Top 11 Best League of Legends Players of All Time (2022 Ranks)

Top 11 Best League of Legends Players of All Time (2022 Ranks) 2023

It’s time to step out in the open for a bit and take a look at some of the best performing League of Legend players so far this year. While the best LoL players of 2023 may not have the ones who have the best stats overall, their value is crucial to the Team. 

Who is the Best League of Legends Player? 

1. Faker 

Faker Best League of Legends Player of All Time (2022 Ranks)

Starting out, I’m going to talk about the best League of Legends player, the one we would consider the number one LoL player of 2022, and that would be Lee “Faker” Sang-Hyeok. There’s no denying the fact that Fake is the best at LoL. Faker started his professional career back in February of 2013 and has won the show ever since then. In September of that year, he was a World Champion.

Since then, he has won two more world titles and, in 2017, finished as runner-up. This has given him the best results of any of the LoL players in international competition. In Korea, he has also won eight domestic titles and has earned part ownership in the organization to secure his career. 

This guy right here has one of the most versatile champion pools League of Legends has ever witnessed. During his career, he has played a total of 71 unique champions, which makes him impossible to target in drafts. Leblanc just so happens to be his most feared champion – Leblanc is an assassin who was frequently banned, and it took until 2015 for him to lose his first game on her. However, despite it all, Fake still maintains a win rate of 80%. Faker is also famous for his Zed. 

There are many players who have gotten near Faker’s level for a short period. However, to date, no one has come anywhere near his sustained level of success, and it doesn’t look like Faker will slow down anytime soon. 

For as long as Fake is active on the scene, he will always be considered the best player on League of Legends, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other outstanding players. 

Let me introduce you to some of the other best LoL players of 2022…

2. G2 Rekkles – The Most Consistent

When Martin “Rekkles” Larsson arrived on the G2 scene, he made the European organization even stronger than it has been. Rekkles has earned his spot on this list of the best LoL players as he is continuously shining bright, even more so when he plays on his new Team. G2 has received the consistent player they have been needing. When his team members have some rough games, he is capable of carrying his Team over the finish line, and that’s precisely the type of person every Team needs.

Rekkles has almost a decade under his belt and has been one of the top ADCs worldwide during his entire career. His latest results are an indication that he is far from being done with LoL any time soon, so expect to hear more from Rekkles. 

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3. G2 Caps – Most Talented

G2 Caps Best League of Legends Player of All Time (2022 Ranks)

Rasmus “Caps” Winther has been establishing himself as the most talented European League of Legends player. I mean, yeah, he may not have the best stats overall, but his value to the Team is obviously there, which is something you will notice if you watch G2’s games.

Caps is the core and backbone of this Team. For his fourth consecutive year, Caps has his eyes set on Worlds. This year, maybe he will be able to surpass his moniker as “baby Faker.”

4. RGE Odoamne – Perfect Fit

Odoamne has shown everyone that LEC veterans still have a high level of play in them to continue dominating Europe. After Odoamne’s performance last year on Schalke 04, his recent transfer to Rogue has made him even more popular. He is an extremely flexible player who is consistent – he can be aggressive or passive when needs to be, depending on what the Team needs, and this is what Odoamne is all about in LoL. 

5. TL Alphari – Best NA Player

In last year’s World, we witnessed a disappointing performance from LCS teams, and it was then that many realized that NA has some pretty big problems. Alphari joined Team Liquid during the off-season, and that’s when North America would catch up on many things. This is a British top laner who is smashing everyone. I mean, look at this: 28.6% damage output, 8 solo kills, and positive stats in almost every metric possible.

No other LoL player has been as dominant as this guy, so I would quickly call him the best League of Legends player in North America and the LCS as of right now. The only other player who would be able to match this would probably be Corell, which makes TL the best chance North America has on the International Stage. 

6. DK ShowMaker – Best KDA

DK Showmaker Best League of Legends Player of All Time (2022 Ranks)

In last year’s Worlds, DK Showmaker reigned supreme, and he has continued to dominate the LCK in 2021. Heo “ShowMaker” Su has insanely consistent play – throughout spring, this guy held the highest KDA out of all the mid-laners, which showed us that he has some real skill and knew what he was doing.

There’s only one problem with ShowMaker, and that’s the fact that he recently stated he has some health issues that could put a damper on his performance this season. If all goes well and his health doesn’t decline, this guy could end up beating the KDA record for both Worlds and LCK this year. 

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7. HLE Chovy – Best Mechanical Player

Jeong “CHovy” Ji-hoon really is a mechanical god and might just be one of the best players on LoL in the world when it comes to individual skills. Looking at his plays last year, we watched him carry DRX throughout the entire season, and this year, on Hanwha Life Esports, he appears to be doing it again. 

Chovy has a mighty aggressive playstyle, and that might just be why he doesn’t have the best stats, but he is impressive with his 18 solo kills. I can’t think of any other mid-laner who has an insane state like this…no one even comes close to it. HLE is a Playoff team, but it’s Chovy’s mere presence that grants them the opportunity to go directly for the championship, and that speaks colors about the player’s value.

8. DK Khan – Best Weakside Player

Kim “Khan” Dong-ha might be a questionable pick for this particular list, but I added him because he filled in Nuguri’s spot. While his last few splits may not have been up to part, we have to look at this split – DK Khan has a very stable form, and that is something I like seeing. He may not be as aggressive and flashy as Nuguri was, but he’s the perfect weakside player that DK required.

Khan gives his teammates the opportunity to make plays while he absorbs as much pressure as he can. If Nuguri was in his spot, he’d probably die and bleed advantage to the enemy team, and this is something that Khan does not do, which is what is making DK so consistent, and they deserve to be the first in the LCK. 

9. RNG Xiaohu – Best Role Swap

RNG Xiaohu Best League of Legends Player of All Time (2022 Ranks)

Have you ever noticed Xiaohu’s willingness to change his role? He can go from mid to top just like that. I recall Perkz changing role-swapping so that his Team could succeed. This is something that works great, and Xiaohu shows us that this is possible – this is a very flexible player. 

10. WE Beishang – Best Explosive Performance

This split, Jiang “Beishang” Zhi-Peng, is a name that you’re not going to forget. This is a 9-time MVP with an early game presence that is out of this world. Beishan is currently playing on Team WE. Will WE be able to gain big leads and eventually snowballing the game?

Team, WE might just surprise all of us during the playoffs and win the LPL. Regardless, Beishang is a crucial player on WE, and a strong performance (I know he has it in him) will lead them straight to the halls of victory. 

11. TES Knight – Strongest Laning

TES Knight – Strongest Laning Best League of Legends Player of All Time (2022 Ranks)

Coming in at number 11 on our list, we have Zhuo “Knight” Ding. On a similar note as CHovy, Knight does great at laning. Just look at this: +13 different CS Diff @ 15 and +384 XP Diff@ 15. TES Knight might just be the best mid-laner in the LPL right now. If TES makes it to MSI, then the international stage will belong to Knight, and he can then redeem himself. 

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So there you have it, the top 11 best League of Legends players of all time (2022). While there will always be Faker and his extraordinary skill, we cannot forget that there are other players who play League of Legends, and they’re doing pretty good, if I must say so myself.

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