Top 5 Best Late Game ADCs in Season 12

Even though season 12 is all about the early game aggression, some ADC champions reach their full potential in the late game. Their kits depend a lot more on items and levels, so they usually have a pretty weak start. But players that can effectively pass the early game with these champions can spike up in power sooner rather than later. And this gives them the chance to become hyper-carriers. But who are the 5 best late game ADCs in League of Legends?

Well, it’s tough to answer this question because all marksmen deal more damage the longer the game goes on. The bot lane role is specifically designed to be the home of scaling champions or those that need to farm first and play later. But some ADCs simply transform into monsters after level 16 or so. So let’s talk about them!

1. Vayne

When talking about late game ADC champions, Vayne is on everybody’s mind. She’s always been the recommended pick versus tanks and especially metas in which the games last longer than usual. 

And the most significant advantage that Vayne has in the late game is her W – Silver Bolts. Silver Bolts is an entirely passive spell that empowers every 3rd basic attack that Vayne does. It appears as silver rings around the primary target, so you can easily monitor it while fighting. 

So when Vayne attacks a champion that already has two rings on him, the 3rd basic will deal additional true damage based on the maximum HP of the target. It may not sound like much, but Vayne has a lot of attack speed in the late game. And she can proc Silver Bolts every two seconds!

Aside from her true damage, Vayne also has the perfect tool kit for kiting champions. Her tumble is on a relatively short cooldown, and it also empowers her next auto-attack to deal extra damage, which synergizes well with her W. But Final Hour grants Vayne invisibility every time she tumbles, and it makes it hard for anyone to lock her down.

On top of that, Vayne’s build usually has one or two lifesteal items. This gives her a lot of power when it comes to dueling, but she can also survive team fights a lot longer than most marksmen.

So as long as Riot Games don’t change Vayne’s primary ability kit, she’ll remain one of the best late game ADCs in League of Legends!

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2. Samira

Samira is one of the strongest bot laner in LoL. Riot Games gave her many tools that are useful throughout the match, especially the late game. She has probably the biggest potential to 1v5 an entire team out of all other ADC champions, especially in season 12.

But what makes Samira so strong?

Simply put, Samira has everything! All of her attacks have dual-mode, which means that she can fight from range or from melee mode. She’s incredibly good at adapting to the way the team fighting is going by quickly changing her position and playstyle.

But the thing that typically distinguishes Samira from the rest of her fellow marksmen is the fact that her abilities can also critically strike. Although a useful bonus, this effect doesn’t do too much in the early.

However, once the late kicks in and Samira arrives at the fight with 75-100% critical strike and Infinity Edge in her pocket, those Flairs are starting to hurt. Additionally, every spin of her ultimate can also critically strike, giving Samira an insane amount of AoE damage on an 8-second cooldown.

But we wouldn’t make such a big deal of it if Samira couldn’t heal herself! In fact, Samira’s core build is all about getting the biggest numbers of lifesteal and other defensive effects possible! Immortal Shieldbow and The Bloodthirster are the most recommended items for her, so she can’t die either!

So, Samira is a monster champion in the late game in every sense of the word!

3. Twitch

Another champion that we should compliment for his late game performances is Twitch. Twitch’s playstyle is really annoying to deal with, and his power spikes creep up on you unexpectedly. One minute he’s the weakest champion in the game, and the next, he pentakills your entire team!

The biggest contributor for his strengths in the later stages of the match is his ultimate – Spray and Pray. Once activated, this ability extends Twitch’s auto-attack range and grants him bonus attack damage. But it also causes his basic attacks to pierce his enemies and hit all targets in their path. Precisely like a spray!

True, the Spray and Pray basic attacks don’t deal as much damage to subsequent targets as to the primary target. However, once Twitch has items like Kraken Slayer, Runaan’s Hurricane, Infinity Edge, they start to hurt a lot. Some say that Twitch is one of the best team fighting ADCs too, and we can totally agree!

One thing that people don’t count as a great late game advantage is Twitch’s invisibility. His Q can be used in all sorts of ways, and not only to escape an approaching danger. Twitch mains are often creative with this ability, camouflaging themselves to surprise their enemies and open up with Spray n Pray.

If you play Twitch like this, you’ll always have the upper hand in a fight. He’s really great at setting the terms of the skirmisher rather than following the flow. And you should use him like that!

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4. Jhin

If there is one thing that characterizes Jhin as a champion in League of Legends (besides the number 4) is a critical strike. His entire build is constructed to give him 100% crit chance and to amplify the damage of his critical shots with items like Infinity Edge.

The reason for this is that Jhin can only auto-attack 4 times before he has to stop to recharge his gun. This is an obvious disadvantage because most ADCs don’t have this mechanic. But Jhin can make this effect an advantage instead if he makes sure his 4 shots do double the amount of damage than regular marksmen.

Thus his affinity towards critical strike! Naturally, crit isn’t the most vital stat in the first half of the game. The whole idea of the critical strike is for you to deal extra damage than your normal attack damage. But when you’re AD is low, the critical strike is also low.

However, once Jhin enters the late game and has a couple of crit items, his damage is fantastic. He often slays champions with only 4 shots and doesn’t even need to stop and recharge. All of his abilities also hit hard, especially his ultimate. So no matter how much armor you’re building against Jhin, he’ll still defeat you!

So Jhin is one of the best late game ADCs in League too!

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5. Yasuo

And lastly, we have Yasuo! Although Yasuo isn’t a marksman, he’s one of the best attack-damage carries in the entire game. Most people brand him as a “broken” champion, and frankly speaking – he is! 

One of the most unfair things that people find in Yasuo’s toolkit is his passive – Way of the Wanderer. This ability grants Yasuo a free shield that recharges as he moves, which is why it often feels like he doesn’t earn it.

This shield is definitely not too large and can easily be broken before a fight. However, it also recharges each time Yasuo uses his ultimate ability. So the reason why it seems OP is because it’s way too reliable!

Another thing that annoys people that play against Yasuo is his W – Wind Wall. This effect is obnoxious against any type of team composition because it stops any projectiles, no matter if they’re skill shots or point-click abilities. 

Yasuo’s infinite dashes also get on people’s nerves, but they often get overshadowed by his R – Last Breath. And it isn’t the “Sorye ge ton!” part that’s a problem but what comes after it. You see, once Yasuo finishes his R animation, he gains armor penetration. His sword glows blue, and it’s a go time for him!

This extra armor penetration works wonderfully both against tanks and against squishy champions. It helps Yasuo to amplify his damage throughout the match, and especially in the late game.

So all of the things that people hate about Yasuo are actually your strengths if you play him. Amazing damage and incredible healing. And that’s why he is one of the best late game champions in League!

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