Top 10 Best League of Legends Apps in 2023 (Add-Ons)

Top 10 Best League of Legends Apps in 2023 2023 (Add-Ons)

League of Legends is a giant amongst online multiplayer games. Each season comes in with a multitude of new changes to items, champions, runes, and so much more. Instead of having to read the patch notes to keep up with the meta, you’d very much like to get updated automatically with any changes in the meta before and during each season. Luckily, some handy tools are available that let you do just that and much more as well. Whether you need to access these tools on your PC, laptop, or mobile device, there are League of Legends applications that can and will strengthen your overall gaming experience. Read the rest of this article to find the best resources for fine-tuning your LoL gaming abilities.

1. Blitz

Blitz Top 10 Best League of Legends Apps in 2023 2023 (Add-Ons)

The Blitz is touted as the number one app used by casual gamers and pros alike. Its best feature is how it completely automates everything. This app can let you import runes, summoner spells, and even item builds automatically. You can also live statistics of your team as well as the enemy team. These statistics are based on a database drawing upon champions, pick/ban rates, win rates and counters, etc. The Blitz app lets you find out everything about your opponents with in-depth profile statistics and live feedback with in-game overlays telling you what goals to achieve. There are over 200 thousand users of Blitz on Discord.

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2. Mobalytics

Mobalytics Top 10 Best League of Legends Apps in 2023 2023 (Add-Ons)

The Mobalytics desktop app gives all the critical insights you need before and during a match without ever leaving the game client. The app will load automatically when you enter a game lobby. It has a range of features from giving pick/ban recommendations at champ select, importing runes and builds for your favorite champions, and much more. It also contains in-game statistics for your teammates and your opponents to allow you better plan ahead of your game plan.

3. Porofessor 

Porofessor Top 10 Best League of Legends Apps in 2023 2023 (Add-Ons)

This app is a useful pre-game tool to gain key insights into how your teammate and opponents play the game. It summarizes how good or bad the opponents and teammates are with the champion they have chosen for the match. The pre-game summary can be helpful in devising your game plan, identify weak links in the opponent’s team and find out which player is good with the champion they have chosen for the match. In addition to this, it also gives information about each summoner profile, the kill/death ratios for the winners most played, and even whether or not the opponent is on a winning streak or otherwise. You can download Porofessor here.

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4. Facecheck

Facecheck Top 10 Best League of Legends Apps in 2023 2023 (Add-Ons)

Facecheck has always been my favorite app for League of Legends because it improves your performance with simple and easy-to-follow tips on builds, champion matchups, and team analysis. Facecheck starts working when you reach champion selection, and then it automatically provides valuable insight, such as which champions to pick or which ones to ban. One of the best things about this app is that it gets regularly updated, so you’ll always get the freshest and the best tips to help you carry your ranked games.

5. Overwolf

Overwolf Top 10 Best League of Legends Apps in 2023 2023 (Add-Ons)

Even though Overwolf is not a direct tool that helps you improve in League of Legends, but you wouldn’t be able to use other apps without it. Overwolf is created as a platform (software client) that allows any web developer to add features (such as applications) to PC games. Many League of Legends apps can be accessed through Overwolf’s simple interface, and some of them are Porofessor, Facecheck, and U.GG.

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6. U.GG

U.GG Top 10 Best League of Legends Apps in 2023 2023 (Add-Ons)

U.GG is one of the most popular sites for League of Legends builds & counter guides, but they’ve recently decided to publish their own League of Legends application to even further help the League community to get better at the game. U.GG’s best feature is their in-game tracker overlay. They have the most advanced in-game tracker, which has combined benchmark tips specific to each elo, role, and champion matchup.

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7. LoLwiz

LoLwiz Top 10 Best League of Legends Apps in 2023 2023 (Add-Ons)

LoLwiz is another free Overwolf application for League of Legends which provides build recommendations, matchup tips, and, of course, in-game summoner statistics. LoLwiz starts working automatically as soon as a League of Legends match starts, and then it instantly detects the summoners that are in the game (allies and your opponents). If you want to access the stats of your teammates or your opponents, all you have to do is press the Shift + Tab keys! LoLwiz has been around for quite a while now, and you won’t regret using it!

8. Mimic

Mimic Top 10 Best League of Legends Apps in 2023 2023 (Add-Ons)

Have you ever missed accepting a match or ended up dodging the champion select just because you had to go the toilet? Well, this is where the Mimic app comes in. With Mimic, you can accept invites, select your roles, accept the queue, and pick your champion. All from your mobile phone! We all know that if you’ve got to go, then you’ve got to go, but from now on, you’ll never miss another queue because you can do it all right from your precious toilet seat. Oh, and you know what the best part is? Even if you somehow forget to accept the queue or lock your champion, the Mimic app will buzz your phone to alert you!

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9. GOSU Assistant

GOSU Assistant Top 10 Best League of Legends Apps in 2023 2023 (Add-Ons)

Have you ever picked a new champion without knowing how to play it? Well, GOSU Assistant is specifically made to help you solve that problem. With GOSU Assistant, you won’t need to spend time reading guides or watching combo tutorials on YouTube because everything will be vocally explained to you during the match. Oh, and do you know what the best part about this is? It’s completely free.

10. Top 10 Best League of Legends Apps in 2023 2023 (Add-Ons)

We all know that is not an app for League of Legends, but a streaming website, but you can learn tons of things by watching your favorite League of Legends player. I’m watching League streams almost every single day from my mobile phone, and they tremendously help me improve in my ranked games. When you watch how other professional players play the game, you can learn from their mistakes and successes.

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Final thoughts

So there you have it, the ten best applications for League of Legends in 2021! Have you already used some of these apps? Which one do you personally like the most? Tell us in the comments down below!

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