Top 10 Best Jungle Players in League of Legends History

League of Legends is a game that requires teamwork and synergy to win games. It was created in 2009 by Riot Games and has exploded into one of the most played games worldwide. There are over 100 champions, each with unique abilities and playstyles. But the role of jungler is what truly makes or breaks a team’s ability to win games.

A jungler’s job is to farm gold throughout the early-mid game all while ganking lanes for kills to help their teammates get ahead. They can do this by either killing jungle camps or attempting to gank enemy champions who are isolated from their team. Below is a list of my picks for the 10 best jungler players in League of Legends history.

1. DanDy

A South Korean player, he was a part of the MVP Ozone team back when they were an unknown team. He had an impressive performance with his teammates while winning OLYMPUS Champions Spring 2013 where he showed off his flawless mechanics on Lee Sin and amazing decision-making skills on Vi by being able to execute the ‘Vi Ult + Flash’ combo effectively which at the time everyone thought it was impossible to pull off. He is currently retired from playing competitively, but he still streams on Twitch occasionally.

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2. Santorin

A player hailing from Denmark, Santorin had a short career with his previous team Gold Gaming Los Angeles before joining Team Coast in the NA LCS Summer Split 2014. Shortly after, TSM picked up the roster of Team Coast and they placed first during the 2015 NA LCS Spring Playoffs. After joining Cloud 9 they went on to win their first NALCS title at IEM Season IX San Jose. His impressive mechanics on Lee Sin earned him respect worldwide as he continued to prove himself at the 2015 IEM World Championship where he led his team to victory against Team WE in the Finals.

3. Xmithie

Xmithie started his professional career playing for Rock Solid which was later picked up by Counter Logic Gaming. He remains on CLG to this day and has won multiple tournaments under their name. Although he has not received much international attention, he has shown off an extremely high skill level while playing game after game at a consistently high pace while his mechanics remain strong over time.

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4. Reignover

The first player on this list hailing from South Korea, Reignover was apart of the Fnatic organization back in his early days. He joined the team in December of 2013 along with Huni, Febiven, and Steelback for their run at IEM Season IX – Cologne where they were able to place 2nd to Winterfox.

After Fnatic’s roster changed during 2014, Reignover was unable to play with them at the 2014 World Championship due to visa issues which resulted in him being moved off of the team. During this short period out of the game, he decided not to join any other teams before returning back so he could become better by taking a break from professional play. 

5. Diamondprox

He began his professional career playing for the now-defunct Moscow 5 back in 2012. Not only is he a great jungler, but Diamondprox is known as one of the best Russian players to play League of Legends and currently holds the record for most World Championship games played with 20 games under his belt.

His years of experience and knowledge helped him lead Gambit Gaming to take first place during the 2015 EU LCS Spring Playoffs. Diamondprox has been part of many other successful teams such as Team Empire (2011-2012), Unicorns Of Love (2013), and ROCCAT (2014).

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6. Clearlove

He notably played a large role in EDG’s win at the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational where China was able to upset Korea and take first place. He is famous for his great mechanics on Lee Sin which has been coined as ‘InSec 2.0’ due to him being constantly able to outplay his opponents by building up advantages from behind through constantly invading the enemy jungle and camping lanes. In addition, it should be noted that Clearlove has played for many other successful teams such as WE (2010), Team DK (2011), and OMG (2014).

7. Ning

He was briefly part of Invictus Gaming during 2012 which helped him get his name out into the scene by playing well at tournaments such as IPL5 before leaving for OMG where he has remained ever since. Known as a ‘roaming’ jungler who focuses on ganking lanes and creating advantages rather than farming camps or counter juggling’s, Ning innovative jungle style took first place during the 2014 Demacia Cup Summer Playoffs which qualified them to attend Worlds later that year.

His name has become engraved in the minds of League of Legends fans thanks to his insanely complex Kayn mechanics and skills, as well as being one of the first players to pick Kayn in the LPL. He was the MVP of 2018’s World Championship, and he is noted for his remarkable performance on Camille.

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8. InSec

To this day, InSec is considered one of the best junglers in Korea. He played for KT Rolster Bullets which qualified them into Worlds. At that time, he was famous for his Lee Sin mechanics and became an instant hit with fans worldwide. Although he rarely played other champions, he has shown mastery on Jarvan IV and Elise while playing Nidalee whenever it would fit during his matches.

During All-Star Week in 2013, Insec performed one of the most famous moves in competitive League of Legends history. After stunning yellowpete with a Lee Sin Shockwave, inSec warded jump behind him using Safeguard before unleashing his ultimate, Dragon’s Rage, to send the helpless Marksman towards his teammates.

9. Canyon

Canyon is a relative newcomer to competitive League of Legends; nevertheless, he has established a reputation as one of the best Junglers in the game. “Jungle Canyon” has been coined by experts and pundits to characterize the vast gap in resources between the victor’s jungle and their losing opponent because to his capacity to discover leads against the opponent in almost every game.

He teamed up with DAMWON gaming to win the World Championship in 2020, and he also won an LCK title with them. Canyon’s career record stands at 184 wins and 92 losses, which is quite exceptional.

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10. bengi

The other jungler from Korea to win the World Championship in 2016, bengi has been a stalwart of SKT T1’s dominance throughout the years. He was part of many championship teams such as SKT T1 K (2013-2014), and SKT T1 (2015). In addition, he helped his team clinch first place during Worlds 2015 as well.

Although it is arguable that Faker gets more credit for their victory at Worlds 2015, what is not arguable is that they won thanks to players like bengi who managed to create advantages through vision which allowed them to snowball into victory against the opposing team during the mid-game phase where SK Telecom was known for their overwhelming mid-game prowess.

He is a 3 time World Champion with SKT T1, a Mid-Season Invitational Champion, a 5-time LCK Champion, and an All-star Invitational Champion. bengi, alongside Faker, are the only players in competitive League of Legends that have won 3 World Championship titles together.


These 10 players have all made significant contributions to the competitive League of Legends scene. They are some of the best junglers in history, and their skills and mechanics on various champions have helped them win numerous tournaments. Whether it’s InSec’s famous maneuver or Canyon’s vast knowledge of the game, they have all left a lasting impression on fans and experts alike.

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