Top 10 Best League of Legends Build Sites

Top 10 Best League of Legends Build Sites

There have undoubtedly been times where you have wondered: “What Item should I purchase next?” or “What spell should I be leveling first?” You then scoured the internet, in dire search for a quick answer, for your game depends on it. Well, search no more since we’ve got you covered. 

In this list, I’ve compiled the 10 Best League of Legends Build sites that will answer all of your life’s questions about, well, everything. The following websites have statistics, guides, in-depth looks into Champions, counters, matchups, you name it. Everything and more is contained within them, and admittedly you’ll likely stick to just a few.

However, since we are LeagueFeed and we don’t do anything surface-level, we’re giving you all of the best options out there for you to choose from. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin with our list. 

1. U.GG

U.GG Top Best League of Legends Build Site

Everyone’s favorite site, and often-times argument source, is This website is the go-to stop for checking out what Champions are currently the most viable. I use their tier list daily and always supply my arguments for any Champion’s viability. It has tremendously helped me better as a player and even helped me write many of the articles you read today. 

It is the ultimate tool for staying in touch with the meta, and the people behind it are meticulous, detailed, and updated regularly. They’re never behind schedule and have developed an excellent site for your use. 

There are also many guides, builds, and similar that you can check out. Just type in the name of a Champion and indulge to your heart’s content. Since is more of a statistics website than a guide one, I recommend you stick to using it for the former. Some of the following are much better in terms of builds – but updating you on the current meta is where remains a dominant force. 

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2. Top Best League of Legends Build Site

Mobafire is undoubtedly the best pure build website for League of Legends, period. This list is unnumbered since I want to give you the opportunity of judgment. At the end of the day, I wouldn’t want to influence your opinions too much. However, this is one of those moments where I just have to, and let me explain why.

Whenever you search for a build, guide, or similar, mobafire is the first website that will pop up on your search. There’s a reason for this – everyone and their grandma is visiting mobafire to get themselves informed on Champions. There are numerous, in-depth, and detailed guides for all of the Champions out there that other websites cannot even compete. What’s even better is that every guide is made by the community, giving you even better quality than you could imagine. 

Mobafire is undoubtedly my favorite, and I check it out regularly for all Champions I play. Of course, eventually, you will run out of the need to do so, but it is a fantastic companion until then. I love mobafire, and there’s so much good in it that I’m sure you will, too. I recommend you check it out immediately. (After you complete our article, that is.) 

3. Top Best League of Legends Build Site is a nice website with an excellent design that will answer all of your questions. It can serve as a form of checking your personal performance or your friends. Other than that, it also provides you with the option of viewing builds and guides. is best to check out what you’ve been purchasing lately and then compare yourself to some of the pros with the Champions. Sure, there are builds there, but they don’t reach the level of mobafire. even has an app, which is a great addition for the people who love that sort of thing. I like to keep to the websites while playing League since maneuvering through a phone can be annoying. But that’s just me, so the option is out there for you to choose from. 

The website is very beautifully designed, and I’d be a madman, not to mention the fact. It is so easy to navigate, minimalistic, and it will take you no time to adjust. I highly recommend you check it out and use everything it offers. 

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4. OP.GG

OP.GG Top Best League of Legends Build Site is my favorite website for checking out the performance of myself and my friends. It is its primary use, but it has something else under its sleeve as well. It has its own tier list, a very detailed and incredible system of statistics, recommended builds, guides, everything you can think of – it’s there. even has a desktop app that can help you on the fly, changing up automatically depending on the Champion you play. It can even set up your runes for you. What else would you want? Anyhow, is a fantastic website for doing many things. 

Its simplistic nature and design allow for some easy navigation and use, which is always a welcome thing. I recommend you give it a shot and make it your default player-searching site. There’s really nothing out there that can rival it. I mean, hell, you can even see as far back as season 1 with it. 

5. Top Best League of Legends Build Site

Mobalytics is a detailed and in-depth website (and desktop application) that can answer all of your Riot Games needs. It provides guides, statistics, and everything else for all Riot projects – League of Legends, Runterra, Valorant, and TFT. 

It is incredibly well made and designed, and navigating it is super easy. I love how it looks, and it makes me want to use it even more. For the people who indulge in more than League of Legends (Summoner’s Rift), there’s all you can wish for here. 

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6. Top Best League of Legends Build Site

Probuilds is one of the more famous sites around the League of Legends community. It is the best place to seek out what the pro players are buying and building, how they’re playing the Champions, etc. It gives you quite a bit of a detailed overview and is updated quite frequently.

So frequently, in fact, that you have a live feed of all the recent games pro players are playing, what they’re buying, and all the rest you need. It is incredible how informative this site can get and is especially useful for folks strictly following the meta. I don’t really like staying so in tune with the recent meta, as going off-meta is more fun. 

But you do you. It’s a great site, and you should check it out. 

7. Top Best League of Legends Build Site

As the name suggests, is a site almost entirely dedicated to League of Legends Champions. It provides players with incredibly detailed overviews of each Champion in the game. There are builds, detailed ability guides, and useful statistics to help you master any Champion you wish. 

You can even add matchups and view the toughest matchups for the current patch, giving you insight on when to pick each Champion. It is a great site. Though the design might seem a bit archaic at first, it is actually enjoyable to use. They regularly update everything on there, so you don’t miss out at all. 

I recommend you check the place out when you seek quick but thoughtful information on a Champion. It doesn’t have mobafire level guides but can be very useful to glance over before the game begins. 

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8. Top Best League of Legends Build Site

Lolalytics is a site that provides you with much of the same as the previous few entries. There are tier lists, guides, etc. What lolalytics does as well is give you ARAM tier lists, which is a fun and excellent addition to have. They also detail the recent patch changes, highlighting which Champions have gotten nerfs and buffs. 

It doesn’t differ much from the rest on here, except that the design is a bit old, in my opinion. With a proper facelift and some quality of life changes, the site would rank much higher than it currently does. Still, there’s nothing wrong with it if you find it useful. You won’t miss out on much in comparison to other sites.

9. Top Best League of Legends Build Site

Leagueofgraphs is also one of my favorite sites to use. Namely, I use it to check out my performance in recent games. It gives an incredibly detailed overview of what you did and could’ve done better and provides comparisons with your average division player. There are even guides, builds, valuable statistics, etc.

The highlight of this website is the design. It is so easy and pleasant to use that, despite alternatives, I keep returning to it. I always have fun clicking around the many different categories and statistics while learning about my own and others’ performances. It is truly a great site that I highly recommend checking out. 

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10. Top Best League of Legends Build Site

Rankedboost is much of the same as all the rest on this list. They provide players with guides on many different popular multiplayer games apart from League of Legends, like World of Warcraft and Diablo. Their League of Legends department could use some work, but some helpful information is to be picked up there. 

They regularly update their site and keep track of the recent patch changes. Tier lists are also their thing, similar to most of the websites from this list. In terms of design, this site has become quite archaic. It needs a dire change to be viable when compared to the rest. There are just so many different sites with much more accessible and thoughtful designs that it becomes obsolete. 

Still, it can be usable at times if you really want to.


As we can see, the League of Legends community has so many websites dedicated to improving your performance. Though they might be giving you direct insight into some things, we also believe you should remain around LeagueFeed. We give you all the guides, information, lists, articles, and the rest you need. Even if we don’t provide tier lists and similar content (yet), I firmly believe that our articles are beneficial to read and learn to improve your gameplay. So, stay awhile, and listen. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift!

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