Top 7 Best K/DA Skins in League of Legends

Top 7 Best K/DA Skins in League of Legends

League of Legends has, in recent years, focused a lot on their music department. They’ve released various songs and albums in more than one genre. But what stood out amongst them was the immensely popular K/DA “band.” 

Comprised of a female-only lineup, K/DA has amassed hundreds of millions of views across multiple songs. 

Naturally, League’s developer – Riot Games – implemented these “band members” into the game as purchasable skins. 

Five characters enjoy these cosmetic treats. Namely, they are Kai’sa, Evelynn, Ahri, Akali, and, most recently, Seraphine. The former 4 were original members, and Seraphine is new in the lineup. 

We’ve compiled just the right list as some of the game’s best skins visually (and musically!)—the 7 Best K/Da Skins in League of Legends. Though the characters are only 5, many skins are offered, and the number is expanded with variations such as Prestige editions. 

Without further delay, let’s begin with our glorious musical ranking. 

7. K/DA ALL OUT Ahri 

K/DA ALL OUT Ahri Top Best K/DA Skin in League of Legends

Starting off with a more basic skin, Ahri’s K/DA ALL OUT is a nice skin but sits rightfully at the very bottom. 

An upgrade over the original K/DA option for this character, this skin is probably the only one where this is the case. ALL OUT upgrades, for me personally, do not look the part, especially when compared with their previous iterations. 

What they do offer, though, are a ton of Chromas. This skin, in particular, offers 8 (eight!) Chromas to choose from, making it a skin that is likely to suit everyone. 

As said above, the skin is nice, but visually and musically, it can be better, and we hope that Riot, with further K/DA development, releases a more competent skin to the market. 

This skin will set you back 1350 RP.

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6. K/DA Akali

K/DA Akali Top Best K/DA Skin in League of Legends

Despite being just one spot above the previous skin, it is better by a mile. 

The animations and music that follows them are superb and pleasing to see and hear. It makes Akali much more intimidating. Her W – Twilight Shroud – transforms her character into the much-loved neon version seen in the K/DA Music Videos. 

Apart from that, which alone could set her on this list, her other spells enjoy much of the same level of quality. What stands out is the music, as will be the case with all of these skins (especially at the end, but keep reading to find that out). 

Akali does have an ALL OUT version of her K/DA persona, and despite offering a variety of Chromas, it is simply not as good as this beautiful skin. 

This skin costs 1350 RP.

5. K/DA Evelynn

K/DA Evelynn Top Best K/DA Skin in League of Legends

It seems like there are scarcely any lists that do not include League’s notorious seductress. Whether we are talking about AP, Assassins, or a range of other topics, she finds her way into the conversation just like she does into your Mid Lane. 

But I digress. 

The K/DA Evelynn skin comes with all the musical vampire glory that you’d expect. With bombastic sound effects and an enhanced sly laugh as she creeps up behind you, this skin just deserves a top 5 place. 

Her passive form turns her into the neon pink demon we saw in the Music Videos, which is definitely one of her best looks yet. 

This skin will cost you 1350 RP, and we highly recommend you grab it if you’re an Evelynn player. 

4. K/DA ALL OUT Evelynn

K/DA ALL OUT Evelynn Top Best K/DA Skin in League of Legends

You thought we were done with Evelynn? Well, you thought wrong. 

The ALL OUT iteration of Evelyn’s K/DA persona is more of a sound upgrade rather than a visual one. This iteration adds crisp new sound effects and some visual changes that complete the Evelynn K/DA look perfectly. 

Now with more of a blue than neon pink hue, Evelynn looks ice cold and ready to pierce your heart with her crystals. 

As is tradition with ALL OUT skins, this one will also give you a range of Chromas to choose from. They are the same ones mentioned in our Number 7 on this list. 

There is not much to say about this skin other than it is a total upgrade over the original, and it will set you back 1350 RP at the League of Legends store. 

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3. K/DA ALL OUT Kai’sa

K/DA ALL OUT Kai’sa Top Best K/DA Skin in League of Legends

Kai’sa also enjoys a new ALL OUT look, fashioned with blue crystals and new crisp sounds. 

The sound effects are similar to other ALL OUT skins, and visually the skin overall looks very pleasing and intimidating to face. 

What really stands out in terms of sound quality are her Q and E. The Q, especially when upgraded, is a musical masterpiece, sounding a lot like a synth solo. Her E also has a beautiful, short effect that completes her already audible kit. 

This skin will set you back 1350 RP in the store and offer only one Chroma, which is unique compared to other ALL OUT skins. 

2. K/DA Kai’sa

K/DA Kai’sa Top Best K/DA Skin in League of Legends

The K/DA skins are few and far between. Therefore a repeat of Champions was warranted when this article was thought up in the first place. 

One of my favorite skins overall for one of my favorite Champions, the K/DA Kai’sa classic persona is something else. If others had bombastic sound effects, this one has Nuclear and will make you fear for your life if she manages to engage you with her Ultimate – Killer Instinct. That spell alone has a sound effect worthy of a spot on the list, and it sounds fantastic.

Kai’sa also has a great Q, similar to her ALL OUT iteration. It is an eargasm, to say the least. Combined with other sound effects (and visual beauties) they form eye and ear candy glory. 

This Kai’sa persona will set you back 1350 RP and does not offer any Chroma variations. It does have a Prestige edition, though, but it cannot currently be obtained. 

1. K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine 

K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine Top Best K/DA Skin in League of Legends

Our previous contender would be the best of the best were it not for this insane Ultimate Skin for Seraphine. 

There are barely any words to describe how good this skin is, and it represents the peak and epitome of K/DA skins released so far. 

It has three variations that can progressively be unlocked with custom-built missions that you get access to by buying this Ultimate skin. You will follow the story of Seraphine starting up as an Indie singer and her journey through the ranks of a Rising star and finally becoming a true K/DA Superstar.

This skin has new animations, sound effects, and visuals, and two new exclusive icons, an emote, and a border that’s unlocked through her questline. It changes everything about the character and Champion and is truly a marvel, like other Ultimate Skins currently in the game.

It will set you back a whopping 3250 RP, which is almost 2.5 times the price of other K/DA skins, but I believe it is worth it for the reasons mentioned above. 


The K/DA lineup is one of our favorites to listen to and watch, be it in the game or Music Videos. It was not easy to pick and choose the best one (apart, of course, from Seraphine), and we are sure some of you will not agree with our list. We, therefore, apologize to Popstar Ahri fans of yore. 

But, for those that love K/DA as much as we do, but don’t see their favorite on the list, don’t miss out on letting us know everything you think about the topic. We always love to hear your thoughts. 

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