Unleashing the Beast: Best League of Legends Junglers to Dominate the Game

Unleashing the Beast: Best League of Legends Junglers to Dominate the Game

Ever felt stuck in the jungle, unable to make an impact on the game? Well, you’re not alone. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Get ready to unleash your inner beast with the best League of Legends junglers that’ll help you dominate the rift.


  • Most picked jungler in the 2020 World Championship: Lillia 🌸
  • Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng: Jungle role has the most impact on the game 🎮
  • Trend: Shift towards aggressive, early-game focused junglers ⚔️
  • Spezzy’s secret tips and insights for dominating as a jungler 🤫
  • 5-10 FAQs to help you excel in the jungle 🌴

Enter the Jungle: A Brave New World

The jungle in League of Legends is a mysterious place, where only the fearless dare to tread. It is a land of endless battles and high-stakes duels, where only the best survive. So, let’s take a look at the current state of the jungle and understand the meta that drives it.

Fact: According to the League of Legends World Championship 2020, the most picked jungler was Lillia, with a pick rate of 81.8%.

Why Lillia? 🌸

Lillia, the bashful bloom, offers a unique combination of mobility, crowd control, and damage. Her ability to clear jungle camps quickly and gank lanes effectively makes her a highly sought-after pick in the competitive scene. As a result, she’s quickly risen to the top of the charts as one of the best League of Legends junglers.

Unraveling the Jungle’s Secrets: Doublelift’s Insights

In the words of Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, former professional League of Legends player, “The jungle is the most important role in League of Legends because it has the most impact on the game.” This statement rings true, as junglers have the power to control the tempo of the game and influence all lanes.

Aggressive Junglers on the Rise ⚔️

Recent years have seen a shift towards more aggressive and early-game focused junglers, such as Lee Sin and Elise, as opposed to more supportive and late-game focused junglers, such as Sejuani and Zac. This trend indicates that players are looking for junglers that can dictate the pace of the game and snowball their team to victory.

Spezzy’s Secret Tips: Mastering the Jungle 🤫

As an experienced gaming journalist and League of Legends enthusiast, Spezzy offers these insider tips to help you become the best jungler you can be:

  • Focus on early-game pressure: Gank lanes and secure objectives to build an early lead
  • Keep track of the enemy jungler: Ward their jungle and counter-gank when possible
  • Adapt your playstyle: Learn multiple junglers to fit different team compositions and strategies
  • Communicate with your team: Coordinate ganks and invades for maximum impact

Understanding Jungle Pathing: A Key to Success 🗺️

Jungle pathing is a vital aspect of mastering the jungle role. By optimizing your jungle path, you can increase your farm, reduce downtime, and maximize your impact on the game. Here are some essential tips to improve your jungle pathing:

  • Choose a starting point based on your champion’s strengths and the enemy’s jungle position
  • Plan your path to end near the lane you want to gank or the objective you want to contest
  • Adapt your pathing to avoid losing camps to enemy invades or to counter-jungle the enemy when it’s safe to do so
  • Balance farming and ganking: Don’t neglect your farm but seize gank opportunities when they arise

Top Jungle Champions to Watch Out For 🌟

While we’ve already mentioned Lillia, Lee Sin, and Elise as some of the best League of Legends junglers, there are other champions that you should keep an eye on, as they can be incredibly strong in the right hands:

Kha’Zix: The Voidreaver

Kha’Zix is a high damage, mobile assassin who can snowball games out of control. His stealth and isolation mechanic can catch enemies off guard and lead to quick, unexpected kills. Mastering Kha’Zix’s playstyle can make you a formidable force in the jungle.

Graves: The Outlaw

Graves is a ranged jungler with an exceptional clear speed, burst damage, and tankiness. His ability to kite jungle camps and scale into the late game make him a strong pick in many team compositions. A well-played Graves can carry games through raw damage output and map pressure.

Evelynn: Agony’s Embrace

Evelynn is a stealthy, magic damage-dealing assassin who thrives in picking off unsuspecting targets. Her ability to bypass enemy vision and assassinate key targets can turn the tide of a game. As Evelynn, your goal is to create chaos and confusion, leaving your enemies constantly on edge.

Building Your Jungle Arsenal: Items and Runes 📚Building Your Jungle Arsenal: Items and Runes

Your choice of items and runes is essential to maximizing your jungler’s potential. Here are some general guidelines to follow when building your jungle champion:

  • Choose the appropriate jungle item: Hailblade or Emberknife, depending on your champion’s kit and playstyle
  • Build core items that synergize with your champion’s abilities and scaling potential
  • Adjust your build based on the enemy team composition and the state of the game
  • Select runes that complement your champion’s strengths and playstyle

By expanding your knowledge, mastering different junglers, and optimizing your gameplay, you can rise to the top and become one of the best League of Legends junglers. Embrace the challenge and dominate the rift!


Q: Which junglers are best for beginners? A: Amumu, Warwick, and Nunu are great beginner-friendly junglers due to their straightforward kits and tanky builds.

Q: How do I counter an aggressive enemy jungler? A: Ward your jungle entrances, track their movements, and ask for your teammates’ help when needed. Be prepared to counter-gank and protect your team.

Q: What’s the most important objective for junglers? A: Objectives like Dragon and Rift Herald are crucial, but it depends on the game’s state. Prioritize the objectives that offer the most significant advantages to your team.

Q: How can I improve my jungle clear? A: Practice kiting jungle camps and using your abilities efficiently. Look for champion-specific guides to optimize your clear speed.

Q: When should I invade the enemy jungle? A: Invade when you have vision on the enemy jungler, when they’re on the opposite side of the map, or when you have lane priority and backup from your teammates.

A Jungle Journey: Conclusion 🌴

The jungle is a vast and untamed wilderness, but with the right champion and knowledge, you can conquer it. From Lillia’s high pick rate to the rise of aggressive junglers, it’s clear that the jungle meta is evolving. Stay adaptable, embrace the challenge, and use Spezzy’s secret tips to become the best League of Legends jungler you can be. Good luck on your journey, and may you dominate the game!


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