Top 7 Top 7 Best Junglers in Platinum (Season 12)

Platinum is the home of demoted diamond players and is considered by most as the Elo Hell out of all the divisions. This is the conjunction of every rank in the game, be it hardstuck platinum players, try hards that got demoted from Diamond, and even troll players, so ranking and climbing out of Platinum is tricky if you don’t know what you are doing. 

With the start of the transition in playstyle, you should also change how you play and focus on counter picks and item counters. Counter strategy is one of the significant factors of the game that you should consider to win more games. If you want to climb out of platinum, you should focus on the micro part of the game and the map-wide impacts of your actions that can lead to a victory screen. 

Today, we will present you with the best champions you can use in Platinum rank and how you can use them to get out of Elo Hell. Take note that these champions are generally good picks, but you should still consider adjusting your picks based on the team comp of either your allies or your enemies. 

1. Viego

Viego is one of the most muscular solo carrying champions in the game, thanks to his passive ability to become the champion he just killed. He scales hard and thrives on both ganking and power farming. He is very versatile because he can become different heroes during team fights, depending on his needs. He also deals bonus damage based on an enemy’s HP percentage, making him a great pick against tanks. 

Viego has different builds he can make depending on the enemy he faces. If you think you can take on enemies by yourself, build items with a balance of defense and offense. Whatever your playstyle is, be sure to gank as often as possible because Viego is not that strong in the late game. His staple item is named after him, the Sword of the Ruined King. This item improves his bonus HP percentage damage and lets him kill epic monsters faster. 

Viego is quite squishy, so you might want to squeeze in one or two defensive items like wit’s end or Death’s Dance so you can survive exchanges.  

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2. Hecarim

In second place and only lost to Viego because of damage output and utility, Hecarim is still pretty strong in Platinum. His roaming speed is second to none, and he can also adapt his build to whatever the enemy focuses on. Hecarim is always welcome to any allied team comp because of the versatility of his kit. 

Despite having many viable builds on Hecarim, tank heca looks like the best option you can do, especially when you blind pick him. When deciding on an item build path, try to observe the game and where it is heading. If enemies become strong and gain a lead against your team, try to build a durable tanky Heca. You will be at a considerable disadvantage if you build damaged items and try to catch up to the enemy using damage. 

Hecarim is an excellent jungle in Platinum because allies will know how to react to his gank, and that is the best thing when you are playing with allies who know how to use their macro knowledge. 

3. Graves

Season 12’s comeback jungler is Graves, his ability to perform well on extended fights is valuable in season 12. His tankiness coming from his stacked E is helpful, especially when facing early game champions. 

There are many ways you can win an early game skirmish. You can either play with your opponent by running circles on him using your E and smokescreen, or always keep your E stack up so that when you face an opponent, you will be a tough jungle to kill with damage like an assassin. 

Because of extended fights, Graves can run fleet footwork rune. It doesn’t only help him in the late game thanks to the bonus mobility it gives, but it also gives him excellent survivability in the jungle during the early phases of the game. Eclipse is also a great pick on Graves because of the omnivamp he gains from this item. He can even proc this item quickly with a simple hit and Q combo. 

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4. Kayn

With Kayn, you have two options to pick, and because of that, you can easily blind pick him. Blind pick viable champions are significant in Platinum and up because this division has players that know how to counter champions. 

With Kayn, even if enemies counter you with champions, you still have the versatility thanks to your passive that lets you choose an assassin or tank Kayn. Your item build path can also mitigate the counter-picking of enemies, so you don’t have to worry much, even if you are the first pick in the picks and bans phase of the game.

Regardless of what form you take on Kayn, Goredrinker is a generally good item for him because you will find yourself most of the time in the middle of the opposing team. Goredrinker also guarantees your survival after you ult an enemy. 

5. Xin Zhao

Ever since League of Legends discovered animation cancels, Xin Zhao has been a staple jungle in League. He has a quick burst that can dominate squishy carries early to mid-game. He can isolate carries even if there is a full-blown team fight happening. Your only problem is that when the game reaches the late game, Xin can finish games fast, but if he fails, enemies outscale him, and his kit does not fit the late game. 

Hail of Blades is the best rune you can pick on him simply because it quickly procs your knock-up every time you engage an enemy. This attack speed usually gives the enemy no time to react to your assault and end up getting killed. 

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6. Ekko

The boy who shattered time, Ekko, saw different playstyles and item builds throughout the years, but his best and most common build is none other than AP assassin Ekko. He has an excellent jungle camp clear speed, making him a significant scaling and ganking jungler. His late game is also broken because he can one-shot squishy enemies out of nowhere, and he can use his ult to bail out after killing an ADC. 

Of course, because of his E ability, Lich Bane is the staple item for Ekko. Although he is pretty weak at the start of the game and pretty squishy, that is why running Fleet Footwork is the best way to mitigate his early game squishiness. 

One of the hardest CC to hit in the game is Ekko’s W, but if you manage to land a 5-man stun on your W, it’s pretty much a sure win on the team fight. Ekko can start an outstanding wombo combo, or he can even solo kill five enemies thanks to the OP burst he has with his ultimate and passive. 

7. Kha’Zix

Kha’Zix is like the champion that, whatever rank you use him in, you can carry games if you know how to utilize his kit. Be it low or high elo, Kha’Zix is a solid pick even if he is blindly picked. There are only a small number of champions that counter Kha’Zix, which makes him a great pick.

He can burst ADC’s, and squishy mid laners be it early or late. He doesn’t care if he carries hideout in the backline because he can upgrade his E and reset his jump every time he bursts an enemy in the backline and jump out. He is hard to catch because of his jump resets, his invisibility coming from his ult, and the invisibility resets coming from Duskblade.

Play the map and focus on reading and predicting where the enemy jungler is so you can surprise or invade him. Always carry one or two dewarding items, so your ganks always go unnoticed. 

As I mentioned above, duskblade is a good build for Kha’ZIx because it makes him really hard to catch and makes things even crazier; pick the Dark Harvest rune.


Platinum is a beautiful place to learn and the worst place to get stuck on when you don’t develop your macro knowledge. This is the rank where you have to start practicing the map and the champions you want to use. 

It’s great if you want to one trick a champion but remember, if you do this, you also allow yourself to be easily countered each game you play, so your best bet is to master or be well versed in a small champion pool. Nobody can ban you out if you master 5 – 10 champions in platinum. Remember, if you want to climb out of Platinum, practice. 

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