8 Best League Of Legends Rings

8 Best League Of Legends Rings

Get ready to immerse yourself deeper into the League of Legends world with a special collection of the best LoL rings. These rings—crafted with precision and care—feature iconic symbolism from the League of Legends universe that are a must have for all fans.

Not only are the rings a token of symbolism, but they show off the dedication and devotion one has towards the digital battlefield. Adorn a part of the LoL universe on your finger and showcase your passion with style!

1. League of Legends Bilgewater Ring

Feature Description
Material Steel, Copper, Stainless Steel, Silver
Gender Unisex
Surface 20mm
1. League of Legends Bilgewater Ring

This beautifully crafted ring is the perfect piece of jewelry for any League of Legend fan. Made from steel, copper, stainless steel, and silver, the handcrafted ring is strong and durable. Whether you want to buy the ring for yourself, or give it to a fellow LoL enthusiast, the ring is inspired by the heroes of LoL and perfectly captures the essence of the League universe. The ring would make a perfect birthday gift, holiday gift, or simply an occasion to celebrate the passion of the League universe.

The ring has a surface width of 20mm, with a trendy style and a geometric pattern. The coating is copper+S925 and is suitable for all genders. You can buy this special ring and showcase your love for the game!

2. League of Legends Titanium Steel band ring

Feature Description
Material Titanium
Gender Unisex
Surface Width 8mm
League of Legends Titanium Steel band ring

Express your love for the League of Legends world, with this sleek and elegant, contemporary style ring. Meticulously designed and crafted by hand, this ring is not just a piece of jewelry, but a fashion statement. Surprise a dedicated fan of the game and allow them to proudly represent the LoL community. Whether you want to show off the unique style of the ring or add it to a collection of League of Legends merchandise, this accessory is the perfect pick.

It’s designed for all genders, and is available in sizes 6 to 13. The surface width measures 8mm and it’s fashioned from titanium, making the ring not just classy, but durable and strong.

3. Rakan And Xayah Couple Ring

Feature Description
Material Silver, Zircon Gemstones
Gender Couple
Sizes Xayah (4-9), Rakan (7-11)
Rakan And Xayah Couple Ring

Rakan And Xayah are a duo of champions from the game that share a special connection not just on the battlefield, but within their hearts. Loved by all, the couple has a unique narrative as they navigate their way through life together. The Rakan And Xayah Couple Ring is the perfect gift idea for you and your significant other. Show your love and affection for not just each other but the game as well, with these elegant couple rings.

With intricate and detailed designs, these rings would not only deepen the bond with your partner, but deepen your shared passion for the game by representing the dynamic of the duo. These couple rings are the perfect way to showcase the affection for your partner, while also symbolizing the special bond of the two LoL champions.

The rings are crafted with the best quality silver, making sure they stay durable and strong just like your relationship. With Zircon gemstones in the colors pink, silver, and gold, the Xayah ring is available in sizes 4 to 9 and the Rakan ring is available in sizes 7 to 11. You can buy yourself these special jewelry items and celebrate joy and love.

4. Ryze Head Ring

Feature Description
Material 925 Sterling Silver
Gender Unisex
Weight 19 grams
4. Ryze Head Ring

Famous for his arcane magic, Ryze is a powerful character in the LoL universe. His expertise and gameplay have made him a prominent icon among fans, and is recognized by his blue hood and facial tattoos. This silver Ryze head band ring is inspired by the mystical and powerful character, and is the perfect piece of jewelry for all of his fans. It features a detailed portrait of Ryze’s head carved on the front of the ring, capturing the mystical essence of the figurehead.

It’s a handmade item, made with 925 Sterling Silver. It weighs 19 grams and is crafted with precision to make it durable and long lasting.

5. Dvine Elf Archeress ring

Feature Description
Material 925K Silver, Black Onyx Gemstone
Gender Men
Ring Diameter 2.25cm
5. Dvine Elf Archeress ring

A master archeress with a flair for precision and grace, the Divine Elf Archeress is a prominent character in the League of Legends universe. She’s a member of the elves, and her skills with a bow and arrow are beyond exceptional. Inspired by her magical fitness and precision, this onyx silver ring is the perfect gift for your husband, brother, or even yourself. The precise detailed work of the Divine Elf Archeress is sure to draw attention and attract appreciation from anyone who catches a glance of it.

It showcases the beauty and timelessness of the master archeress, and is made to last the wearer for years. It’s made from premium 925K silver with a black onyx gemstone as a symbolic representation of all things pristine and divine. It’s available in different finishes like oxidized, polished, gold plated, or rose gold plated, and is available in sizes 5 to 15. The ring diameter is 2.25cm, and it weighs 17 grams for the size 11 ring.

For the best version of the ring, the oxidized finish is preferred, but you can opt for any of the other available finishes. This ring for men is handcrafted with love, joy, and appreciation for the game and its characters. 

6. RockLove K/DA Kai’Sa Crystal Cannon Ring

Feature Description
Material Brass, Teal-colored Crystals
Gender Unisex
Adjustability Adjustable
6. RockLove K/DA Kai'Sa Crystal Cannon Ring

If you’re into League of Legends and dig the K/DA music group, you’ve got to see this Kai’Sa ring. It’s not just some cheap trinket. It’s made of strong brass and has a gold and white finish that looks really neat. The best part? It’s got these two teal-colored crystals that are shaped like Kai’Sa’s shoulder cannons.

The ring is adjustable, so you can make it fit just right. And if you’ve got sensitive skin, no worries—it doesn’t have any nickel in it. When you get it, it comes in a cool purple and gold box that’s fun to keep. All in all, it’s a pretty cool way to show you’re a serious League and K/DA fan.

7. High Noon Thresh Ring

Feature Description
Material Sterling Silver
Gender Unisex
Inscription “Nobody Escapes”
7. High Noon Thresh Ring

Regardless of whether you’re into LoL or not, chances are you might really like the High Noon Thresh ring. It’s made of sterling silver that’s also nickel-free, so it’s good for people with sensitive skin. The ring looks awesome, with a bull skull and hooked horns surrounded by flames. It feels like having a tiny sculpture from the game right on your finger.

The inside of the ring has the words “Nobody Escapes” engraved, which adds a nice touch. It’s comfortable to wear too, because the bottom is hollowed out, making it lighter. The ring comes in multiple sizes, so you’ll likely find one that fits you. It comes in a special collector’s box, which makes it a good gift or keepsake for a true fan.

8. RockLove Star Guardian Ina Stacker Rings

Feature Description
Material Silver
Gender Unisex
Set Two Rings (Pink and Black, Gold Stars)
8. RockLove Star Guardian Ina Stacker Rings

For all the Star Guardian Kai’Sa fans, these Ina Stacker Rings could be your thing. They’re made of silver that’s safe for your skin. The set has two rings. One shows off Ina, Kai’Sa’s cute sidekick, in pink and black. The other has some gold stars. You can wear them together on one finger or split them up. They come in a cool box that you’ll wanna keep. So if you’re looking to rep your love for the game, these rings might just be what you’re after.

These rings come at around 100 bucks which is definitely steep but as a collector, we’ll say it’s worth the price.

Buying Guide For A Ring

Wanting a ring is half the story. The other half is about knowing if it’s a good buy. Luckily we’ve put a list of factors you can check before taking out your credit card.

  • Know Your Champ: Start by figuring out which LoL champion or theme you’re crazy about. This helps you narrow down your choices.
  • Get Sized Up: League of Legends or not, you need to know your ring size. You can’t flex your champ if the ring won’t fit, right?
  • Material Matters: LoL rings can be made from different stuff like steel, silver, or even gold. Go for what fits your style and skin. Some people are allergic to certain metals.
  • Your Game Plan: Why do you want the ring? Is it to show off your LoL passion, or is it a gift for a duo partner? The reason can guide your pick.
  • Check the Stats: Just like in-game items, rings have stats too. Read reviews to know if the ring lives up to the hype.
  • Watch Your Gold: In LoL, you wouldn’t buy the most expensive item first. Same goes for rings. Stick to your budget.
  • Return or Exchange: Make sure you can swap it if something’s off. Even in LoL, you sometimes have to undo a buy.
  • Bonus Loot: Some LoL rings come in special collector’s boxes or have added features like inscriptions. Nice to have, but not a must.
  • Gem or No Gem: If the ring has gemstones like in the Rakan and Xayah rings, check if they’re real or not. Could be a game-changer.
  • Try Before You Buy: If possible, try it on. You wouldn’t pick a new LoL champ without trying them in a game first, right?


Well there you have it. In this article, we went over some of the best league of legend rings available on the market. Some focus on the quality of materials while others are all about reference to the game. Personally, our favorite ring was the Ryze Head ring due to its color and theme.

If you’re looking for more rings apart from the ones we mentioned, be sure to check their authenticity, and quality of materials. You can use our buying guide to help you with that.

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