Best League of Legends Clothing, Merch, and Apparel To Wear Right Now!

Best League of Legends Clothing, Merch, and Apparel To Wear Right Now!

We all love League of Legends. We do, right? And that love often pours out of the Summoner’s Rift and into the real world. We start thinking about how we could bring to life the many majestic moments, characters, or aspects of League of Legends. One such way is by taking an interest in merchandise featuring the above.

Clothing is the most common thing one would purchase at any moment. Since clothing is a crucial part of daily life, why not purchase some League of Legends apparel and merchandise? There are some fantastic designs out there–which we will showcase here.

This article will look at the best League of Legends merch to wear right now, so stay kick back, relax, and enjoy the showcase.

What you can expect:

  • The best League of Legends clothing.
  • An overview of various kinds of apparel.
  • The author’s favorite of the bunch.

A Few Good Shirts

There’s no other piece of clothing as common and frequently worn as T-Shirts. Naturally, there are a plethora of shirts featuring League of Legends, and we’ve picked out our favorites to show you here.

Goofy PoroGoofy Poro

No fantasy creature is quite cute as the mighty Poro. This goofy, horned fluff ball is too adorable to look at. And it’s perfect for a T-Shirt. His round body and exposed tongue cover the center of this black T-Shirt that’s suited to both genders and comes in all sizes. The black color makes this shirt good for any combination that may come to mind. It gives you fewer excuses as to why you’d avoid showing the world Poro’s blushing cheeks. It makes you feel bad about not doing it. You’re forced to do it.

ADC or FeedADC or Feed

The ADC fans out there will be absolutely drooling over this fantastic T-Shirt. It encapsulates the ADC mentality perfectly. Especially that of Normal Blind Pick matches. Frases like the one featured here aren’t strangers to Ranked play, either. We’ve seen more than a few ADCs get autofilled into other positions they simply refused to participate in. Then, they’d just pick an ADC and hope the rest of the team would cave into their obnoxious demands. The result is unpredictable at best and certain defeat at worst. But the shirt still looks good nevertheless, so you might check it out.

Eat, Sleep, League–RepeatEat, Sleep, League–Repeat

Fitting for any League of Legends player out there, especially those familiar with the grind, this T-Shirt is a real treat. While people in the real world will likely not treat you well if you wear something like this, it’s a good shirt to wear casually or at home. League of Legends is unfortunately stigmatized among the general populace, and we need to work on fighting such prejudice. It’s a frustrating and often toxic game, but we love it, and we want our love professed through shirts like these. Just don’t go out on a date wearing one. That’s our honest advice.

Pentakill for Metal KillersPentakill for Metal Killers

For equal fans of League of Legends and the band Pentakill, this official J!NX T-shirt is just about perfect. With fantastic graphical art featuring Pentakill’s infamous members and the band’s wicked logo, this black, high-quality shirt is suitable for any occasion. If you’re a metalhead at heart, you might also love this shirt for its overall metal vibe. Whatever your reasoning, we recommend you pick this shirt up ASAP! We love it, and the author’s gonna get himself one when he’s done writing this.

Straight Outta Piltover

Urbanwear, hoodies, and everything in between is a fantastic canvas for painting League of Legends content. The larger surface area and the attention to detail can make for some pretty awesome apparel. We’re going to look at a few League of Legends hoodie options that we found most striking.

Zed…and moreZed…and more

Zed has become the fashion icon of League of Legends urbanites that love fashioning themselves with dark, twisted, and high-quality hoodies. For those that aren’t too fond of Zed, the link attached has many more graphic options. From Jinx to Rengar, most League of Legends characters are covered by this design and there’s more than enough for anyone’s taste.

Paint SplatterPaint Splatter

Though Zed is a fashion icon, only one character in League of Legends can take the crown of urban anarchist–Jinx. Her neon colors, messy spray paints, and general paint splatters that she leaves across Piltover and Zaun are perfect for tailoring a good-looking hoodie. The one above features her signature neon accents, splashes of paint, and some sleek graphics on the sleeves. All in all, a fantastic-looking hoodie.

Of Course, We’d Feature Arcane Of Course, We’d Feature Arcane

Arcane was crowned the best-animated adaptation at last year’s Game Awards. Its insane popularity has had an in-game impact, making Jinx the most picked Champion. Naturally, we had to showcase a hoodie featuring Arcane’s many familiar characters, such as Vi, Jinx, Viktor, and others. It’s a fantastic show that you should check out and it’ll make you want to purchase this hoodie immediately.

Headwear is Also Fashion

Hoodies and T-Shirts are great and all, but maybe you like wearing hats as a crown jewel of your outfit. Well, worry not–we’ve got you covered. League of Legends hat merchandise is among the better-looking gaming merch and we’ve got a few to show you.

For the Dark OnesFor the Dark Ones

If you’re one of those people that wear all black at all times, this hat might be perfect for any combination. It also features a Yasuo graphic on the side for those that love the Champion. The author does not and will not further comment on the matter to avoid clutter. He hates Yasuo. He hates Yasuo a lot. But we love this hat and think that you should give it a try if you’re into such a thing.

The Bright Side The Bright Side

The same brand offers a much brighter and more colorful version of the same baseball hat that’d better suit those who love to lighten things up. It’s fantastic, comfortable, and made by a reputable brand, and we can’t recommend it enough. Hats are a fantastic addition to any urban outfit, especially on these hot summer days.

Teemo Teemo

The hat is often seen at every gaming convention ever, Teemo’s signature beanie and glasses are too cool not to have. It’s perfect for cosplay, a fun thing to wear, and a cool thing to own even if you don’t want to. Though most people probably hate Teemo from the bottom of their hearts, they won’t be able to withstand the coolness of owning one of these. Go on. Buy it. We won’t judge.

What Does The Author Think?

Wearing gaming merchandise is always lovely. There are designs that gaming fashion puts out that you wouldn’t find even with the most reputable brands. From the ones above, I’ll have to say that my favorite is certainly the Pentakill T-Shirt. I love the band and adore metal as a musical genre. Pentakill is, in my opinion, the best musical ensemble that Riot has put together so far.

Don’t get me wrong–I love KDA and all the other stuff. But Pentakill resonates with my metalhead’s soul, and I cannot give the top spot to anyone but them. I’m seriously going to get the T-Shirt for myself, and I wholeheartedly recommend that the readers do the same. A ton of metalheads out there will immediately recognize the shirt, and you might just make a few friends along the way.


And that’s a wrap! We hope you like the designs we showcased and consider getting some for yourselves or as gifts. Gaming merchandise, especially League of Legends clothing and apparel, is a treat for gamers and those not in the sphere. Whichever you might be, we firmly believe that you should check out the designs above. You won’t regret it!

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