Top 5 Best Low Elo ADCs in League of Legends

The League of Legends low Elo is a fascinating side of the game. It’s filled with toxicity, negativity, and trolls – making for a dissatisfying and frustrating experience. We’ve addressed these issues in our many guides on escaping low Elo divisions, which you should check out. 

Individualism is highly prevalent in these divisions since teamwork is more or less non-existent. Thus, players should seek to make things easier on themselves in any way possible. One such way is picking the right Champion. Having the right tool is as equally important as being at the right skill level. 

The following Champions are all popular and robust at the moment, easily dominating the low Elo divisions. If you use and master them, you’ll be out of that hell. It’s a trial that all of us must pass at some point, so why not try and make the game enjoyable. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin! 

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5. Veigar

League of Legends roles have lost their pre-determined and traditional directions lately. But no role has diverged from its path more than the ADC. Thus, a few inclusions on this list might be seen as unconventional but are insanely effective and powerful in Season 12. 

One such entry is Veigar, a traditional Mid Laner/Support who has somehow mingled into the ADC role. Combined with a good Enchanter Support, Veigar can go on to dominate his Lane, garnering up kill after kill with ease. Even if he doesn’t get kills, all he has to do is fight his enemies enough to snowball from his passive ability.

He will require a ton of farm and combat, so it is a pretty aggressive pick. However, since he can get so strong that it becomes nearly impossible to win against him, he’s the perfect choice for low Elo. In no time will you be able to one-shot people in a spell or two, which keeps Veigar in perpetual notoriety. 

When the time for team fighting rolls around, Veigar will be able to sweep up entire teams with his spells. No one will be spared once he starts casting his cosmic abilities. This little yordle is hated around the community, and his time of dominance never seems to pass. He keeps reappearing now and again, giving him a haunting presence. 

All in all, he’s an excellent Champion that you shouldn’t underestimate. I highly recommend you give him a try, as there are few other Champions that can equal him in scaling and snowballing. 

4. Ziggs

Ziggs is another unconventional addition to the ADC role like the previous entry. While you might have spotted him occasionally in the Support role, him taking the helm as the main guy wasn’t that popular. That is, until recently. This volatile meta situation League is currently in has been the most chaotic so far. It’s only natural that things like the ADC role get derailed. 

Ziggs is a good substitute for the traditional ADC when you combine him with the right Champions. Ironically enough, he goes best when combined with Veigar which we’ve described previously. These two go hand in hand as a deadly AP combo that can get devastating, both in the Lane and later on. 

Ziggs’ Laning is pretty straightforward. He’ll focus on getting farm and all that usual ADC jazz. He begins his actual game once everyone leaves Lanes, as he is much more focused on team fights and pushing than anything else. When the players are off the Lanes, anything goes for Ziggs. As described in our split pushing list, he can split effectively or wreck enemies in team fights. 

Whichever he chooses, he’ll undoubtedly do well. His itemization will do wonders for him, allowing some obscene damage numbers to pop up from his abilities. His Ultimate alone is enough to obliterate the enemy team if placed well in team fights. It isn’t hard to land, so expect him to use it often and precisely. 

While he might not be as good on ADC as the previous one, I think Ziggs is an excellent pick for the lower Elo. He has a ton of solid and long-range abilities that can harass the enemies into submission. Other stuff on his kit provides utility in skirmishes, keeping him safe while dealing damage. 

I highly recommend giving him a try next time you’re in the ADC role. 

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3. Kog’Maw

Our first traditional pick on the list, Kog’Maw, is a notoriously robust ADC hybrid that can dominate his enemies easily. With his long-range, insanely fast attacks and overall high damage – Kog’Maw wrecks through his opponents, especially those with a lot of HP. We’ve previously mentioned him in our lists and articles about anti-Tank Champions, and I can safely argue that he reigns supreme in that regard. 

Kog’Maw doesn’t do anything unusual to the average ADC in the Lane. For the time being, farming and occasional poking are all he’ll focus on. When he leaves his Lane or gets enough items, Kog’Maw will proceed to dominate enemies with nothing but his basic attacks. They can get so strong that not even the tankiest of Tanks would be able to withstand them. 

Additional to this is his exceptional range. Coming from his W, it allows Kog’Maw to shoot from a vast distance, giving him the ability to kite opponents without breaking a sweat. Other abilities include reducing the enemy’s defenses, slowing, etc. All of which play into his basic attacking dominance. 

I highly recommend Kog, as he is undoubtedly one of the most potent ADCs ever designed. Be it in low Elo or anywhere else; he turns into a genuine, unstoppable beast in the right hands. There’s so much to him that one article cannot cover, so check out our website for more. 

2. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is someone who has had a funky time finding what role suits her best. She started off as a traditional ADC, moved on to be a lethality semi-Assassin, then an AP Support, etc. If any Champion has had many iterations and builds, it’s her. However, today she stands as one of the best ADCs to pick, especially in low Elo.

This is likely because of her lethality focus on her primary build paths. Lethality Champions have a knack for being the hot stuff in low Elo divisions, so it’s no wonder she’s here. However, other stuff makes her unique, as we’ll showcase now. 

Miss Fortune hits hard, allowing her to do a ton of damage from the very start. Using her Q, she can chunk the enemy health bars with ease. The damage is amplified if they stand behind a target, making hiding behind minions obsolete. Since there’s practically no way of avoiding her damage, it’s safe to say that she’s pretty obnoxious to deal with.

If paired with an aggressive Support, Miss Fortune will be reaching her peak power level in no time. Considering that she’s a lethality Champion, she’ll shred her enemies in just a few attacks. But there’s one thing more that makes her as notorious and robust as she is – her Ultimate. 

This AOE spell is the best thing that’s happened to ADCs regarding team fights. A single good use of this spell makes any fight a total breeze. If she happens to have a ton of lethality on her build, good luck surviving this for more than a second. Pairing this Ultimate with some powerful CC makes it a one-way ticket to the fountain for the enemy team. 

Strong but slightly immobile, Miss Fortune is genuinely a brutal ADC. No matter what division she’s played in, there’s not much that can stop her from her onslaught. I highly recommend you give her a try, as she’ll make your climbing out of low Elo a non-issue. 

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1. Yasuo

Though the list might be full of unconventional approaches to the role, I’d say Yasuo isn’t one. You see, he’s been played for so long and so well in the role that I just think that he’s naturally built for it. A melee carry, he can brutally slaughter his opponents on Bot, especially when paired with a proper enchanter like Yuumi or Lulu. 

Yasuo has always been my top recommendation for escaping the low Elo. He can teach you so much while providing you with insane carry potential. As individualism is so heightened in these lower divisions, solo carrying becomes a must sometimes. Yasuo, therefore, is the perfect choice for doing so. He does require some mechanical knowledge and carries with him a ton of complexity. 

If you can overcome his complicated nature, I am positive you will be dominating your Lane with ease. As per usual, Yasuo will focus much more on farming than fighting. Being a melee Champion, he doesn’t have much to put up against a ranged opponent. Other than his wind wall, nothing protects him from distanced kiting, and he should avoid it. 

After getting some mobility items, Yasuo can switch things up. This is why it is necessary to have an Enchanter Support with him, as they can provide speed to him at no cost. If he manages to get close enough, no ADC can stand against him. His critical attacks and damage are too substantial for the traditional ADC to survive. Add to that his potent defenses, and you have an absolute demon on your Lane. 

Since I’ve already gone over Yasuo multiple times in our low Elo division lists and articles, I will leave it up to you to research further. Our website loves Yasuo and has written about him several times. Thus, I highly recommend you go and explore everything we have on him. There’re multiple reasons why he’s so popular on here, and I’ll leave it up to you to discover.

Meanwhile, while playing, I also recommend you pick him. You’ll love him instantly. But beware of the bad reputation and hate that everyone will give you for doing so. 


League of Legends Champions are many, and choosing the five best is hard. Even when we limit our pools with these particularities, it’s still pretty tricky. Hopefully, we’ve hit the mark and provided you with a fun and enjoyable list. Helping you perform better is our primary goal, so we’d be thankful if you’d update us on your climbing progress below. 

I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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