Best Jhin Skins – Ranked From Worst to Best

Best Jhin Skins – Ranked From Worst to Best

Jhin will captivate you if you have a passion for crime fiction, psychological suspense, or mysteries in general. Jhin possesses the qualities of being creative, peaceful, courteous, and incredibly thorough.

Jhin is another example of a psychopath who views murder as a form of creative expression. Jhin was formerly thrown out of prison after being convicted of many grisly murders; nevertheless, he is now a covert assassin operating in the shadows for Ionia.

Jhin’s so-called “performances” have been getting much more sophisticated recently due to the fact that he now has the support of the council and is heavily armed with every piece of armor and weapon imaginable.

You can’t help but be fascinated by Jhin, despite the fact that this can give you chills. Although he does not have a very large collection of skins, the ones that he does have are spooky and fascinating at the same time.

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1. Dark Cosmic Jhin

Dark Cosmic Best Jhin Skin Ranked From Worst to Best

The Dark Cosmic Jhin is a great fit for Jhin in both appearance and function since it has been filled with the power of the universe. We are all aware of how significant Jhin places emphasis on the number four, and there are certain interactions that cause him to manifest two additional arms from his body, bringing the total number of his arms to four.

Shiny stars are visible floating about him along with a black hole that is located on his shoulder, and he is covered in a purple cloak. 

When he uses his standard auto attacks, he leaves a blue trail packed with stars behind him. However, his fourth shot develops a black aura surrounding his pistol and firing it will result in a tremendous cosmic explosion.

His Q causes a cosmic bomb to bounce four times, his W causes a shooting star to be fired, and his E causes a black hole to be placed as a trap that explodes after it has been engaged. His ultimate ability causes his line of sight to become covered by stars, planets, and black holes while also playing a lovely theme melody.

2. High Noon Jhin

High Noon Best Jhin Skin Ranked From Worst to Best

High Noon Jhin’s secondary skin has performed exceptionally well in comparison to the performance of other League of Legends champions’ secondary skins, which is particularly impressive given that it was introduced simultaneously with the champion. 

Jhin replaces the mask he normally wears with a bright red bandana and bright yellow spectacles to give the impression that he is participating in a western-themed event.

In addition, a black cowboy hat is required. The weapon improvements are, without a doubt, the highlight of this skin. His old handgun has been replaced with a revolver that, when fired, makes satisfying bullet sounds. 

When Jhin’s passive ability is activated, an orange aura begins to radiate from him, and a low-key western theme tune can be heard in the background.

His ultimate transforms him into a sniper, along with the distinctive noises that accompany each shot. This skin also makes a reference to the movie “Django Unchained,” specifically the scene in which Jhin murders Teemo and says, “I like the way you die, boy.”

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3. PROJECT: Jhin

PROJECT: Jhin Best Jhin Skin Ranked From Worst to Best

As a continuation of the PROJECT skin line featured in League, Jhin is decked up in a mechanized black suit that covers his face along with the rest of his body. His mask emits a crimson glow, and despite the fact that it is expressionless, you can tell that Jhin is still a very dangerous individual. 

When Jhin kills an opponent, a red orbit will appear at the point where they were killed. This orbit will explode after a few seconds, leaving behind red particles in the surrounding region.

His Q unleashes a bomb that flashes a crimson light and leaves a trail of blood-red smoke in its wake. The W that he uses as a passive ability surrounding his foes is represented by a purple triangle. 

Targets that have been rooted will have a radius below them that causes Jhin’s crimson mask to glitch. It might be said that the ultimate soundtrack he composed for this skin is the most awesome of any and all other skins. His champion theme is played in the background while a blend of music from the PROJECT skin line plays.

4. Blood Moon Jhin

Blood Moon Best Jhin Skin Ranked From Worst to Best

Jhin has developed into a formidable assassin by using the power of the blood moon in order to track down and kill all demons and maybe men as well. 

He wears a white mask that has two crimson horns protruding from the top of it. His right eye seems to be a pale blue, while his left eye emits a crimson glow.

His “costume” as a whole is red, but his right arm appears to be being eaten away by some kind of demonic force. 

The automatic attacks employed by Jhin appear to be imbued with blood magic since each shot leaves a trail of blood that has a purple hue behind it. His Q fires a fiery blue missile that may bounce off of up to four different foes.

His E skill lays cursed traps on the ground, which, if activated, start playing violent drumming as a cue sound. His ultimate ability shoots huge bullets enhanced by blood magic while playing frightening music in the background.

5. Shan Hai Scrolls Jhin

Shan Hai Scrolls Best Jhin Skin Ranked From Worst to Best

Jhin is an artist, and while the majority of his work involves killing people, his practice looks very different now that he is inside this body. 

Jhin is forced to hide his identity by wearing a mask that resembles the face of the devil because of the Shan Hair Scrolls. The thick and scowling brows of the mask convey the angry look of the wearer.

In keeping with his overall look, Jhin wears what appears to be a blazing thing on his shoulder. Jhin’s Q causes a scroll to bounce four times, producing the distinctive sound of a shamisen while it does so. 

When he sets traps with his E, they are orange spheres that float in the air and explode when they come into touch with something.

Jhin’s musical ability is displayed during the detonation of these devices by the playing of instrumental sounds. 

Jhin’s R pulls back the curtain and reveals his actual abilities, showing that he is capable of sniping his opponents with enormous orange bullets that create blue smoke in their wake.

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6. DWG Jhin

DWG Best Jhin Skin Ranked From Worst to Best

This skin was created in recognition of the outstanding performance that Ghost put out during the 2020 World Championship. 

This is an essential purchase for any and all fans of DWG, as Ghost made Jhin his signature selection. There is no other skin that even comes close to doing as good of a job as this one did of revealing Jhin’s concealed identity and face.

Jhin’s hair, which had previously been concealed, is seen to be a dark brown with a hint of red. His entire appearance is primarily blue, and the only thing covering his face is a white mask. In addition, blue horns are attached to the sides of his mask. His talents leave blue smoke particles upon hit.

His passive ability is shown on the ground as a blue mark, while his active ability is a blue flower that draws that mark. His Q is a blue grenade. 

When he uses his R, a wide area that is surrounded by blue boundaries will become visible. A tiny glimpse of people cheering can also be heard in the background.

7. SKT T1 Jhin

SKT T1 Jhin Best Jhin Skin Ranked From Worst to Best

Another one of Jhin’s characteristic skins, this one was created for SKT T1, an esports organization that is most well-known for having Faker, the best League player in the history of the game. 

On the other hand, this Jhin was designed just for Bang, who took home the global title in 2016. Jhin is decked up in golden armor with red and white garments and a golden mask. He also has on a golden helmet.

The way his garments were cut gave them a form that was reminiscent of SKT’s team emblem. Jhin begins to flicker his handgun as a crimson aura emanates from it whenever his Whisper ability is engaged. His primary autos fire crimson bullets that leave a trail of yellow smoke in their wake.

His Dancing Grenade is shown as an all-red item in the game. His W’s mark is virtually identical to his traditional mark, with the exception of certain color adjustments. The SKT logo, as well as Bang’s name, are shown in his recall.


There are a handful of Jhin’s skins, such as SKT/Shan Hai/DWG, that you should avoid despite the fact that the rest of his skins are all fantastic. 

Since one cannot just create more money out of thin air, I would suggest investing it in either PROJECT, Blood Moon, or Dark Cosmic.

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