Top 7 Best Junglers in Diamond (Season 12)

Diamond is where things will start to get serious. Players in this rank tend to practice champions hard because they aim to reach Challenger. I will provide you with the best champions you can use in Diamond based on statistics but make sure to practice them reasonably, not only your champions but your macro knowledge as well. 

There are multiple ways you can practice, but one of the best and most effective ways to get better is to watch the replays of your games. At first, you might ask, why? Is there any relevance if you watch your mistakes? Won’t that embarrass you even further? 

The answer is no because, on the contrary, if you watch your mistakes, you will figure out what you did wrong, so the next time you face another situation like that, you will know the right decision and come out on top.

League of legends is a battle of wits and decision-making. Practicing champions, again and again, will truly bring out the best in your games. Kind of like in real life, if you practice an instrument repeatedly after so many mistakes, you will reach a point where you don’t need guides anymore, and you will confidently play your instrument. 

I won’t delay it any further, and here are the best junglers you can use in Diamond Rank.

1. Viego

Viego excels in high-level play because of his passive. The utility that comes from turning yourself into the champions you just slain is a great way to be unpredictable. His ability to heal a certain percentage of HP every time he possesses a soul is just beyond OP, giving him resets of his ultimate every time he scores a takedown. 

Viego is also a very fast jungle camp clear champion, and players in high elo Diamond know how to utilize jungle aggro range and timers. If Viego gets to clear the jungle camp fast enough, he can gank the nearest lane, and if he scores a takedown with this tactic, he can snowball towards a victory. 

His staple item is none other than the sword named after him, Sword of the Ruined King gives Viego an improved attack speed, and it even stacks with his already impressive bonus HP percentage damage. He can also use Conqueror or Grasp of the undying to Synergize with his Divine Sunderer’s heal and bonus damage. 

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2. Diana

Diana’s combo is powerful, mainly when enemies are grouped. Diamond and up is a different league than the lower ranks because players in this division know what to prioritize. Team fights and Objective regroups are the most common occurrence in Diamond; enemies often clump together when preparing for initiation. 

Diana can take advantage of this and immediately perform her AOE burst to unsuspecting enemies. It is effortless to burst them all down if you manage to fake a disengage or sneak behind the opposing team.

Make sure that if you plan to do a mid or late-game burst, you have a Zhonya’s Hourglass so you can survive the retaliation of the opposing team. Diana also has a bonus attack speed every time she casts her spells, meaning she can clear camps quickly and gank lanes early on, but it is up to you to focus on ganking or power farming because Diana can thrive on either of the two options.

Nashor’s tooth is an item you can build in the early game to help you clear camps even faster; it will also help you stand your ground and trade hits to the opposing jungler if you cross paths. 

3. Lee Sin

High elo also sees high-level plays, and that means hard-to-use champions are the name of the game. Lee Sin is one of the hardest champions to play in League of Legends because of different factors. For one, there is the range of your Q, and you need to consider the angle from which you can hit an enemy champion without hitting a minion or a jungle monster. 

One of the most challenging plays in Lee Sin is performing an insec during stressful team fights. 

Lee Sin is tough to use, but if you master him and can comfortably use him, he can be a one-person team to carry your entire team. He can initiate team fights or solo carries an entire game. Whatever you decide your playstyle will be, you can adapt your item build to whatever your team needs. 

Lee Sin can be built like an assassin in the early game and then transition to a bruiser in the late game. Like I said, adjust to whatever your team needs or whatever counters the opposing team. 

However, one generally good item build on him is a tank that uses Deadman’s Plate and Guardian Angel as the two core items. Goredrinker is also a great item on Lee Sin, especially if the game reaches the late game. 

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4. Evelynn 

Diamond players tend to be aware of their warding locations, but that does not mean players prioritize buying control wards. Evelynn can only be seen if there is a nearby control ward or if she gets scanned by an oracle lens. 

Her agile and stealthy nature can be hazardous in Diamond, combined with the fact that she can burst almost every champion in the game during early to mid-game. 

Evelynn is great if you abuse her roaming potential; she thrives on early-game assassinations, meaning she can farm kills instead of jungle camps. His passive also allows her to heal a portion of her lost HP every time she disengages and turns invisible; this opens up an opportunity for Evelynn to farm jungle monsters after a gank instead of recalling. 

Her primary damage comes from her W and E combo and E procs on-hit effects. Lich Bane is an insane item you can build on, Evelynn. You can rush build this item and watch as enemies get tilted because of your early game burst. 

5. Kindred

A champion that does not get much spotlight in low elo, Kindred is a team player who thrives on playing and achieving kills with her team. Her ultimate is one of the best life-saving abilities in the game, but the fact that enemies can step inside the circle and be immune to death also means you have to use it smartly. 

Kindred can pretty much focus on power farming and rushing items, but that doesn’t mean she can forget about ganking. She can do both things, and farm kills and builds her passive stack up. 

Kindred’s late game is based on her stack, so you might want to focus on acquiring your passives as much as you can. If your passive spawns on the opponent’s jungle camp, try to ask for help from your laners, so you don’t risk yourself dying. 

6. Graves

The favorite jungle champions of Korean high elo players, Graves’ ability to cancel the animation, become tanky and deal tons of damage in a short period is why he is one of the best champions to master in higher elos. 

Graves has a passive that pushes jungle monsters back every time he hits them is an excellent way for him to skip on early game sustain items and focus on building his core items first. He can play around a minion without suffering damage. 

He also has incredible AOE damage meaning he can clear raptors and krugs fast and annoying camp to clear for champions with no AOE damage. Galeforce opens up so many potential plays for Graves, and he can use it to engage enemies and use the gap closer as a chance to slow enemies with his smokescreen. 

Galeforce also allows Graves to one-shot enemies as soon as he builds them. If enemies are squishy, Galeforce is the smart thing to buy, but if it looks like you will have extended skirmishes or team fights, then Immortal Shieldbow is your best bet. 

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7. Nunu & Willump

Diamond players focus on securing objectives with a map’s vast influence, so it is pretty evident that Nunu is a staple pick in high elo. The fact that he can stack his Q with smite is why you should pick him more often in Diamond. You rarely, if not never, lose a smite battle with the opposing jungler with Nunu; make sure that if you want to claim an objective, let your team stick with you so you can burst Baron down in an instant even if he has more than 1000 HP.

Roaming is also the main factor in high elo, and Nunu excels at ganking lanes thanks to his snowball. You can improve this ganking speed even further by building Deadman’s plate. Not only will this give you a slow effect on your first hit on an enemy, but it also gives you so many defensive stats, which allows you to perform tower dives.


Players in this division are the ones who practice champions and watch their replays so they can improve on their macro and micro knowledge. These champions are great to play but coming out on top when using them is not easy. It would help if you were consistent with your decision-making skills. It would help if you also kept yourself updated from the latest patch so you can adjust your picks and bans and your item builds. 

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