Unveiling the Best LOL Mid Lane Champions: Dominate the Rift like a Pro

Unveiling the Best LOL Mid Lane Champions: Dominate the Rift like a Pro

Tired of losing your mid lane matchups? Feeling the need to up your game? Look no further! We’ve got the ultimate guide on the best mid lane champions in League of Legends to help you dominate the lane and become the MVP of your team.


  • Discover the top mid lane champions to dominate your games
  • Learn from the pros: insights from Faker on the best mid lane champions
  • Explore champions with the highest win rates, like Malzahar
  • Master the art of roaming and impacting the entire map
  • Get ready to climb the ranks with these game-changing champions

Master the Art of Mid Lane with Top Champions

As an experienced gaming journalist, Jack Miller knows a thing or two about mastering the mid lane. In this article, he shares insider tips and in-depth information on the top mid lane champions to help you excel in your games.

Why Syndra Dominated the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational

Fact: In the 2021 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational, the most picked mid lane champion was Syndra, with a pick rate of 65.2%. Syndra’s popularity lies in her ability to control the battlefield with her powerful crowd control and burst damage. To maximize her potential, focus on mastering her skillshots and positioning.

Faker’s Wisdom on Mid Lane Dominance

Quote: “The best mid lane champions are those that can dominate the lane and roam to other lanes to create advantages for their team.” – Faker, professional League of Legends player.

Faker’s wisdom highlights the importance of not only winning your lane but also impacting the rest of the map. Roaming mid laners like Twisted Fate and Aurelion Sol excel at this playstyle.

Malzahar: The Win Rate King đź‘‘

Statistic: According to League of Graphs, the highest win rate mid lane champion in Platinum+ ranked games as of June 2021 is Malzahar, with a win rate of 53.5%. Malzahar’s strengths lie in his wave clear, point-and-click suppression, and scaling potential. To optimize your Malzahar gameplay, focus on farming and punishing opponents who are out of position.

Other Mid Lane Champions Worth Mastering

While Syndra, Twisted Fate, Aurelion Sol, and Malzahar have been highlighted, there are many other viable mid lane champions to explore:

  • Control mages like Orianna and Viktor offer reliable damage and utility
  • Assassins like Zed and LeBlanc can quickly eliminate key targets
  • Unique champions like Yone and Sylas bring versatility and playmaking potential

Understanding Mid Lane’s Unique Role in League of Legends

As the center of the map, the mid lane plays a critical role in the game. Mid laners need to be prepared for anything, as they often face various opponents and must adapt their playstyle accordingly. Additionally, mid laners should strive to control vision, secure objectives, and help their teammates when needed.

Vision Control: A Mid Laner’s Secret Weapon

Mid laners who prioritize vision control can significantly impact the game. By placing and denying vision around the mid lane, river, and jungle entrances, you can track the enemy jungler, spot potential roams, and make informed decisions about when to push or roam yourself.

Some tips for improving your vision control:

  • Purchase Control Wards regularly and place them in high-traffic areas
  • Use your yellow trinket in the early game and switch to a red trinket after laning phase
  • Coordinate with your jungler and support to maintain vision around objectives

Securing Objectives: The Key to Victory

Mid laners should always be aware of objectives like Dragon and Rift Herald. Controlling these objectives can give your team an edge in gold, experience, and map pressure. Here are a few tips to help you secure objectives:

  • Keep track of objective timers and communicate with your team
  • Push your lane before rotating to help with objectives
  • Use your champion’s unique abilities to secure or steal objectives

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Supporting Your Team as a Mid Laner

The mid lane is all about impacting the game beyond your lane. Here are some tips for supporting your team as a mid laner:

  • Look for opportunities to roam and help other lanes
  • Use Teleport or global abilities to assist your team in fights or defend objectives
  • Be prepared to peel for your carries or engage in team fights, depending on your champion’s role

Tips for Climbing the Ranked Ladder as a Mid LanerTips for Climbing the Ranked Ladder as a Mid Laner

Now that you have a solid understanding of the best mid lane champions and their roles, here are some tips to help you climb the ranked ladder:

  1. Develop a strong champion pool: Focus on mastering 3-5 champions to be prepared for various matchups and team compositions.
  2. Adapt your build: Always consider the enemy team’s composition and adapt your item build accordingly.
  3. Learn from your mistakes: Review your replays and identify areas for improvement, such as decision-making or mechanics.
  4. Communicate with your team: Keep your team informed of enemy movements, summoner spell cooldowns, and potential plays.
  5. Maintain a positive mindset: Stay focused, keep a positive attitude, and be ready to adapt and learn from each game.

With these tips and the knowledge of the best mid lane champions, you’re now ready to conquer the Rift and climb the ranks in League of Legends. Good luck, summoner!


  1. How do I improve my mid lane gameplay? Improve your mid lane gameplay by mastering champion mechanics, wave management, map awareness, and roaming to impact the game.
  2. Which mid lane champion is easiest for beginners? Annie is often recommended for beginners, as her kit is straightforward and effective.
  3. Is it better to play a small champion pool or be versatile in the mid lane? Focusing on a small champion pool helps improve your mechanics and understanding of specific champions, but being versatile can be beneficial for adapting to different team compositions and countering opponents.
  4. How can I effectively roam as a mid laner? To roam effectively, prioritize pushing the wave to create opportunities to leave the lane, maintain good map awareness, and coordinate with your teammates for successful ganks.
  5. How do I choose the right mid lane champion for my playstyle? Identify your preferred playstyle (assassin, control mage, or roaming champion) and experiment with champions that align with that style until you find the best fit.
  6. When should I prioritize objectives over roaming or fighting? Objective priority depends on the game state, but generally, it’s essential to prioritize objectives when they can provide significant advantages for your team.
  7. How do I come back from a losing mid lane? To recover from a losing mid lane, focus on farming, avoiding risky plays, and looking for opportunities to help your team secure objectives or picks.

Personal Conclusion: Take Your Mid Lane to the Next Level

With this guide in hand, you’re now equipped to dominate the mid lane with the best champions League of Legends has to offer. Remember, practice makes perfect – so get out there and start climbing the ranks!


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