Top 7 Best Lethality Mid Laners in League of Legends

Mid lane is the most important lane of all in League of Legends that is why most team captains are assigned to this role. The reason why it is important is that it is the lane that has easy access to all lanes and even the jungle, meaning the mid laner can come to the aid of all lanes at any given time.

There is a huge variety of champions that you can pick in the mid lane and one of the best are the lethality assassins. These lethality champions are mostly assassins, highly mobile champions that can easily roam the map. 

In this article we are going to show you the best lethality champions that you can pick in the mid lane, we will go into detail as much as we can without making the article too long, so let’s dive into it. 

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Who Are The Best Lethality Mid Lane Champions?

1. Zed 

Easily the best lethality champion in the game and one of the strongest champions at that. Because of Zed’s OP kit, he is also one of the champions that get banned most of the time. His W is the best mobility spell in the game that he can use instantaneously making him extremely unpredictable. 

How To Play?

Zed is strong in the early and mid-game phase so you should have a playstyle that always achieves lane priority so you can roam and help all the other laners including the jungler. During the laning phase, you might want to play safe and secure CS with your Q, do not fight until you reach your level 6 power spike. 

Be sure to master your Shadow placement so you can easily play with your opponent’s minds. Always try to hind in the fog of war and have enough dewarding items so you can have easy access to the enemy’s backline and burst their squishy carries. 

Staple Item Builds

Black Cleaver – if they have a tank champion that stacks up on armor, Black Cleaver is a smart build as it gives Zed lots of ability haste, tankiness, and the passive that reduces armor by a percentage is just excellent

Duskblade – most of the champions listed here will have Duskblade as their staple items as well, I mean who doesn’t love this item on burst assassins? The invisibility it provides is great for repositioning and it can also be used as a gap closer. 

2.  Talon

Coming at second place with an excellent pick and ban ratio is Talon. His very fast roaming potential is his best quality, he can jump on walls that scale with his movement speed. 

His burst is also on par with Zed’s which also has AOE damage, the only reason he is in second place is because he doesn’t have a mobility spell like Zed’s W that he can use when skirmishing. 

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How To Play?

Talon can immediately dominate lanes as soon as he hits level 2, this is because he can already proc his passive and put ignite on top of it making it a lethal combo. 

As soon as you gain lane dominance, look at the map and go to the lane that you can gank. Lanes that are pushed out are your best bet, try to pass towards the enemy’s jungle so you won’t get picked off by the enemy’s wards. 

Staple Item Builds

Youmuu’s Ghostblade

This should be the very first lethality item you should build as it doesn’t only help you get back to lane faster, it also allows you to come to your ally’s aid faster. The passive and active effect of this item allows Talon to jump walls faster.

Boots of Mobility

Same as Youmuu’s, this item will allow you to roam faster, and with Talon, roaming is the goal because you farm gold with kills, not with lane minions. But make sure to go back to your lane once in a while so enemies don’t farm for free on your lane minions and tower plates. 

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3. Jayce

Jayce’s Lethality build in the mid lane is kind of a cheese pick. Enemies won’t expect you to be in mid-lane so they won’t know who to counter in the pick and bans phase. 

How To Play?

Jayce has two forms which give him a total of 8 clickable spells, if you are new to the game this might be intimidating but as you master him it’s actually fun. Always start with your ranged form in the laning phase as this stance gives you the range advantage over the enemy. 

Poke enemies from time to time with your Q and when they are low enough go with a full combo (try to search Jayce combo’s on youtube to learn or maybe we can write an article about it soon.)

Staple Item Builds


Excellent when you already know how to combo with Jayce. With Jayce, you can throw your enemy a barrage of physical damage abilities and you need the bonus damage and extra movement speed for it. Eclipse gives you both with an added bonus of giving you omnivamp as well.


You need this item so you don’t run out on mana in the early game as you poke enemies with your Q, Muramana will also give your physical damage an extra boost, especially on your accelerated Q.

4. Gangplank

Gangplank is the only champion in this list that possesses the ability to one-shot champions without a combo, his barrel easily deletes the squishy champions it hit. The neat thing about this is that GP’s damage won’t go down even if the enemies are clumped together, so you can one-shot multiple enemies at once.

How To Play?

Gangplanks’ playstyle in the early to the late game will revolve around his Q, this will be his main source of damage and it also has a low cooldown so he acts like a ranged champion. 

Zone your enemies away when CS’ing with your barrel placement, you don’t even have to use it to intimidate your enemies, simple placements will give them a warning not to get close to you.

Staple Item Builds

Trinity Force

GP needs mobility, especially in the late game, this allows him to weave a series of barrels to the enemy and the Spellblade passive also adds damage to his barrels. 

The Collector

GP’s strong burst potential can become even stronger with the passive crit percentage and lethality from this item. It also synergizes with his barrels as it can execute enemies that fall to a certain HP threshold.

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5. Riven

Another cheese pick but has once been a monstrous pick in the mid lane as popularized by Faker himself. Riven has one of the strongest early game power spikes because she can trade with anyone once she hits level 3. 

She is even stronger than most champions at level 1, she is extremely mobile with high damage output making her a strong lane bully to achieve lane priority.

How To Play?

Immediately gain lane dominance by bullying your opponent out of minion exp range. Once you are one level higher than your opponent, force an all-in and make them afraid of ever approaching you again. 

Control the wave so it freezes at your desired location and never let your enemy catch even one minion exp. Once you have level and CS advantage, try to push really hard and find kills. Once you find kills, roam other lanes and kill their opponents as well, rinse then repeat this. 

Staple Item Builds 

Youmuu’s Ghostblade

Riven relies on her Q and E weaves to get around the map, giving her Youmuu’s would enhance her roam speed. The lethality on Youmuu will also empower Riven’s Q even further as you can deal more damage with lethality in Riven.

Black Cleaver

Your spell combos and animation cancels can quickly shred the armor of enemy tank champions, you can still build this item even if enemies don’t stack that much armor as it gives Riven Ability haste, an item passive that makes her a broken champion.

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6. Jarvan IV

Enemies don’t usually expect a Jarvan to pop in the mid lane, but when he does, he basically demolishes most immobile mid lane champions. His burst is really strong and it even traps enemies inside his pit for him to finish off. But, most of the time, his E + Q combo and a couple of basic attacks are enough to finish mid lane mages off. 

How To Play?

You can harass enemies with your flag or your Q, but that does not mean you should use your combo all the time. Only use your combo if you will go all-in and finish them in one shot. Jarvan is a team player meaning his value comes during team fights, so try to not die in the early game and only engage in fights with your team in the mid to late game.

Staple Item Build


Jarvan can easily proc the effect of Eclipse with his E + Q combo, this will give him bonus damage, a shield, and a boost in movement speed that also synergizes with his W that slows enemies down as well as shields him. 

7. Pyke

Pyke is at the very peak of this list because his kit revolves around short bursts, once he throws most of his spells he needs to disappear for a moment and wait for his cooldowns before he can damage enemies again. But if played and built right, Pyke can easily dominate the lane and roam other lanes. 

How To Play?

You need to play safe if you don’t have your core items yet because your damage will be close to mediocre. Freeze the lane where your jungler can gank you and only go on all-ins if your jungler is ready and nearby. 

Staple Item On Pyke

Youmuu’s Ghostblade

Of course, if you are a roaming assassin champion, Ghost blade will be your best friend. The passive boosts Pyke’s W movement speed which he uses most of the time to engage enemies. Youmuu’s will also widen the HP threshold required for Pyke to execute enemies with his ultimate. (  

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With season 12’s new Crown of the Shattered queen, assassins get a bad rap because they can one-shot mages anymore, but there is a quick workaround over this. Simply poke mages first and proc their Crown’s passive first before going all in. Now, this is a lot of work compared to the previous burst mechanic but if you think of it, this is really a good balancing item that doesn’t make Assassins extremely OP. 

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