Top 7 Best Junglers in Silver (Season 12)

League of Legends has a way to classify ranks, whether it be low elo or high elo. People say that low elo consists of ranks from iron to platinum, and high elo consists of the diamond up to challenger. There is also a vast difference in champion picks in low and high elo. Because of this, playstyles and champion tier lists differ as well.

Low elo players tend to play straightforward champions or those who do not require high mechanical skills. Champions can win games by running it down mid or by brute-forcing; because of this, KDA’s tend to reach more or less than 15-20 per game. 

With the introduction of new items, we might see even more complicated playstyles and item builds. OP items like the Crown of the Shattered Queen make players adapt their builds to suit an extended fight playstyle. 

All these things come in Season 12, and the ranked season is already in its full blast. Here are the best champions to abuse this season to dominate and climb out of the silver division. Let’s get right to it!

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7. Rammus

Straightforward gameplay and no mechanical skills required that is Rammus’ kit as he rolls towards his enemies when he ganks his allies. He is straightforward to use and can clear camps fast as well. His kit is pretty simple; all he has to do when he ganks lanes is use his Q; when the enemy gets knocked back, he uses his W and taunts the enemy. This combo might be devastating but straightforward, especially when the enemy is an AD-based champion.

He also has a simple build path, when there are many AD champions, focus on building armor items, and the same against AP champions. However, his general items are Turbo Chemtank and Deadman’s Plate; these items help him roam lanes faster and aim towards a tanky build. 

Despite being a tank, Rammus also has a cheese build that can beat any basic attacking champion, and that is on-hit Rammus. He gains attack speed every time he uses his taunt, and his W lets him deal bonus on-hit damage. Depending on the team comp, you can adjust your builds and playstyle. 

6. Udyr

Another pretty simple champion, Udyr, gets called “boomer pick” by the streamer Trick2G because the champion does not require high mechanical skills. His simplest playstyle uses your Q as your nuker and your E as your gap closer. You can build on-hit items on Udyr or lethality, which can burst enemies. This also synergizes with his clear speed, especially on the dragon to stack his Q. 

You can play Udyr depending on the enemy’s team comp or adjust your playstyle depending on the needs of your team. With Udyr, you might want to start with the blue buff as his spells are very mana-dependent. 

Udyr’s value comes from his ganks in the early game, which you should abuse. His high movement speed and simple stun are great at early game ganks where most champions don’t have any way of mitigating ganks yet. Do not focus on power farming camps, as your kit won’t be of much use in the late game. Like Rammus, Udyr’s speed is his primary weapon, so generally, good items on Udyr are Deadman’s plate and Turbo Chemtank.

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5. Hecarim

Speed is the game’ in low elo, and Hecarim is one champion that can run in all lanes and abuse his speed to gank all lanes in the early game. Once he does his full clear, Hecarim can abuse ganking all lanes to farm for gold instead of doing jungle camp clears. His E is an excellent displacing ability that synergizes with his speed. You can use this to push enemy champions towards your allies, forcing them to burn most of their summoner spells. 

He has a very fast jungle entire camp clear thanks to his AOE damage coming from his Q and W. This is great because he can race towards an early scutler and gank the nearby lane if it needs to be ganked. 

Hecarim’s late game is quite substantial because you can build him as a tank, and he can survive team fights well thanks to his W. His ultimate can be used to start fights with the opposing team, and he can even make a mini insec move on enemy carries in the backline. 

4. Warwick

With a whopping win rate of 53.96%, Warwick is one of the strongest junglers in the Silver rank. Famous for being the champion who can take the dragon at level 3, Warwick should abuse this and focus on securing objectives and ganking lanes. His Q is one of the best sustain spells in the game, and it also has a very low cooldown keeping him healthy even without leashes from his team.

Warwick’s kit also focuses on his speed, and because of this, you can clear camps faster than the opposing jungler. You can even invade your opponent’s jungle and come out on top when an early skirmish happens. 

He thrives on 1v1 fights to heal from his Q and even from his ultimate. Thanks to this, Warwick can take the buffs of the opposite side and even kill those who respond to his invade. Just make sure to build an early Tiamat because Warwick has no AOE damage. Building this item will significantly improve Warwick’s clear speed. 

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3. Kha’Zix

You can never go wrong with a Kha’Zix pick even if you blind pick him; he is one of the strongest 1v1 champions out there, thanks to his isolation passive that lets him deal bonus damage on enemies with no allies around. 

Abuse the fact that you are an assassin that can burst enemies real quick once you reach level 6. You can invade junglers and gank lanes simultaneously, know your pathing by basing it on jungle timers and focus ganking the lanes with squishy enemies.

Once Kha’Zix builds his first lethality item, he can snowball and lead his team to win early. It would help to focus on hunting isolated enemies instead of joining your team in team fights. Lethality items are the way to go in Kha’Zix, but you should also invest in defensive items like death’s dance or Guardian Angel to mitigate the enemy’s retaliation. 

2. Master Yi

There is no more accessible champion out there than the right click to win Master Yi. Players in silver don’t focus on counterplay, meaning you can abuse this OP champion to catapult towards Gold. His only counter is if he gets stunned for more than one second or if he gets burst down quickly.

With Master Yi, you need to power farm and ignore ganking lanes for a while. Once you build your first core item, you can start ganking lanes with crowd control abilities to help you secure kills. Once you get several kills in the early game, there is no stopping this champion; his actual damage and Q reset are just too much if you don’t have stuns against him.

Master Yi can build attack speed Crit items, or he can pick the Dark Harvest rune, and just one shot his enemies with his Q. As long as there are no smurf players in your Silver ranked game, you can easily win games with this champion.

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1. Zac

Tanks dominate low elo games because enemies usually don’t know how to build items against them. In Zac’s case, he can build all defensive items and be a destructive force that can significantly help his team. His AOE crowd control abilities can stun multiple enemies in the early or the late game. 

One excellent quality of a jungle champion is if he can tower dive and come out alive. Zac can do this every time he has his passive up, so enemies won’t have a safe place to hide when you play Zac as a jungle. He even has a fast clear speed, meaning he can abuse ganking lanes and help his teammates get kills. 


Silver is a pretty easy rank, and if you are here, you can take the time to play these champions and practice your macro knowledge. It’s easy to win games when you know how to counter champions using picks and bans or even item builds. The previous champions are easy to use, so you don’t have to think about practicing them before using them. All you have to focus on is knowing how to help your team towards victory and not raising your KDA; after all, seeing the Victory screen with low KDA is much better than having a high KDA and a defeat screen. 

Keep on practicing, and you will surely get out of Silver rank in no time. In the meantime, just enjoy your games and keep on winning. 

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