Best League of Legends Announcer Packs

Many games include an announcer to notify players of in-game events that happen as they play. These announcements are made by voice actors hired by each game company. Various games offer announcer packs that change the voice lines and the voice actors for the announcements. 

Unfortunately, League of Legends does not offer announcer packs, at least not natively. There are still ways to replace the default announcer pack in League of Legends. People have been creating announcer packs for LoL for years and are still making more of them.

The default announcer in League of Legends is Ellen McLain. There is only one announcer pack officially released by Riot Games for League of Legends. Players still wait for the feature that lets them use other announcer packs without having to manually replace the audio files for it.

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What are Announcer Packs?

Announcer packs, in any game, are the voice lines used for announcements at any point in the game. They are cosmetic and replace the default announcer’s lines. They can be equipped or installed in various ways and are a fun way to spice up your gameplay.

Various games such as League of Legends, VALORANT, Halo, etc. have announcers. The default announcers can be widely appreciated; however, a desire for customization can s replace the standard announcer pack with a different one to change it up.

Best Announcer Packs:

The best announcer packs that you can get for League of Legends are The Curator announcer pack, Bastion announcer pack, Tyler1 announcer pack, imaqtpie announcer pack, and Rick and Morty announcer pack. 

You can find more announcer packs that you would enjoy aside from these, but these are the best and most popular for League of Legends that we recommend trying out. You can preview them from the hyperlinks in their description. If you want to download them, you can click on the download links below.

Dawngate’s The Curator Announcer Pack

This announcer pack is based on The Curator from Dawngate. Dawngate is another game from the category that League of Legends belongs to, MOBA. The Curator is one of its announcers that has received plenty of appreciation and love. It is one of the most iconic announcer packs in the history of video games. Having such an announcer pack in League of Legends makes you enjoy the game more.

Voice lines such as “utter annihilation”, “first blood”, and “dominating” are some of the most iconic lines from this pack. It is a must-try announcer pack that you can get for League of Legends.

You can check out The Curator Announcer Pack here.

Bastion Announcer Pack

This announcer pack is based on the Dota 2 Bastion announcer pack. Dota 2 is also a MOBA game very similar to League of Legends. As a matter of fact, the two games are often put in comparison due to their similarities across the game. 

The announcer in this pack also goes by Rucks. The epic voice lines in this pack bring a new feel and add to your League of Legends experience in a great manner, which is the whole point of an announcer pack. 

It is widely loved by its users for voice lines such as “think I lost count, seriously” after a player goes on a large killing spree in-game, “we all have our reasons” after a player disconnects from the game, and “the other fellas’ tower had a little accident” after an enemy tower falls. 

Things such as this can boost your morale and motivate you to keep trying your best in your matches.

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You can check out the Bastion Announcer Pack here.

Tyler1 Announcer Pack

If you play LoL, you must know Tyler1. He is said to be the face of League of Legends because of his immense success as a Twitch streamer and a content creator. He is known for his outrageous yet comedic behavior. 

To have a personality like Tyler1 be your in-game announcer is definitely hilarious. We recommend trying it out and seeing if you enjoy it for yourself. Tyler1 himself has reacted to this fan-made announcer pack and loved it. It has one of the most downloads out of any announcer pack for League of Legends.

You can check the Tyler1 Announcer Pack here.

Imaqtpie Announcer Pack

This announcer pack offers hilarious voice lines from the ex-pro known as Imaqtpie. If you love a bit of profanity and funny toxicity, this voice pack will get you in a good mood while playing League of Legends. Voice lines in this pack are taken from the Twitch streamer’s videos and streams. 

Although they may not be perfect, like the Tyler1 announcer pack, it’s all about the fun and mood that’s set by the streamer’s voice. He himself has watched the announcer pack of his voice and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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You can check out this hilarious announcer pack here.

Rick and Morty Announcer Pack

The Rick and Morty-based announcer pack for League of Legends is amazing. Rick and Morty is a dark comedy and adventure fiction animated show from Adult Swim. Widely loved, the voices of alcoholic grandpa Rick and his dimwit grandson Morty themselves are iconic. 

As it is taken from Dota 2 as an official announcer pack, it comes with all kinds of amazing voice lines such as “Do you think, like, you know, he wipes the big one’s, you know, thing? His behind area? Morty, you’re really skirting the line.” and “Hello? Can anyone hear me? It’s a killing spree over here.”. 

It is highly recommended you try out this announcer pack. You can check it out here.

How to Get Announcer Packs for LoL

While there is no official website to download announcer packs for League of Legends, you can find the download links all over the internet. You can find download links for announcer packs on their Reddit threads, other forums/discussions, and in the descriptions of their preview YouTube videos.

You can download the mentioned announcer packs here:

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How to Install an Announcer Pack

Installing announcer packs may be a little tricky for some you have to manually replace the default announcer pack from the game files but worry not as we will guide you through the process.

  1. Locate where League of Legends is installed on your computer/laptop.
  2. Open the League of Legends directory.
  3. Search for “Announcer_Global_Female1_VO_audio.WPK”.
  4. Right-click on the search result that matches and go to the folder in which it resides.
  5. Rename the “Announcer_Global_Female1_VO_audio.WPK” to “Announcer_Global_Female1_VO_audio.WPK.old”.
  6. Now copy your announcer pack and paste it into that folder.

There you have it. Your announcer pack has now been installed. If you want to use the default announcer pack again, just rename “Announcer_Global_Female1_VO_audio.WPK.old” to “Announcer_Global_Female1_VO_audio.WPK” and you will be using the old one as it originally was.

Note that the downloaded announcer packs may need to be renamed for them to work if they are not already named “Announcer_Global_Female1_VO_audio.WPK”. If that is the case after you paste them in step 6, you will need to rename the announcer pack to “Announcer_Global_Female1_VO_audio.WPK”.

Final Thoughts

Announcer packs are a fun little addition to your League of Legends to make your experience better and cheer you up. If you did not enjoy any of the ones listed in the guide, don’t worry because there are many more announcer packs to choose from. From DJ Khaled to Emma Watson, we’re certain you’ll find one that you would enjoy.

Did you try out any of the announcer packs from our guide? Did you enjoy using them? Would you have added another announcer pack to our list? What are your thoughts on the newest patch? We love hearing your feedback, so hit us with it in the comment section below!

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