The Best Jhin Quotes – League of Legends

AMAZING Jhin Quotes – UPDATED 2020 – LOL Jhin Quotes

Jhin, The Virtuoso is one of the most creative and perceptive characters in League of Legends and who has not been touched by Jhin quotes? This Article contains all the LoL Jhin Quotes which will surely blow your mind.

The thing about Jhin and his Quotes is that It’s not only about words themselves. It’s about tempo, diction and emotions heard in every single thing he says. Jhin is the most artistic character in the game, whether it be his style of walking, his style of talking, his abilities, his gun, his voice, his sayings, it all is beautiful. Every single thing about Jhin screams Artistic and one of the most favorite things about Jhin are his quotes.

LoL Jhin Quotes

There are over 100s of Jhin Quotes in League of Legends and every single one of them will make your heart a little more touched. Whether it be his Pick or Ban Quotes or even the Quote “Four” when he is on his fourth shot, all of them will certainly have an effect on you.

Jhin Quotes are unlike any other champion, and they truly do touch the heart. “Smiles everyone, Smiles” really makes you smile and also the way he says it makes you feel like Jhin has been through a lot.

If you also look at his other quotes such as “The world is cruel. It does not have to be ugly.”, it will really put your mind to think and might even make you think and see the bigger picture. It is not about the Art, it is how the artist describes it.

Top 10 Jhin Quotes & Sayings

The Best Jhin Quotes - League of Legends

Below are the top 10 Jhin Quotes & Jhin Sayings which will really blow your mind.

  1. “Smiles, everyone, smiles!”
  2. “The show never ends!”
  3. “Perfection isn’t good enough.”
  4. “I am the singer without a voice. The dancer without legs.”
  5. “Each bullet is a piece of my soul. Each shot is a piece of me.”
  6. “This… passion… compels me.”
  7. “In carnage, I bloom, like a flower in the dawn.”
  8. “Art is worth the pain.”
  9. “The truth comes only at the moment of dying.”
  10. “The world is cruel. It does not have to be ugly.”

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Dark Cosmic Jhin Quotes

Dark Cosmic Jhin Quotes - The Best Jhin Quotes - League of Legends

Dark Cosmic Jhin is a legendary skin and has his own special interactions and quotes with the release of Dark Cosmic Jhin Skin.

This being a legendary skin also has every single Quotes and sayings of his redone to match the skin. What makes this skin even more exclusive is that he has many different Dark Cosmic Jhin Quotes that are only for the skin. You can add about 50 more quotes that are only for this skin alone, making this a must buy skin for any Jhin Main out there.

Here are few of Dark Cosmic Jhin Quotes and Sayings:

  • “What is a God, without words to fear him?”
  • “The dark star demands perfection.”
  • “I can see them all, these infinite astral workings.”
  • “I want to feel everything, and then nothing”
  • “The stars are my eyes, and one by one, I must blind them.”
  • “Destroying galaxies is a pedestrian interpretation, I paint upon the canvas of eternity.”
  • “What lies beneath my mask? The universe, as I, was meant to make it.”

First encounter with Cosmic: “Go frolic amongst your starlight you sad empty little thing. A real artist is at work”

Upon attacking Cosmic Queen Ashe :“My Queen, see what I’ve become.”

Killing any Cosmic: “Cheap materials, very little artistic value, cosmic garbage all over my stage.”

Quotation on Perfection

If any of us have played Jhin, we all know how he wants to be perfect and how he wants his Art to be perfect. Here are some of Jhin’s Quotes on Perfection.

  • “Erasure is perfection.”
  • “The dark star demands perfection.”
  • “Only perfectio-gah!” (garbles incoherently) (clears throat) “… only perfection is acceptable.”
  • “Perfection isn’t good enough.”
  • “I must wait until the composition is perfect.”
  • “I cannot be good. I must be perfection.”

I don’t know about you but these Quotations on Perfection sure did make me feel like doing better.

Jhin Sayings

Jhin Sayings The Best Jhin Quotes - League of Legends

Jhin is so dramatic and has such amazing quotes that he has his very own twitter account bot that keeps posting his quotes. This really shows you how one character really has an impact on the people even if it is a character in a game.

This bot posts one of Jhin Sayings every hour so if you want to know more about Jhin, you should definitely check the account out.

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Jhin AMA

Reddit, as a social media platform, is home to the AMA, or the Ask Me Anything. It’s a relatively common type of practice where a noteworthy person in their respective community will offer to answer people’s questions. They happen often in the League of Legends Reddit community, too, and there was one that was different from your usual AMA.

Instead of the subject being a famous player or other personality in the scene, it was just a random player. More specifically, it was a Jhin main, and they offered to answer all questions in the AMA with Jhin quotes. We learned two things from reading through the comments. First, there are way more Jhin quotes than we realized there were, and second, this was a stroke of pure genius. It was nothing short of unadulterated entertainment.

We won’t spoil it with too many specifics, because you’ll need to read through the AMA yourself to get a feel for how special it was, but we will reveal some of our favorites. This Jhin player seemed to have the perfect quote for everything, from witty replies to sick burns. Here are some of them.

Question: What is your take on AP Jhin?
Answer: “They call me mad, all artists are mad”.

Question: How do you feel about your rank?
Answer: “It hurts so good”

Question: Will Jhin ever be victorious?
Answer: “My genius will be understood… eventually.”

You really can see what a creative champion Jhin is and how you can have loads of fun with Jhin Quotes.

This really goes to show that not only can real people motivate you, but certain styles of writing or character depiction can also motivate you or make you feel things out of the norm. I know for a fact that I have started quoting Jhin a lot after making this Article and now you may start too!

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