Top 5 Best League of Legends Quotes

Many things about League of Legends and its developer, Riot Games, stand out. Now, what could these be? It certainly isn’t the gameplay department – and undoubtedly isn’t the balance department. Well, it’s the writing and lore guys. 

League of Legends has some of the best-written characters and Lore out of any video game in history. It is masterfully crafted with rich stories sprawling throughout a vast world full of wonder. 

With a talented writing team such as Riot’s is, there will inevitably be some memorable moments found within their work. 

All Champions in the game have their own unique voice lines, which they will occasionally say. Within these lines, there are amazing quotes that people will immediately note and remember. In this list, I highlighted some of my favorites. 

Please remember that there are an infinite amount of voice lines among the 157 Champions found in the game. I couldn’t have gone over each one, searching for the best of them. Instead, I remembered some cool ones that I like to quote from time to time, and they found their way into the list.

If I ever think or hear some other excellent quotes, I’ll make sure to make a different list just for you guys. 

So, with the introduction out of the way, let’s begin with our quotes. 

1. “The stars are beyond my reach, and so I grasp my spear and take aim” – Pantheon

These words from Pantheon give us a great insight into his character and backstory. As a demi-god, he always seeks to ascend above the heavens, to reach the stars. Being prevented from doing so, he wishes to strike the stars with his spear. 

The quote is fantastic both on its own and as a lore piece. With just a single sentence, you can understand the ambitions of this mighty warrior, and it does inspire me a little.

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2. “Morality is a beautiful servant and a dangerous master.” – Camille

Camille speaks to us about morals with this quote. It is great to have a moral compass to guide you through life, setting boundaries, and defining your opinions. But how horrendous it would be to have the moral compasses of others imposed upon you. It is a dreaded and dystopic thought to be under the rule of someone else’s morals. 

I think that, even if Camille didn’t quite mean what I just wrote, the quote is easily interpreted as such. It is readily applicable to the state of today’s society which wishes to remove the freedom of moral choice entirely. Everyone wants to command others and impose upon them their own beliefs and opinions, which is undoubtedly a dangerous path to walk on. 

League of Legends is a video game, but sometimes quotes like these can make us think hard and deeply about many things. 

3. “We will live on… Either in victory, or in the scars we leave on them!” – Irelia

Irelia, being a formidable warrior herself, tells us a lot about her character and the valiance of the Ionian and Demacian people. To die in battle is considered a great honor, and your victory, even in defeat, can be achieved. 

Sun Tzu said: “To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence. Supreme excellence is breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.” Therefore, you do not even have to fight to be victorious. Striking a blow significant enough to the enemy is its own victory. 

Irelia, and her fellow warriors, are true valiant heroes who, through honor, show their strength. I love the contrast between Noxus and Demacia, and it reminds me of the Horde and Alliance dichotomy in the Warcraft series. Painting a pure good vs. evil picture is never really interesting, but I think that League’s version does have excellent dynamics and a ton of depth. 

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4. “Oceans of formless time open before me and they whisper, Jhin, we are your true face.” – Jhin

Jhin is undoubtedly the best Champion in League of Legends. Many people have made the same claim for other Champions, but no one will agree about others as much as they do for Jhin. Part of his perfection comes, in a great deal, from the Lore so carefully and beautifully crafted. 

Apart from his backstory, his quotes are among the best in the game, and I love listening to them from time to time. I never do this with any other Champion in the game, so that should tell you a lot. The only Champion that might come close is Kled, but then again, it still isn’t even a competition. 

This list doesn’t deserve to have a quote so beautiful, and I refuse to stain it further with my puny comments. 

5. “Some choose their path. Others are condemned to it.” – Yasuo

Yasuo is a very traditional and moral character who is heavily inspired by the Samurai of the Sengoku period. Of course, he is severely romanticized, but that isn’t bad. With this quote and many of his others, Yasuo gives us insight into the views of a harmonized, naturally moving world. 

He believes in balance in the world, choice, and condemnation that is equally applied. Which treatment you get is part of fate, which can be applied to the modern and real world. None of us can choose where we are born, from which parents, and what fate will befall us. 

We are cast into the world, given no choices whatsoever, but can still attempt shaping our lives into what we wish them to be. Alas, it won’t get us too far if the forces of fate are stark against us. 

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Final Thoughts

League of Legends can get deep, beautiful, and upright unique in Lore, philosophy, and worldbuilding. The writers and creative directors of the game have done incredible work to make the characters, the stories, and just about everything so great and memorable. Something as small as voice lines which were inherited from the Warcraft 3 era, can have so much meaning, impact, and substance. 

I hope you’ve found reading the list as enjoyable as I did writing it, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift.

These lists take time and effort to make, so leave feedback to help us improve them. Keep a keen eye out on our website for more League of Legends-related content such as guides, lists, and articles. 

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