Top 10 Best Late Game Champions in League of Legends

There are plenty of champions in League of Legends that you can choose from. Some are good in the early game, some in the mid-game, and some in the late game. Here's the list of the 10 best late game champions in League of Legends Season 11

Maining a pick that excels in the late stages of the game can provide huge advantages. The best late game champions in League of Legends are always able to carry their teams past the 20th-minute mark, regardless of the situation. This is the time when usually the third and fourth item set in, so the powers of these picks are fully unlocked.

And here we made a list of what we think are the 10 best late-game champions in League of Legends. We considered many things, like single-target and AOE abilities, as well as crowd control and ultimate abilities. And, needless to say, we ended up with a pretty incredible list!

So, without further ado, let’s check the 10 best late-game champions in League of Legends! 

10. Nasus

We start with Nasus, a true monster of the late game. The reason why this champion is so scary to face later on is because of his Q Siphoning Strike. This ability lets Nasus stack raw damage every time he kills a minion, monster, or champion. Additionally, the build Nasus goes for usually is a tanky one. And in the end, we have a tank champion that can one-shot any champion on the enemy team!

What makes Nasus so great:

  • Strong split-pusher.
  • Very effective in a team fight.
  • Able to carry alone and without help.

9. Veigar

Veigar is the AP version of Nasus. He has the same stacking mechanic through his passive that grants him the ability power whenever he farms minions or hits enemy champions. So, the true strength of Veigar comes from his raw AP. And that is why all of his abilities hit like trucks!

Experienced Veigar players know how to get to 1000+ ability power in most matches of League of Legends. This is a point where enemies can no longer counter Veigar since the damage is way too high. 

What makes Veigar so great:

  • One of the best burst champions in the game.
  • Extremely high damage all around.
  • Very easy to learn and execute.

8. Gangplank

Gangplank has always been considered one of the best late-game champions in League of Legends, mainly because of two reasons: his oranges and his crit barrels! All Gangplank needs to carry a game of LoL is 15minute freedom in his lane. This will give him two items, Infinity Edge and Trinity Force, which is the precise recipe of destruction.

If Gangplank can set up his barrels properly in the late game, then the whole enemy team will simply get deleted. This ability, Powder Keg, ignores armor, and it’s one of the most powerful buttons in the game!

What makes Gankplank so great:

  • Strong single-target and AOE damage.
  • Not easy to gank or catch. 
  • Helpful around the map.

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7. Ryze

If there is one champion that deserves to be on this list more than Nasus, then it is Ryze. He has been through multiple reworks already, but his playstyle has always remained the same – work towards late game. Ryze doubles the damage he does as he stacks maximum mana, so his build revolves around doing that. And due to the low cooldown of his abilities, he has no “pause” button whatsoever. 

A fed Ryze in your hands feels like a machine gun. Each Q devastates the opponent, and with each second, you’re able to kill your enemy. Over and over again!

What makes Ryze so great:

  • Good damage throughout the game.
  • Very high damage at the late game.
  • Very hard to kill due to his movement speed and HP.

6. Vladimir

Another scaling mage that shouldn’t be let loose on Summoner’s Rift is Vladimir. Where Ryze appears to take the lead between the two is in the repeated single-target damage. But, Vladimir has an extremely bursty AOE kit that also heals him 0-100 % in a matter of seconds!

Plus, Vladimir’s ulti Hemoplague allows his teammates to also deal an increased amount of damage to the affected enemies. This is almost always a winning factor since not many champions have the same debuff. And if mastered, Vladimir can solo carry games with ease!

What makes Vladimir so great:

  • Team wide one-shot potential.
  • Very sustainable through healing.
  • Extremely good at team fighting.

5. Vayne

In the fifth place, we have Vayne. She is a very unique ADC champion that requires a bit of a setup. Her power comes from her ability to deal true damage to opponents, which eliminates any danger in the late game, including tanks. Vayne’s build is all about kiting, lifesteal, and being able to keep opponents afar. And if Vayne can do that, then there is no stopping her!

Vayne is one of those champions that can overtake the match by themselves. It requires skill and practice, but it’s very rewarding in the end! Keep in mind that Vayne is a very weak champion in the early game, so you should have a very skilled support player by your side. Here’s the list of the best bot lane duos.

What makes Vayne so great:

Unlimited damage.

  • Very hard to kill.
  • Able to 1v5 enemies.

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4. Orianna

If there is one rule that every League of Legends knows, then that is: Don’t get caught by Orianna’s Shockwave in the late game. This ultimate ability is devastating once she gets a couple of items. Her numbers scale exceptionally well with ability power, so no matter how hard you lose as Orianna in the laning phase, you can triple her power later on.

The only negative part is that, as Vayne, Orianna takes a bit of practice since her ability kit is unique. But beyond that, she is an absolute blast!

What makes Orianna so great:

  • Game-changing ultimate ability.
  • Very high damage on a short cooldown.
  • Helpful in team fights with shields and movement speed.

3. Yasuo

Yasuo, despite being a meme champion, is one of the strongest characters in the game. Many people aren’t entirely aware, but Yasuo has no potential for weakness. He can go 0-15 at the start of the game, then purchase a couple of items and then 1v5 your team!

Yasuo is one of the best scaling champions, and his stats become insane as the match drags on. Unmatched critical strike, very high mobility, and incredible lifesteal – what more does a champion need?

What makes Yasuo so great:

  • Powerful throughout the game.
  • Very high survivability.
  • Strong in team fights and split push.

2. Master Yi

One of the scariest champions to face in League of Legends is Master Yi. Later on, when he has enough attack speed, lifesteal, and ability haste, Yi becomes a champion that simply can’t be stopped. His only counter is a stun effect, but that’s easily avoidable with Q Alpha Strike. And all of his damage comes from his auto attacks, which takes only one right-click.

A fed Master Yi can charge at a whole team and chop them in a matter of seconds.

What makes Master Yi so great:

  • Super easy to execute.
  • Very high speed and burst.
  • Little to no counterplay.

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1. Kassadin

And the ultimate best late-game champion in League of Legends is Kassadin! Yes, he has more room to fail than Master Yi since he is very weak at the start, but he makes up for it tenfold later on. You see, his abilities scale very well, and at level 16, his ultimate Riftwalk gets fully unlocked. This is the time when his jump has 2 seconds cooldown and one-shots the enemy.

The only difficult part of succeeding with Kassadin is getting through the first part of the game. Beyond that, he is a God!

What makes Kassdin so great:

  • Unlimited mobility.
  • One of the highest-hitting bursts in the game.
  • Able to repeat his damage over and over again.

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