Top 7 Best Lethality Supports in League of Legends

Bot lane is a beautiful place where all champions can be picked and used either as a support or an ADC. Over the years, we have seen different champions get picked as support. Season 12 proved that as it started, the trend of mage supports like Syndra or even Veigar, two of the best nuke champions, which only makes sense because of the CC they provide and the late-game potential they have. 

But bot lane doesn’t stop at mage supports. Another favorite pick for bot support champions that are viable for lethality builds. Assassin champions deal lots of damage in a short period, and Lethality makes that even faster. Lethality ignores a flat amount of armor, making your physical damage attacks or abilities deal more damage. 

Now that the intro is out of the way, we will now get into the list, we will also get into detail as much as we can without confusing you, so here they are. 

7. Pyke

Of course, the best lethality champion out there should be an assassin support champion, Pyke, and his kit revolves around lethality to deal more damage. Not only does he benefit from Lethality’s damage, but the items he can build also improve his supporting capabilities. It’s like these items are made just for him.

Best Item for Pyke

Duskblade (3200g)

It is a mythic item that can be rushed on Pyke because it simply synergizes with his ultimate so well. His ultimate executes enemies when Pyke damages them at a certain HP threshold. This is great because Duskblade turns Pyke invisible every time he scores a takedown. 

The invisibility will give Pyke enough time to reposition himself before casting another ultimate to execute another enemy. He can also use the invisibility passive of Duskblade to disengage from a fight. 

Umbral Glaive (2400g)

This is a staple item of AD support for many reasons. First, it is a very cheap item that can be immediately rushed. Second, it gives you flexibility on your gold as purchasing this item as support gives you the luxury of ignoring control wards and oracles lenses. It even lets you focus on purchasing warding items instead to help your team win the Macro match. 

Youmuu’s Ghostblade (3000g)

Pyke is roamer support which means this item will help him roam faster. The neat thing about this item is that it has a passive that gives Pyke a certain percentage of Movement Speed, and he can Activate its effect as well to make himself even faster. The stats of this item are also decent making his picks and roams more efficient.

Best Duo for Pyke


Another Champion that deals tons of damage are a great duo for Pyke because he can easily follow up on Pyke’s engage, be it from Pyke’s hook or Stun. John’s follow-up comes from his W. Once Pyke pulls or stuns an enemy, Jhin can immediately cast his W on that enemy, and the CC will stack up, and both of them can burst the enemy caught by their combo.

Best Rune for Pyke

Hail of Blades

Hail of Blades is the best rune for Pyke if you want to poke your enemies right off the bat immediately. Hail of blades shines on Pyke every time he catches an enemy with his hook stun combo; Hail of Blades lets him immediately input three basic attacks while the enemy is stunned, making him deal tones of damage as early as level 2. 

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6. Senna

Senna is one of the most broken supports out there, especially if she doesn’t get counter-picked by the enemy bot lane duo. Senna’s Range is just insane when she pokes enemies, and her heal is strong enough to sustain her ADC. Senna can also benefit from building Lethality items because she relies on her long-range and slow attack speed. She can make up for it by building assassin items that let her burst enemies down with just 3 to 4 shots. 

Best Item for Senna

Muramana (2900g)

This item makes every hit of Senna deal tons of bonus damage in the late game. Another great thing about this is that you can immediately buy the staple recipe of this item, Tear of the Goddess. Tear is a fantastic buy on Senna as a first item because it gives her more flexibility in poking enemies with her abilities. 

Once you stack this item fully, you will have a larger mana pool to cast your abilities more, you can also complete Manamune, and it will immediately transform into Murama. This is a great 3rd item after you build your Mythic and staple support item. 

Umbral Glaive (2400g)

Coming at a 2400 gold price, this item is one of the best early game items that you can complete, it has a decent stat and lethality passive to give you, and it makes Senna good support because she can easily deward by one-shotting trinkets and destroying control wards on two hits. 


Just like other champions that benefit from the invisibility of this item, Senna can also use the passive of this item to position herself better. This is great because Senna is a squishy-ranged champion who relies on positioning to survive team fights. The slow coming from this item when Senna damages an enemy for the first time is a great addition to help her ADC secure more kills or disengage from enemies.

Best duo for Senna


Tristana’s aggressive nature makes her jump inside the fray and is close and personal with her opponents; Senna is excellent support because she can easily shield her while helping her damage the enemies when she ults. Senna’s Q is also great every time Tristana rocket jumps towards enemies.

Best rune for Senna

Glacial Augment

The recent update on Glacial Augment that lets champions slow enemies and leave frozen paths on the ground every time they impair enemies’ movement is insane on Senna. This rune greatly synergizes with Senna’s W, and it can easily root multiple enemies around the champion that gets hit with her W because they will all be slowed by glacial augment. 

5. Sion

Sion is a cheese pick in the bot lane as support because nobody expects him to be played as a support. Contrary to popular belief, Sion is excellent support, mainly if he controls the bushes in the bot lane. His charged Q can be a surprising engage, especially in the early game, he will be a force to be reckoned with, and if he has control over the bushes, enemies will think twice before standing near the bushes. This gives him and his ADC enough space to control the flow of the bot lane. 

Best item for Sion

Prowler’s Claw

This item gives the user the ability to dash towards enemy champions and lets them deal bonus damage to that champion. It also gives the wearer 60 attack damage and 18 lethality; these passives significantly improve Sion’s Q and ultimate damage, making him a one-shot squishy champion. He can use this active effect for better positioning for his Q.

Umbral Glaive

Umbral Glaive is a staple item for all lethality supports and it makes sense why it will always be the best item for AD support.

Best rune for Sion


Sion is a late-game tank champion. Even if you build lethality items on him, one tank item should be enough to make him a tank that can deal burst damage. His late-game initiation comes from his ultimate, and once he dives into the fray with multiple enemies, he’s going to need that bonus defensive stats to help him last longer in team fights.

Best Duo for Sion


The best duo for Sion is a champion that can capitalize well on long CC durations; Caitlyn is that champion simply because every stun or slow from Sion can be followed up by Caitlyn’s W trap. 

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4. Jarvan IV 

Jarvan’s Cataclysm is an underrated ability and can set up great plays for certain ADC duos in the bot lane. Jarvan also has excellent burst potential with his combo, and he can follow it up with his ultimate to lock enemies down as he disengages and his ADC finishes them off. 

Best item for Jarvan

Prowler’s Claw

If a champion in this list can significantly benefit from this item, it is Jarvan. He can cast its active and instantly close the gap between him and an enemy champion, and he can cast his ultimate on them and use his Flag Q combo to get out of the pit, trapping the enemies inside. Prowler’s Claw also has the mythic passive to increase your Lethality by 5 for each legendary item you have, allowing him to stack up to a hundred lethality if he builds all lethality items. 

Best Duo for Jarvan

Miss Fortune

Jarvan’s primary value as support comes from his ultimate that encloses enemies inside a pit. MF can burst enemies down with her ultimate because none of them can escape it if they don’t have mobility spells or flash up. If they land this combo, it will be an easy multi-kill. 

Best rune for Jarvan


This has been a cheese combo for a long time, and little to no players know about it. Aery procs on enemies whenever you shield or heal your allies. The combo for this works with the rune and the Mythic moonstone item. Every time Jarvan puts his flag up, every ally within its range gets the effect of Moonstone renewer and procs Aery. As long as the flag is up, aery will keep on getting cast to the nearest ally. 

3. Pantheon

One of the oldest hybrid supports out there, and Pantheon has been the staple hybrid support because of his aggressive nature and ability to get out of trouble unscathed even before the rework. Pantheon’s poke is crazy, especially after the rework, because his Q doesn’t need targeting anymore and became a skill shot instead so that he can spam it anytime during the laning phase. 

Best item for Pantheon


Not only is Pantheon great hybrid support, but he is also one of the best early game champions that can help his teammates snowball to a victory lead. We are talking about lethality supports, so this is Pantheon’s best mythic item with a lethality passive. Eclipse is excellent on early game trades as it doesn’t only give Pantheon a shield to mitigate the retaliation of the enemy, but he also has the movement speed to keep up with them. 

Edge of Night

Pantheon’s ultimate makes him dive towards enemy champions even from a faraway range; Edge of night will assure Pantheon that he doesn’t quickly get CC chained once he lands with his ultimate. 

Best duo for Pantheon


Jinx’s hyper-aggressive playstyle goes perfectly with Pantheon’s early game dominance. Pantheon can make jinx slingshot towards a massive lead against their enemies, and this is great because Jinx is a hyper-carry late game champion that can be out of control if she has an early game lead. 

Best rune for Pantheon

Press the attack

This rune makes Pantheon a hyper-aggressive support because he can instantly proc PTA with his empowered W and follow it up with a couple of hits and a strong Q. This combo alone can chunk a massive HP off the enemy. 

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2. Shaco

Shaco’s kit as support is great if the enemy champions they face have gap closers or dash abilities. Champions like Tristana or Master Yi won’t get past Shaco’s defenses when they try to engage Shaco’s ADC. The boxes scattered throughout the bot lane will prove to be hard to get past. 

Best item for Shaco


This is still an excellent mythic item for Shaco, knowing that it increases the damage coming from his Q. It will also reset his invisibility every time he scores a takedown. This is his staple item as a jungler, and it can also serve as his best item as support; another great thing about this item is that it slows enemies down whenever Shaco triggers its passive. 

Best duo for Shaco


Being a hyper-carry champion that relies on CS instead of kill score, Vayne will thrive in the bot lane because she can farm peacefully because of the space Shaco can give her. Shaco’s slow with the Duskblade is also an excellent initiation for Vayne to go all-in with her ultimate. 

Best rune for Shaco

Dark Harvest

Again, another addition to Shaco’s one-shot abilities. After dealing tons of damage with his Q and the duskblade proc, he can finish enemies off if they fall off a certain HP threshold. This will also help Shaco scale because he gets weaker come late game. 

1. Lee Sin

Now Lee Sin doesn’t thrive in the bot lane as support because he has mediocre shields he can provide to his ADC, but if he is played an outstanding Lee Sin player, then enemies will find it very hard to win in bot lane. His kick is one of the best displacement abilities in-game, and he can use this every time he initiates a kill for his jungler or ADC.

Best item for Lee Sin


Lee Sin can instantly proc the shield and speed boost from eclipse by simply doing his Q casts; Eclipse’s speed boost can also help Lee Sin speed up towards the front of the enemy, so he doesn’t have to ward hop anymore to do an insec. 

Best duo for Lee Sin

Any ADC that can immediately follow up on Lee Sin’s kick, champions that excel in 1v1 fights like Kaisa, who deals bonus damage because of her Q. When enemies get hit with the total damage of Kai’Sa’s Q, it will be a massive burst of damage. 

Best rune for Lee Sin


Combine it with the passive effects of the eclipse; then you will have yourself a no-brainer combo. 

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