Top 5 Best League of Legends Tattoo Ideas

League of Legends is a game with beautiful lore that describes extraordinary and fantastic places, landscapes, and characters. The very Champion roster can be viewed as one of the most aesthetic character rosters in the history of gaming and fiction. Of course, everyone who witnesses this beautiful artwork is inspired to get a tattoo from the game, especially if they are a massive fan of the game. 

If you ever wondered what the best idea for a tattoo might be, we’ve got you covered. I’ve scrolled through Pinterest and gotten approval from all the females out there, and we’re going to check out the best League of Legends tattoo ideas.

So, without further delay, let’s begin.

5. Kayn

This Kayn tattoo idea immediately revealed to me just how well done Kayn is as a character. There are but a few Champions in the game that rival his level of coolness, and I am all for it. Kayn is a Champion that is split between two forms, two worlds, two personas that he has to embody. Both are unique and special, and seeing them brought together (or just one of them highlighted) is a beautiful way of presenting his character. 

Kayn is also a Champion that you should visit when playing the game. Tattooing Champions that you know and love to play is a nice thing to do. So why not learn this all-powerful beast before you start drawing him on your body?

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4. Vel’Koz

Vel’Koz, being a beast of the void, makes for an excellent tattoo idea. As we can see in the example picture, bringing this creature from the deepest and unimaginable parts of the universe into your arm would be a fantastic esthetic choice. 

There are so many ways to have him tattooed on just about any part of your body. Since he is some form of tentacle monster, having him on your arm or leg would be best, in my opinion. If I was tattooing Vel’Koz, I’d have him wrap around my arm with his tentacle things, shooting the laser along it. 

Apart from being a great tattoo choice, Vel’Koz is also an excellent Champion. Be sure to try him out on either Mid or Support, with the latter being the more popular choice as of late. 

3. Jhin

The tattoo in the picture above fascinated me while researching that I couldn’t help but include it on the list. Jhin himself is a mysterious and fantastic character to have tattooed and can be thought up in a million different ways. 

Hell, even his skins are all effing incredible, with numerous art forms of their own. However, what fascinated me most was the idea I already attached, and I suggest you go looking for the artist that did this. I know I would, as this tattoo is beyond anything I could’ve thought of. 

I can only imagine the price tag, but that wouldn’t stop me with quality like this. 

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2. Jinx

This crazy rocket-shooting, machine-gun raving, city-destroying lunatic is one of my favorite League of Legends characters to date. If I ever wanted to tattoo a League character, I think Jinx would be my first of all the Champions in the game. Something about her insane, maniac persona that really makes for a great tattoo. 

Even tattooing her face as in the picture above wouldn’t be a bad idea – and I’m not even a fan of doing such things. I am always more of a fan of some abstract or different art, and faces are not really my cup of tea. But when it comes to Jinx, it just might be. 

Jinx herself has a lot of tattoos around her body, and they can be easily copied and carried over to your real-world self. They’re exceptional, colorful, and fun. Whatever you do, a tattoo relating to this character isn’t a mistake. She’s just so incredible. 

1. Irelia

I just love how Irelia looks. Her eyes are enchanting and provoking, and whenever I see the tattoo above, it brings out my emotions. I don’t know what exactly does that, but she is a fantastic character who can provide a great tattoo. I’ve already expressed that I’m not a fan of tattooing faces on any part of your body. However, with eyes as hypnotic as these, I am starting to reconsider my entire life. 

Irelia can be a great tattoo, but her Top Laning is something else. She’s among the most potent Champions ever to set foot on that wretched part of the map, and I think that you should try her out. I will hate you for doing so and respect your choices as a League player. And, since I am recommending her, I also love you for listening to me.

But hey, that’s what I’m here for. I write, you read and listen to my advice. That’s how we roll here at LeagueFeed

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Like any form of art, Tattoos have an infinite number of ideas. League of Legends has 157 Champions, and they all have endless possibilities when it comes to tattooing and drawing them. 

Apart from the Champions, there are also neutrals, lore pieces, NPCs, the Baron, etc. So many things from such a vast and sprawling world that I can’t even begin to name them all. At the end of the day, the best ideas are the ones you like. I hope you’ve found this list fun, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift. 

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