Top 7 Best Junglers for Beginners in LoL

League of Legends has over 160 Champions in its ever-expanding roster. For a new player, it might be difficult to find the right one to play initially. The game itself offers you some good options during the tutorial part, but never really goes deep enough into explaining said Champions. 

Thus, a beginner would be entirely dumbfounded when met with the nearly endless pool of Champions to choose from.

Some Champions are inherently easier than others, and that will always be the case so long as the game exists. With simpler kits, intuitive gameplay, and a frustration-free design, these Champions are best suited for newer players. 

They will be their gateway into the more complex and intricate mechanics that League of Legends has to offer, as there is always something new to discover in the game.

This article will go over the seven best Junglers in League of Legends for beginning players. New players are always faced with the challenge of learning what works and when, so we’re hoping to help you resolve just that. 

Without further ado, and to cut the intro short(er), let’s begin with our list! 

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7. Master Yi 

Master Yi is without a doubt one of the easiest Champions to play overall. His straightforward kit can be used by anyone of any skill level, and there’s nothing inherently challenging or difficult about it. 

He’s the perfect choice for a new player exploring the Jungle role, which is itself a challenging one that will surely put everything you know to the test. 

He’s usually a new player’s first pick, or at least he used to be. The infamy surrounding him can all be summed in his characterization as a “noob Champion”, often spurted out by frustrated enemies. 

I can safely say that Yi can be a total beast when ahead, capable of taking down entire teams 1v5. Especially in low Elo and among new players, Yi can dominate singlehandedly, as not many people know how to effectively play against him. 

You will surely love his fast, agile, and cutting-edge gameplay both in and out of the Jungle. Though you may be new to the game, Yi is the perfect Champion to introduce you to the basics of Jungling, and even some intricate mechanics as well. I am certain you will love him, and I cannot recommend him enough. 

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6. Warwick

The bloodhungry, blood-lusting and blood smelling beast known as Warwick is a tremendous choice for new Jungle players. If Yi was the one who will teach you the basics (mostly revolving around farm and Jungle clearing), Warwick takes you to the next step – map presence and ganking. 

This Champion is perfectly designed to apply as much pressure on the enemy team as possible, not allowing them even a second to breathe. 

Able to cross from one end of the map to the other, Warwick undoubtedly takes the cake when it comes to ganking and map presence. For new players reading this that means nothing, but they will immediately figure these crucial mechanics out after only a game or two with Warwick. 

His kit is straightforward, immensely powerful, and sustainable enough to make HP management an afterthought in the Jungle. 

His late game only gets better, turning you into a heavy-hitting Tank that knows no stopping. Warwick’s onslaught is waiting to happen, and you better make sure you’re the one controlling him. I wholeheartedly recommend this Champion to players of all skill levels, but especially to those just starting out with the Jungle role. 

5. Rengar

Rengar is a lean, mean, killing machine that will be your best tutor on how to properly Jungle. New players will love how approachable this Champion is. Literally everyone and their grandma could play him, and do it well. 

By utilizing speed, range, and damage – Rengar is a Champion that is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. This allows beginners to dominate their opponents while not taxing their minds with too many complexities. 

New players with Rengar at the tip of their fingers will greatly increase their understanding of the Jungle role and how it works. He is capable of clearing camps fast, as well as ganking frequently and efficiently. 

With how his kit works, they will also start figuring out how to better manage their resources in the Jungle, especially HP. As he doesn’t have Mana, new players can focus on minimizing the strain on their HP in the Jungle. 

The lack of Mana also allows them to stay in the Jungle for much longer, which helps iron out any mistakes they might be making, as well as add a ton more experience to their track record. 

Rengar is one of my favorite Champions ever released, and I have no doubt in my mind that you will adore him too. I recommend him to everyone, but beginners will find true appreciation for this fantastic Champion. 

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4. Jax

Jax was one of my first Champions ever, and my first main. Many new players can say the same, or at least they could until Garen and Lux started stealing all the spotlight. 

However, I am here to guide you to a better path than what Riot envisioned with their boring poster-child Champions. Jax’s simplicity will appeal to any new player, since there won’t be anything unnecessarily complex to bother you. 

Though not a traditional Jungler, Jax will give you the opportunity of learning how to clear camps quickly. You see, he doesn’t have much regeneration, which does make him a bit more challenging to play in the Jungle. 

However, by learning how to mitigate this you will learn all the intricacies of resource management in the Jungle, making you extremely efficient at doing it. This will naturally carry over to all Champions you play, and overall make you a better Jungler. 

Any extra challenge should never scare you off, but rather drag you in. Challenging Champions, roles and mechanics are the best way of learning how to play and ultimately improving your skill. 

Even the best of players will take additional challenges on themselves in order to improve how they play. Jax is an easy Champion overall, but his role in the Jungle will bring out the best in you, and that’s why I must recommend him to everyone starting out as a Jungler. 

3. Amumu

Amumu is one of the best team fighting Junglers ever released in League of Legends. His ability to incapacitate an entire team, allowing his allies to swiftly execute them, is largely unparalleled. However, what he also happens to be is among the best of newb-friendly Champions to date, with a simple yet incredibly effective ability kit. 

Amumu can Tank a lot, making his Jungling rather forgiving. His AOE abilities, stuns, and low cooldowns also help a ton in mitigating any damage he might take. 

His true self comes out the moment he leaves the Jungle, as clearing camps is not his area of expertise. He focuses more on ganking and establishing strong map presence, as well as eventually being his team’s spearhead in team fights. 

Though he does have a skill shot Q, which is the backbone of his kit, it’s not that difficult to use and it’s a good practice. Learning how to frequently and accurately land skill shots as early as possible is the best thing you could do. 

Once you get into the high levels and ranks, possessing such mechanical prowess becomes absolutely necessary for advancement. Thus, Champions like Amumu have a lot to teach when it comes to skill shots, and you should be playing them.

Other than that, Amumu will also tremendously increase your knowledge of team fight behavior, the dos and don’ts. Playing him will genuinely increase your overall skill in League of Legends, but also teach you a ton about Jungling. I wholeheartedly recommend him to beginners and new players. 

2. Hecarim

This literal speed demon is your express ticket towards greatness, and for more reasons than one. Hecarim has been a dominant Jungle pick in all skill levels for ages now, and it is no wonder he’s on a list like this one. 

His simple, yet incredibly effective kit will suit a newer player and their needs perfectly. He has all you’ll ever need – sustain, speed, ganks, clear – you name it. 

Depending on what you want to do, Hecarim can focus on ganking and establishing fantastic map pressure; or he can just farm and clear camps until he gets to a beastly level. 

It is entirely your choice and depends on what you prefer, which I think will greatly help you in finding your playstyle. Not many Champions can bring out that inner player, which only makes Hecarim that more significant. 

His strength recently is also a thing of note, as I’ve seen more than one game of Hecarim singlehandedly dominating the enemy team. The early and mid games are his forte, and if he gets ahead in that timeframe, you be sure that he’ll be seeing that Victory screen. 

This focus on quick and early gameplay makes him additionally suited to newer players, as their games won’t last too long and will largely focus on fast and aggressive gameplay. 

Anyhow, I’m dragging this one too long already – go and play him, you won’t regret it. 

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1. Xin Zhao

We can’t discuss new players and beginners without mentioning Xin Zhao. An old Champion that’s been through some changes, he is much akin to Jax and Master Yi. Once upon a time he’d have been your first Champion in the Jungle, as his popularity surpassed him. 

However, recent years and the oversaturation of League’s roster have muddied the waters a bit. That is why I’m including him on the list, and making damn sure you guys go and give him a try. 

Xin Zhao is an incredibly powerful, DPS-focused Jungler that loves clearing the camps quickly, and then moving on to ganks. He’ll absolutely decimate anyone’s health bar in mere seconds, especially in the earlier parts of the game. 

If he gets any advantage initially, there’s nothing that can stop him on his way to the Victory screen. 

I love his aggressiveness, speed, and versatility. Like Hecarim, he will genuinely bring out the best of you, helping you to get shaped into the player you were meant to be. The offensive approach of his gives you the opportunity to dominate and obliterate your enemies. 

New players need that sort of experience every once in a while to keep them going. I mean, what’s the point of the game if you just kept losing, right? 

I cannot stress enough how good Xin Zhao is for newer players and even the total beginners. In terms of Jungling, he is among the best at all skill levels, and I wholeheartedly recommend him to everyone reading this article – but especially those new guys that are just starting out. 


The League of Legends Jungle is certainly the hardest role in the game. For a new player, it will be even more of a challenge, with dozens of mechanics, complexities and intricacies to be learned, honed and eventually mastered. 

The best way of getting there is by playing the right Champions for you, and the ones above are definitely among the best for new players and beginners. 

While the Jungle itself is hard, it doesn’t mean you have to play an inherently hard Champion; you can sometimes make things easier on yourself. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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