the most popular skins for Jax in League of Legends, and I must say, it just so happens to be one of my favorites…I mean, for real, it looks incredible. When Jax puts this skin on, he looks like an ascended god with his glowing armor and lamp. Plus, this skin actually comes with new animations (finally). 

With this model, Jax has a new glow for his weapon and his hands. He also has new particles for his abilities and new animations for his auto-attacks. The new sounds for his abilities are cool too. The particles show nice golden sparks for his auto-attacks, and his abilities leave trails behind. 


  • Looks stunning
  • New animations
  • New model
  • New weapon


  • Counterstrike looks simple

Price for this skin: 1350 RP

2. Mecha Kingdoms Jax

The Mecha Kingdoms skin is one of the newest skins for Jax, and it looks great. The sleek design and new animations really do him justice. In fact, one could say that this is one of the best skins for Jax. The little drones following him around whenever he home guards out of the base is pretty cool. 


  • Looks fantastic
  • New animations


  • High price point

Price for the Skin: 1820

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1. Angler Jax

This right here just happens to be one of the best Jax’s skins – this is the one that takes his lamp and replaces it with a fishing pole ( who would have ever thought of that). This is an older skin, but it’s still a favorite because there’s just something satisfying about the way it looks. 


  • Looks great
  • Replaces his lamp with a fishing pole


  • Unimaginative design

Price for this skin: 975 RP


Jax is an unmatched warrior in LoL, and he has some pretty cool skins that you can get. Many seem to like the Nemesis Jax skin because it is appealing, without being overcrowded with too many colors. It’s a practical skin with supporting particles and the style is pretty cool. An alternative would be the Temple Jax because of the Shaolin flavor, but only if you don’t mind the fictionalization behind the skin. 

Warden Jax tries too many things all at once, but with it, he’s obviously ready for a fight. The God Staff skin is my favorite Jax skin – it has an interesting concept behind it, but the price is a bit high. 

What about you? What’s your favorite skin for Jax?

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